Aug 30 1992
New York, NY, US / Yankee Stadium
with Primus, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
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Boogie Down Bronx!
This was a HUGE night for me on so many levels. For one, U2 was playing in the Bronx, where I grew up and never in a million years thought I'd get to see U2 play. The first night (August 29th) I didn't have tickets but listened to the concert from my terrace, 24 stories up and six blocks away. When this night came, I was BURSTING with excitement! My two friends and I had nosebleed seats and as we approached the stadium I started scanning the ground for a mislaid ticket. My friends thought I was crazy, but guess what? I found a stray floor seat ticket. Terrible for whoever dropped it, but AMAZING for me! I made my way up to the front of the crowd saw my boys up close. I cried, it was so beautiful and amazing. The icing on the cake? After the show we (stalkerishly) went to the Righa Royal Hotel where the band was staying (I was 17! Cut me some slack) and when Bono arrived, not only did he sign the baseball cap I'd purchased at the show, but he looked at me, said "you're beautiful!" and added a heart to it. Yeah, 18 years later, that's still one of the highlights of my life!!
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