Oct 21 1992
Denver, CO, US / Mile High Stadium
with The Sugarcubes, Public Enemy
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To Denver from SLC
This was my first and favorite U2 Concert. Probably my favorite because it was my first. It was incredible. The stage was HUGE!!! Cars suspended 50 feet in the air being used for stage lights. A satellite link for Bono to be linked to the world. MacPhisto made an appearance. It was AWESOME!!! Me and my two friends drove to Denver the night before the concert. We were staying at a hotel that was pretty much in the Mile High Stadium parking lot. That night, there were lights and sounds coming from the stadium so we decided to go check it out. We found a gate that we could squeeze through (fortunately we were skinny college kids then) and made it inside. The road crew was setting up the stage and doing sound checks. We hung out, unnoticed for about an hour until they were finished and shut off all the lights. We had thoughts of trying to make our way down to the field and on to the stage, but there was quite a few security guards walking around. Got some great pictures and forever memories though.
First show as well
16 years old in Utah, hopped in a buddy's truck and drove all night to get to Mile High Stadium just in time to see the show. No concert has ever really compared to that experience. Ended up getting a bootleg CD of that concert. Not a great recording but still one of my favorite CDs to play.
My First Show
At the time I was working the night shift at Kinko's in Boulder. A friend from work suggested we ask our manager if I could ditch work that night, drive to Denver and buy some tickets at the box office. The seats we got were awful nosebleeds but the show was such a spectacle it seemed to fill the whole stadium. Great memories.
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