Mar 24 1992
Toronto, ON, CA / Maple Leaf Gardens
with The Pixies
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What a night!
Maple Leaf Gardens was a magical place to see the reinvention of this band perform Achtung Baby. It was my first U2 concert and the night was magical from top to bottom. We even had Bono comment on a hand painted banner we made that was spot lighted during the show! It left a mark for sure, the way the show started, the intensity of the performances, their new sound, the staging!!!! Jesus, it was all so mind blowing. Thankful to have caught the indoor phase of this tour, it was much more intimate than the following outdoor tour.
“Was a religious experience”
We were lucky to get in We were lucky to be a few rows back of the catwalk We’re we’re lucky to feel the vide in that building that night. Transcended concert going. Everyone there felt it. It was something unforgettable. I mean they’re always good- but that, that was a night to remember. Thanks Boys
This was the night of nights
Outside scalpers were selling tickets for $1000 a pair AND GETTING IT!!!! Inside a gal from work was nice enough to take me. I had seen U2 before and i was not a huge fan, however, that night changed me...such technology...the ego ramp out into the crowd and never slowing down once. Light My Way was the song of the night for me... Magical...so Thanks Kim:)
Toronto 1992
This was my first of many U2 concerts, and probably one of the shows I hold closest to my heart. The Pixies opened up the night for the big event. The crowd was electric and U2 was amazing. They played several songs off Achtung Baby and classics like Angel of Harlem and Sunday Bloody Sunday. I was surprised they played Satellite of Love. Truly an unforgettable evening.
Great show...one of my favs. Terrific venue. It was so loud I thought for sure the place would explode!
Nothing compares to this one
I have been to several U2 concerts over the past 20 years, but this was by far the best one. The audience noise was absolutely electrifying. It was like every single person in the arena was a diehard U2 fan and had been dying to see the band for decades. The band and the crowd blew the roof off Maple Leaf Gardens that night. It was euphoric and exhilarating and when it was over, I think I was depressed for about 2 weeks afterwards.
The loudest crowd... my first show
I was sitting in the nosebleeds behind the stage... Bono turned for about 15 seconds and sang part of "Who's Gonna Ride your Wild Horses" right to us. The energy was AMAZING. I just got to listening to a bootleg of this show a few weeks ago and it gave me chills. I remember how loud it was during some of the classics like "Angel of Harlem" and to hear it again took me back to that place where I fell in love with seeing U2 perform.
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