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Aug 22 2009
Cardiff, Wal., GB / Millenium Stadium
with The Hours, Glasvegas
Edge was wearing a Wales t-shirt with a Welsh dragon on it tonight, celebrating U2's return to the land of his fathers. Bono paid tribute to both Edge's father and his mother - specifically for lending the band money in the early days, which kept them going. As you'd expect in a country known for its singing and a stadium which is home to Wales rugby team, the audience for this final show of the European leg of U2 360 was beyond loud.

Great way to end a special six weeks travelling through Europe: more from Cardiff in a while, meantime if you were at the show, add your own reviews below. Here's what they played.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Awesome Show
When Still haven't found started and the whole place sang along was the best feeling ever it gave u goosebumps and I'll never forget that feeling. One of the best experiences in my life.
My Best Gig Ever - Cardiff 09
Amazing....! Absolutely fantastic night at the Millennium Stadium, the atmosphere was awesome , the sound was so clear, the band rocked and the crowd were having the time of their lives. Saw U2 back on the War tour in 1983 and they were brilliant then but on the 360 tour the guys were something else. By far the best gig I have ever been too , every track was awesome but my favorite was Stay (Faraway, So Close!) it was both atmospheric & magical........ Bought the Blu-Ray special box set so that I can keep reliving the tour . Can't wait for the next one guys . Magnificent....!
U2 Cardiff 09
Magical! I loved every song that was played, I loved the structure of the stage, lights and all. My first live U2 experience couldn't of been any better! You're great guys, you sounded immense! Truly the best band in the world. Keep it coming.
Cardiff Show
I had the best seat in the stadium and it was the best night of my life. My first U2 concert is definitely one I'll never forget :) The opening acts were great as well - I got some new bands to listen to out of the show. The setlist was perfect, a great mix or new and old. The crowd was awesome. I met some great people. Me and the friend I was with were probably the youngest there but we didn't feel different at all. Waiting in line was as fun as the concert. Overall, the best night ever, really :P And for some reason, we had no problems with traffic. Awesome :D
Longest Day
After seeing the band at the Wet Milton keynes Bowl in 1985, it was quite emotional seeing them again after all those years. i still kick myself now that I did not appreciate seeing The Ramones live as their support act in 85! The set in Cardiff was great and the sound incredible, it really made me remember why I fell in love with U2's music when I was a young teenage lad all those years ago. I just wish they had played my favorite ever U2 song which is 2 " Drowning Man". I am also glad that Bono also now struggles to run, like I do in mid 40's. " Take my Hand...................!
Cardiff U2
Amazing the atmosphere, the sound was really incredible and everything they played was mind blowing. U2 fan for years, but this was our first concert. It certainly won't be the last. Rock on U2.
Come back and finish your world tour in
Surely this has to be one of the best gigs ever.Took my 11 year old son to his first concert, with my girlfriend , not heard many songs by U2 but he sure knows who they are now. Can tell he was blown away used the word "awesome " The whole night was perfection didn't want it to end could have rocked for another 2 hours. This stadium belongs to U2 Wouldn't it be great if they finished their world tour in their adopted home Cardiff, and the Millenium stadium!
Unbelievable night, the best in my life. U2 bring so much joy to this troubled world. Thank you so much for being so amazing. Cardiff was a spectacular night, crowd fantastic and the stage is wow. the set was perfect, so wanted Stay and Bad, so lucky. we all want to see you again and again, especially in Cardiff, hope you can keep going boys, love you, bless you and keep well!
Midlife Crisis
Flew to Cardiff from US west coast to see end of European tour. It was worth every penny. Cardiff was amazing and U2 even more so. Four South Africans who adopted a lone Yank to hang out made it even better. I might have to scratch up the cash to see in North America.
Toast to the Best Band in the World!!!
Second attempt to get my comments through in tribute to a fantastic Cardiff concert - the whole stadium simply lapped-up an outstanding performance and great set list by U2! Cardiff is a great venue for a U2 gig has proven by previous shows - Joshua Tree and Zoo TV in the old Arms Park, Vertigo and now 360 in the Millennium! Cardiff was the second show on this tour for me and my wife, the first was Croke Park - Sat 25/7/09 which was overwhelming!). Thanks Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam for the great music, tours and memories - it is a privelege to have supported you for the last 27 years. Good luck in the US! (they'll love you and I'll get out there if I can!)and please come back to Cardiff very soon!
Millennium Stadium - Cardiff
After having read many of the comments on this page, I have to agree with all of them! The gig at Millennium Stadium was awesome and the atmosphere was fantastic. I have seen U2 perform before in Manchester and briefly at Wembley and never have I seen the crowd so enthusiastic as they were in Cardiff and I have to agree that the band did seem genuinely thrilled at the reaction. I didn't know The Edge hailed from Cardiff until I heard Bono talking about it and saying how much he'd wanted to end the European leg in Cardiff and of course seeing him wearing the tshirt with the Welsh dragon on it. All in all, I think both the band and the crowd were touched and seeing Desmond Tutu's poignant message and Bono's tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi was also highly touching and emotional. What was so poignant about the tour also was their ability to shift the mood from upbeat songs like Crazy and Mysterious Ways to One and With or Without You. A truly memorable evening which was both emotional and upbeat. Hurry back to Cardiff and diolch yn fawr! xx
We had been in Barcelona and thought it was Spectacular, but Cardiff was truly UNFORGETABLE!!! The crowd and the band really connected, making every single song special. The "crazy" remix shook the whole stadium (When is it going to be available?), "Mysterious ways" is still the sexiest song ever made...could be going on and on for days....As a band, a live show: YOU ARE "EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING"!!!!!
Awesome show...But
Went to the show on Saturday with wife and 2 children (10&14), who have all seen the band before. Bought tix through U2 membership, on entering the stadium was amazed at the set but dissapointed to find the seats were to right of stage, almost behind it. These were £85 tickets.I think the band should look after genuine fans a lot better especially when events like this are now attended by older fans who do take children along (V. expensive day out). Gripe over show awesome highlights Unforgetable fire, Bad and uktraviolet.
What a night!
Starting queuing at 9.15 in the morning, tore my calf muscle running to the stage but hell, it was worth it! I sang, shouted, cried when it was over - now that's how a gig should be! Thank you, thank you!
The Unforgettable Gig!
What can I say.....Its difficult to describe the mixed emotions a fan goes through when you're at a U2 gig - from elation to surprise to joy, awe and eventually incredible sadness when the gig ends! Cardiff was no exception for me! The set list was incredible, the stage amazing, the atmosphere unreal.... I have been a fan of U2 for 25 years and have watched them play many times. This tour is by far my favourite. Having watched all 3 nights in Croke Park I thought nothing could top it - Cardiff definitely came close... but nothing will top them playing on home turf... From one fellow Northsider to 4 others.. Bono and gang thank you so much for the last 25 years... boyfriends have come and gone but you 4 are the true loves of my life xxx
We came from Poland to see this show! It was worth that!
Cymru am byth!!!
Having seen U2 twice already on the 360 tour, I didn't think that the Berlin gig could be topped, but am proud to say that being a Welshman the Cardiff crowd contributed to what was a sensational performance! Great setlist too, rounded off with an outing for Bad. Highlights have to be the crowd singing Stand By Me at the end of I Still Haven't Found..., Unknown Caller and Crazy from the new album, while the encore was top notch with the best version of With Or Without You I have seen live. Great to see The Edge wearing the Welsh dragon at the end too...a magnificent way to finish the European leg.
Take Two
Dunno what happened to my first review late night Saturday, maybe too long, will try to be more concise... Glad Glasvegas not Elbow supporting, cos we only arrived minutes before U2 hit the stage cos of holiday traffic and roadworks - stress! Setlist: fantastic - only missed Elevation and Bullet The Blue, and maybe I Will Follow; so glad they played Stay, one of my all time favourites, and a generous helping of Joshua and Unforgettable songs, although thought Moment Of Surrender an oddly subdued way to end the night, better earlier in the show maybe, and the Crazy Tonight Remix got a bit lost I thought. Loved the Space Oddity intro and Rocket Man outro. Space-Junk: awesome, most bonkers stage-set I've seen in 25 years of gig-going - made the stadium seem intimate; despite our late arrival we had a great view of the gig from by the front of the mixing desk outpost, what a great venue - want a screen like that in my courtyard, and a glitterball, and Bono's LED jacket!!! Crowd: such singing! Often drowned out the PA. Sound: not bad for a stadium show - got a bit mushy when the keyboards kicked in, but vox, guitar, piano, and even bass remarkably clear. Bono's voice was amazing, even after 2 hours he could still deliver seemingly effortlessly for the last numbers. Again, again! Come back to Cardiff to end the tour next year!!!!
Cardiff Crazy
Jonny, Wince and the keepster rocked cardiff to the ground. U2 fanstsic yet again, stadium, stage layout playlist fantistic. Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam. Dont stop rocking.
My first U2 concert & you blew me away guys!! So glad i finally got the opportunity to see you! This has to be THE BEST live show i've ever seen. Roll on the next one, i'll definately see you there!!
Saw U2 at Wembley, where we were right at the front of the stage.We saw God sweating. I then bought seated tickets for cardiff so we could see the whole stage and listen from a distance. WOWEEEEE
Cardiff setlist
I am so hoping that the setlist on the American tour will be this good! I need to hear Bad and Ultraviolet live! Then, and only then, will I be able to die happily.
Worth the 8 hours in line
First time I'd ever had GA tickets and got to see the show from the inner circle! We flew in from Houston to see U2 in the UK and were not disappointed. Loved the set they chose, great venue, great audience! Glasvegas, though...ugh. Looking forward to seeing U2 again back in TX :)
chris puxley cardiff millenium stadium b
it was 22 years agao that I saw u2 for the first time on the joshuah tree tour as a fan of a little unkown welsh band called The Alarm were support ! They rocked my world that night and being welsh i have been a massive fan of the alarm ever since so I thought with Pride id wear my very best alarm t shirt to see a band who are truely huges stars. This will be my fourth time of seing u2 at cardiff and since that hot day in july 1987 not only has the stadium changed but the world of rock music as we know it I cried my eyes out during I still havent found what im looking for amasing what a heavy days drinking can do for a 38 year old man the emotions came flooding the singing in the stadium reminded me of international day the accoustics and the atmosphere was truely magnificant but above all Bono and boy seemd to be truely on form and pride was at its utmost there on the night Thank the lord for rock music and Bands Like U2 my life would be dull and boring with out them! I hope When my son whose 3 right now I will be able to take him to see u2 live in 15 years time and tell him all my stories of rock tours ! Keep it going guys please come back next year to cardiff to end the world tour Bad sounded amasing chris puxley
The Best
Been a fan since seeing U2 at Wembley in the mid eighties “The Unforgettable Fire”. Didn’t think it could get any better after Vertigo 05 – Cardiff. You excelled yourselves once again at the Millennium Stadium and I will always cherish my experience there on the 22nd August 2009. Whenever I think of Saturday night, I smile to myself and my insides flutter with excitement. Unfortunately I am washed over by a sad reality that it’s over. Please hurry back soon so that we can enjoy another fantastically superior experience. Thanks also for appreciating our culture – means a lot. Diolch yn fawr. x
A suggestion for Bono...
This is my 6th U2 gig in 20 years and truely the best (although I was 9mths pregnant for the last tour - nearly danced that baby out...). When trying to convey how fantastic 'The Best Band in the World' are and why Mummy and Daddy were away in Cardiff for the weekend, watching them play she asked "Did they win?" Answer "Yes", "Who is their captain?" Answer "Bono of course", "Does he take his shirt off when they've finished playing?" Answer "No dear". I think she's a little confused with football, but Bono, I think she's onto something....!!
Simply Awesome
What a way to end the european leg of the tour. A simply awesome performance from the world's best. Went to Wembley the week before and was stunned with the quality of the show there, Cardiff was no different. Superb set list and fantastic sound quality (sound a little better at Cardiff). Favourite has to be Streets'. To see the crowd bounce the way it did brings out the goosebumps!! Boys - you need to release the 'Crazy - Remix' too. MAGNIFICENT!!
My two mates and myself paid over £90 each for our tickets but couldn't see a thing. Watched the whole concert on the screen, we were told the seats had unrestricted views but the only thing we could see was oneof the leg's of the stage. I'm sure the concert was awesome as most of the fans have said, they must have had a view where they could actually see the band. Never again, seen every tour for the last 25 years, never been so disappointed in my entire life of watching music.
Respect for U2
Having been adressed at gigs in Wales by many different acts as England etc by stupid and careless artists, U2 really made the connection. They just get the importance of recognition and a personal touch. It was wonderful to hear Edge say 'Cymru am byth' (Wales forever), and to hear Bono explain the story about Edge's parents lending the band money. I think in one song i didn't recognise Bono sang about 'the land of my fathers', which just made the connection that lasted for the whole concert between the band and the auudience. Thank you, lads. Diolch yn fawr! :)
Truly awesome. Best show yet in nearly 20yrs of watching. The extra tracks were something else and the whole set just mind blowing! The yanks have something to look forward to next month.........
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