Jan 30 1998
Sao Paulo, BR / Morumbi
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I was there
I was there. U2's first show, we never forget
For the First time, I feel Love
My first album of U2 was "Under a Blood Red Sky" when I was only 14 years old in 1988. 10 years later I was in this show of POPMART TOUR in São Paulo and I can remember every moment until today. It was very special to me to see Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry playing my favorite songs of my favorite band and my favorite singer. It was unforgettable, I went with my girlfriend, today she is my wife and we have a beautiful son and U2 is the soundtrack of our lives. I love you Bono and I love U2 and this feeling is too special and too strong as a kind of spiritual connection, It´s a great feeling!!! Thanks for everything!!!
Good memories
This was the first time I've seen an U2 concert. I was only 17 and I had the best time of my life. I've been to another two U2 concerts in Brazil (2006 and 2011), but I'll never forget the day when this band simply hypnotized me :P TYVM for bringing your music into my life.
What a show!
Even with the presence of a painful ex-boyfriend, the show was much more than I ever dreamed of! Saying that it was a dream coming to life...see U2 live! I'm brazilian, but now I live in New Zealand, soon relocating to Australia. I missed the last concerts here but I wont miss for the world the concert in Brisbane Dec/10...only if I DIE...ahahahha! See you there!
From Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo
I born and I have lived all my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a fan of U2 since the earliest '80s but I never could see them at live because they had never given a show in South America ... until 1998. At that time, the Pop Mart Tour was running, and I prefered not to wait to see them in Buenos Aires, where finally I saw two of the three shows than they provided. So I planned my vacations to go to Brazil, and stay in Sao Pablo right in the moment when U2 would give his first concert, a week before than in my city. That was my first U2's show (January 30, 1998).
Out of a Lemon?!?
All I have to say is that my friends told me I was more anxious to see U2 than I was on my wedding day!!! It was the first time I could ever see them live ... I`d been waiting for that since 1984. And then, it was way more than I could ever imagine it would be! Even coming out of a Lemon was awesome!
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