Mar 23 1992
Montreal, QC, CA / The Forum
with The Pixies
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"Front row tickets from the band... enjo
The words I will never forget. I had a special evening planned with a young lady I crushed on. She said she would come with me to the U2 show. When I showed up to her apartment, she wasn't there, but her roommate was there as stand in. I got the message that night. Off we go to the U2 concert with my 'stand in' date. My seats were last row behind the stage, I don't care, I am in the building to see my favourite band. We get there early, sit in our seats, look through the ginormous ZooTv Tour program page by page (yes, I still have it), eat some hot dogs and watch the Montreal Forum fill up. The opening band (I could swear it was los lobos) starts up. Second song in, someone taps my shoulder and asks to see my tickets. I was thinking, 'really, pretty sure these are the worst seats in the house, but ok'. The mystery man takes my tickets and says..."Here are two front row tickets from the band, enjoy the show". Pretty sure my head exploded and so did my stand-ins. She and I had the night of our young lives. We ran screaming from the top of the forum all the way down to the best seats in the house. How cool is that? I am sure thousands of fans had a similar experience over the years. I've always dreamed of being able to say 'Thank you' to Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry - so I guess I will say it now THANK YOU FOR ROCKING MY WORLD! See you 30 years later at the Sphere on November 4th. My wife (not the stand-in) and I will be there singing and dancing. And I will always remember the night U2 invited me to the front row of the best show on the planet.
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