Joshua Tree

Sep 20 1987
Washington, DC, US / Robert F Kennedy Stadium
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul
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Best Ever
I started seeing U2 in early 80s playing small venues in Chicago. This concert was my last night in DC after graduating college, headed back to Chicago the next day. The fall was crazy, and no one knew what was going to happen next. Then one of the best shows ever put on proceeds. I have seen them across the US, and this is still my favorite show because of the crowd. I thought we were going to bring down that old stadium...:) The greatest moment was leaving RFK with thousands walking down East Capitol continuing to sing 40. There is nothing like this band.
Never saw them before. Snuck up to the fourth row. They were electric! Raining hard, Bono fell and we didn't know what happened. think band left stage for a bit. They came back and Bono had his arm in a sling. I think he separated his shoulder. They carried on. They won me over as a firm believer. I buzzed naturally for three days after on the positive feelings and good vibes from this show. Thank you all so very much
the start of it all for me.
I remember that summer going on vacation with my family to Shennandoah National Park and on one of our in town visits I stoped at a record store and bought the Joshua Tree tape. From that moment on I listen to it every minute of every waking hour until I got home 3 days later. Probably because I was with my family in a secluded area of Virginia , all I had with me was a Rush tape that I listen to over and over and I was 16 at the time. Then the concert came and my buddy's dad took us (thanks Mr. Barwell). Bono was right in front of us when he fell, I knew right away that something was wrong but he took a 15 minute break and kept on. It was a great show that I will always remember.
MLK at RFK -- Unforgettable (Fire) Show
There is nothing about this show that I do not remember like it was yesterday. Joshua Tree -- the last studio album of the original band before the movie (R&H) and the emergence of "The Fly" and ZOOTV -- the next great incarnation of U2. They played as well as I have ever heard them play and Bono sang with his heart -- even after the hot afternoon into evening spawned a predictable DC thunderstorm, making the stage slippery and causing Bono (hat and hair flying above him) to slip and fall, dislocating his shoulder. It was obvious that he fell hard and left the stage within minutes. But he returned with a makeshift sling around his neck and supporting his aching shoulder and arm. His voice soared through the now cooler, drier, breezy evening air. Fortunately, they'd already played Bullet the Blue Sky so he didn't have to lift the spotlight. And he sadly abandoned the guitar that never makes noise for the rest of the night. They played on, played hard and did a double encore worthy of a Grammy in and of itself -- Pride predictably closing the show with all of the Nation's Capitol singing in unison. It was a night I will never, ever forget.
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