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Jul 31 2009
Gothenburg, SE / Ullevi Stadium
with Snow Patrol
Seemed like everyone had got the message to go white tonight, a carpet of flags stretching right across the floor of the Ullevi Stadium and up to the highest seats. As it was dark when the band came out and Larry struck the opening notes of 'Breathe', it made for the most dramatic opening of the show yet.

Stand-out moment for us was going in to Walk On when Bono noticed a big sign in the audience and asked what it said. Turned out to be a quote from Aung San Suu Kyi, 'Fear is a habit - I am not afraid.' Everyone was with the Burmese leader tonight. 'Pull out your masks as we become her, all of these masks, one face...' Another memorable moment was when the lights came on for With or Without You and when they went off for One. 'Let's bring out your phones and try a little magic act which has become a tradition in this band - turn out the lights and turn this into the milky way.'

What were your favourite moments in the show ? Add them below, here's the set-list to remind you of a great first night in Sweden.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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B-Man (Denmark)
Missed the show
Unfortunatly my back forced me to be left behind in Denmark as my friends took off for Göteborg. So I missed the concert that I've been awaiting patiently for 4 years since U2 in Copenhagen in 2005..You better be returning for Europe guys...
Ullevi 31/7-09
Me and a friend drove over from Norway to watch the show. I probably enjoyed the concert in Oslo in 2005 even more, but it was a pretty wonderful night! The Unforgettable Fire, thank you so much, one of my favorite U2 songs. Funny and cool remix of Crazy... Should have belted it out with some faster, harder songs after Until the end..., kinda lost momentum there.. No big surprises in the set-list, but hell, it was really good. Oh, and guys: come to Norway next year, deal?
Beautiful night
To see them two times in the same week, Dublin and Gothenburg, has been...absolutely...unforgettable!! I almost went nuts when they played Mysterious Ways...but there was so many brilliant songs. unforgettable fire, Dirsire, Stuck in a moment, where the streets... One, With or without you...I just can't pick the best. To see Bono at the end of the show last night, just enjoying and taking in the atmosphere at Ullevi last night was...love!!! Thanks a million for two great shows and hope to see you again :)
Too high expectations?
I was rather disappointed after yesterday's show in Göteborg. My impression is that the band did their job but not much more. No surprises when it comes to set list. Maybe my expectations were too high. It was beautiful though. The stage with the stormy and cloudy sky as background.
Magnificent Night I göteborg
It was the greatest Show I ever have seen. Perfect set list :) It was so great man !!! Love U2
Inner circle at last!
Finally made it in to the inner circle. Standing so close and having Bono fly over you as the band play Magnificent or Edge in a superb Until the End of The World solo with the spotlight in the background - simply priceless. I agree that Bad was missing. Dallas was trying it out on the guitars before the show so I was certain it was gonna happen. Oh well... Crazy remix was awesome. They surely master all aspects of Rock and Roll. Thanks Gothenburg.
Great show with lots of energy. Sound on the floor was pretty good and the set list was great. Awesome remix of Crazy. But next time get your butts to Copenhagen :-)
All the new songs are amazing, but as allways my favourite live song are "Beautiful day".
Best set-list - i think not
How can anyone say that this was the best set-list ever without Bad..... What an ignorant comment.....
Ullevi 31.08.09
Great show! We loved it, and will be listening from outside tomorrow!
Happy faces all around,WOW!
As in Berlin, you could only see smiling faces, what is so rare to see, during this quite hard times. Thanks to the band, which made us so happy for hours!! Great night to leave it all behind and to go crazy for a while! Thank you! It was pure pleasure and joy! Until the end of the world was best! Looking forward to see U again on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!
until the end of the world
U2, please give us until the end of the world in Chorzow! That's my dream! btw. one of the best set-lists for now.
Lauren Sharkey
Great setlist
I was listening to it threw a live feed. It was great but for me nothing can compare to last friday night.. i was there!!!
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