Oct 18 1992
Kansas City, MO, US / Arrowhead Stadium
with The Sugarcubes, Public Enemy
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Amazing night!
Tickets to this show were my birthday gift. What a show! Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy became a new favorite, as did the Sugarcubes, and I am so thankful to U2 for introducing new acts to the world. Zoo TV was a sensory bombardment and easily one of the top five live shows I have ever seen.
Stadium full of singing fans
Also my first U2 concert. And it is still my favorite concert memory. It was cold but everyone was so much of the same mind, I think most of us didn't notice. Between the singing and dancing we all did, we stayed warm. As assigned floor seats were pushed forward due to the huge sound/light command post smack in the middle of the floor, my group actually ended up about 10 feet from the stage, front and center. I remember Bono saying they hadn't,"played this next song in awhile," but that there had been some changes in hearts and minds (everyone thought he meant the Irish Peace Process), and it was time to pull the song out of the closet. It. Was. Amazing. Bullet the Blue Sky was absolutely electric. An unforgettable night.
Great show but very cold.
It was my very first time to see U2 and I was very excited.The opening acts were disposable acts of hyprocisy and the sugarcuabes.I enjoyed them but I was really there for U2.I remember it was in the 30's which is cold for October night in Missouri.It would be perfect weather for a football game but cold for a concert.The funny thing is I went to a game a week later at the stadium and the tempature was in the 80's.I felt sorry for the belly dancer but she did a great job. I had at one time wrote down the list of the songs that they did but I have at since them misplaced it or lost it.I remember Larry singing his Irish drinking song and they did a snippet of Bob Marleys redemption song.The phone call that Bono placed was to a time and tempature line in a city in the Eastern time zone.
Belly dancer birth day
I remeber it being a great show at Arrowhead. Chairs on the field meant you could get a great seat without being crushed. I wish they still did that! It was the belly dancer's birth day and Bono gave her a cake.
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