Jan 28 1998
Rio De Janeiro, BR / Maracana
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U2 fan of Brazilian Soccer team at 1998
I was surprised at the beggining of the second part of the show: U2 appears out of lemon with Brazil soccer team T-Shirt and more, they said they were hoping Brazil to be World's 1998 Cup Champion's, sice Ireland was not present at the cup... A pitty Zidane not allowed... How About U2 be at the Maracan√£ at the opening or ending of 2014 Soccer Cup at Rio?
First time in Brazil!!
There was great expectation about this night, U2 has a huge fan base in Brazil and it was their first appearance - and they didn't disappoint us! The crowd was totally wild, specially when U2 played favorite song (Where the Streets Have no Name). However, the unique surprising moment was when U2 played Desire with the drummers from Salgueiro, one of the most popular Samba Schools in Rio, awesome. Will never forget. PS. It was a very hot night in Rio and I think Bono was so energetic that by the end of the concert he was exhausted, he had to take some time before the last songs.
Nice mess
This time I was in home city and despite everything I canceled all meetings I had for that day. I went to the gig venue, ( the autodrom) at 15:00 and got beefs with some friends which wanted to go after work time. Well, I arrived close to the stage around 17:00 and my friends just got the place around 22:30 close to the show end. I just laugh at them the whole semester. The concert was amazing, i was in love with that album...Eveything was nice, prety nice.
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