Oct 16 2001
Chicago, IL, US / United Center
with Garbage
Fan Review

U2, October 16, 2001 concert by Elizabeth Rosario

The trek my sister and I took from Orlando to Chicago was more than worth it as the initial notes of Elevation filled the air and the crowd began to roar...I knew the night of a lifetime had begun.  With the floor pulsing and arms raised the magic of U2 penetrated every being present. The hopeful Beautiful Day led into Until The End Of The World followed by New Years Day and I Will Follow, reminding us of where it all started. Sunday Bloody Sunday burned an image of Bono at the tip of the heart cradling an American flag that had been handed to him by a member of the crowd, while Stuck In A Moment and Kite reminded us of the need to 'seize the day!'

Desire brought out all four members from the safe haven of the main stage to the tip of the heart where they were graciously welcomed. The toned down version of Stay created a feeling that I was in a small club but suddenly was reminded of my surroundings as All I Want Is You was accompanied by a sold out United Center singing backup. Where The Streets Have No Name was a spectacular scene as three silhouettes stood against a solid red background and one ran across it.

Bono took us to church with Still Haven?t Found What I'm Looking For and reminded us again of the importance of love with Pride. Bullet The Blue Sky was performed with Bono holding one stage light and flashing it throughout the crowd taking us back to 1987 and the Joshua Tree tour. What's Going On was a call and a reminder to get involved while New York was performed with a spirit that only it can produce. To close the show with One and Walk On was, for lack of a better word, appropriate. It created a sense of belief in a higher power and a want to believe in each other.

The energy generated that night left me not only feeling like I could change the world, but actually wanting to. There's something to be said about a band who, for more than twenty years, have been producing that kind of fire in others. Cheers to them and their message and may it continue for years to come.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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