Joshua Tree

Sep 22 1987
Washington, DC, US / Sulivan Stadium
with The Pogues, Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul
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When Bono slipped in the rain during EXIT, he fell right in front of me (I was a few rows back). No one knew (crew included) if it was all "part of the act" or not. He sat up and sang Riders On The Storm by The Doors. U2 always seem to put some of my favorite songs into my favorite U2 songs...INCREDIBLE! Of course Bono was injured with a dislocated shoulder, and they may have ended the show a song or two early. It didn't really matter, the show was a huge success, and everyone went off into the night singing..."hooooow looooooong to sing this soooooong" - Ochster69
My second show
I wish I could remember what they played and truthfully I may have it written down somewhere but I remember that I had seen them several days before in the Old Boston Gardens 12 rows from the stage - Thank you Propaganda!!! and it was really neat to see the different show they put on from a smaller venue to the bigger stadium. Given my seating at the first show I liked the smaller venue but they were both amazing shows. I do remember that in between seeing them in Boston and seeing them in Foxboro Bono and fallen and hurt his arm and was in a sling. I remember the backdrop of Joshua trees and not wanting to leave.
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