Oct 30 2001
Providence, RI, US / Providence Civic Center
with Stereophonics
Fan Review

U2, Once Again...Unbelievable (10/30 Providence) by Robert K Gagnon

I saw U2 back in June when they came to Hartford, and I thought it was the time of my life...That is until I saw them in Providence on October 30th. My wife and I arrived at the Dunkin Donuts Center at 4:00. We waited out in the cold with the exciting anticipation of getting right up front. Sure enough we got ourselves right in front of Edge, which is exactly what I was hoping for. This show was unbelievable. The highlight for me was after screaming to get Edge's attention, he heard me, looked up, and gave me a smile. Bono's words along with the bands pounding rhthyms and beautiful melodies made for the perfect medicine for us as Americans in the wake of September 11th. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of them for what thay have done on this second leg of their tour. Thank you U2. AMERICA LOVES YOU!!!

U2 - 30 October 2001, Providence by Jonathan Mulrooney

The Hallelujiah in the time of sorrow.  It's something the Irish - because of their history - are good at.  And it's something that Americans haven't had enough of lately.  Fear, anger, grief: these we have had in abundance.
But what U2 brought to us in a profound and moving way this time around was, as Bono sang in "Walk On," nothing less than a much needed hallelujiah.
This is the best of what art, and popular art at that, can do--teach us that our greatest strength is the refusal to not rejoice.  What is most "live" about a U2 show  is of course not just the music, but the spirit with which it is played and heard.  "Out of Control" was just the beginning on this night, 30 October in Providence.  Many big hits followed.  But the return to that song showed us that through all the years and all the changes, this was still the same U2.  Still rejoicing, even now.  And still teaching us to rejoice.  

U2, Oct. 30 Providence show by Heidi and Jon Hand

This was my first U2 show and I was overwhelmed by the incredible performance of the band and the response of the crowd. Bono was just as amazing as I'd anticipated,  interacting with the crowd in a way that makes you feel like you're part of the whole show. Especially moving was the moment when a fan gave him a large American flag. He clutched it to his face and chest and closed his eyes for a few moments before handing it back. This was one of many moments when Bono simply made time stand still for the crowd. I was amazed that throughout the din of the crowd's cheers he could stop and pause on the stage, clearly feeling the emotion of the music and the moment. 

The band's concern for America and the victims of NYC was evident in his commentary, the tribute during "One" as the victims' names were projected over the screen, walls, and ceiling, and the NYFD hat and t shirt Bono wore.
The messages of peace and tolerance were related as he discussed the need to treat peaceful Muslims with respect.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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