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Sep 12 2009
Chicago, IL, US / Soldier Field
with Snow Patrol
'Where are we going? South Side...Grant Park...Lake Shore Drive...' Bono introducing Magnificent in Chicago tonight and what a show it was, with the skyline of the windy city providing a dazzling backdrop to the 360 space station. for the opening of the North American tour. Here's what they played.

When the lights went down, the green clocks popped up on the screen and we were counting down to U2's first appearance in Chicago since the recording of the live DVD on the Vertigo Tour. In fact the last time they played here outdoors was on PopMart and Soldier Field has been completely redeveloped since then.
Opening up with Breathe, it felt like the final European show in Cardiff was last night, not last month, like the band had never put down their instruments for a break. And when Bono talked about being 'an Irish boy in Chicago' during the opening of Beautiful Day, the reception matched any on the tour to date. (Don't suppose there was any Irish in Chicago tonight ?)

'We Irish like to think we played a part in building this majestic skyline,' mused Bono before 'Still Haven't Found'.'We were the clouds.. the rain... in fact we are the wind in this windy city...'
'Let me introduce my colleagues, on sky scraping guitar, the man who makes Dr Spock look like Dr Ruth, The Edge. On bass guitar, the man who from an early age knew four strings are better than six, the elegant Adam Clayton. On drums, the thunder and lighting of the band, Larry Mullen Jnr - and when he smiles the sun comes out..'

Were you at the show tonight? What was the moment you will never surrender? Add your own reviews below. (More coming from us when we've got our breath back)

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Had an absolute blast!!!! am going to NJ for WED night! also to LA Hope they play OLD stuff (Rejoice, Gloria, Tomorrow, With A Shout)! The boys were rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Tiger
Chicago Opening Night
I loved the joy expressed in the Band's faces. Mine probably looked similar. I've been waiting so long for this day... ever since I was a boy seeing the Red Rocks show on TV. I had never been so filled with awe and wonder, and this night took me back to that place - "a place that has to believed to be seen." Life sure throws many things our way. Thanks for being a constant companion in the journey. God bless you.
Still on a U2 high
It's been 5 days and I'm still feeling the vibe from this show! Absolutely amazing! Visually spectacular! Sounds were right on! Thanks for making the trip to Chicago from Detroit worth every penny! Can't wait to see you again whenever that may be! Rock On :)
Came all the way from Toronto to see them in Chicago - well worth the journey and the 9 hours in line before the concert! What an awesome performance. Loved Ultraviolet and the I think I'll go crazy remix!
Absolutely Incredible Concert!!!!!!!
The music was amazing and the stage was out of this world - really! I think the song that everyone got into the most was E-l-e-v-a-t-i-o-n! Get On Your Boots sounded so much better live! I loved how they opened with "Space Oddity" and then the "SOOOOOOOOON.....SOOOOOOOON" song. Unforgettable Fire was great - I've always loved that album! This was me and my brother's first concert and my dad's 4th and it was amazing. Ultra Violet was so cool with the lights and everything!!! Some songs that would be cool to hear later in the tour: 'Zooropa', 'Please', 'Mofo', 'Drowning Man', and 'One Tree Hill'. Thankyou so much U2 for an awsome night. God bless the rest of your tour!!!
My First Show
Chicago was my first U2 show and it blew my mind. I traveled from Memphis to catch this show and it did not disappoint. The band made a "Joyful Noise" that night and the experience lifted me to another place. Thanks guys and crew for a wonderful show and U2 experience.
What a fabulous show! Words cannot describe the intensity of the show and the band had the crowd totally involved from start to finish! Bravo U2!!!!! I saw Vertigo in Chicago at The United Center and thought it was a great show! The 360 show is just a masterpiece!
What a fabulous show! Words cannot describe the intensity of the show and the band had the crowd totally involved from start to finish! Bravo U2!!!!! I saw Vertigo in Chicago at The United Center and thought it was a great show! The 360 show is just a masterpiece!
No longer Stuck in A Moment
When U2 took the stage Saturday night, it felt almost as if time didn't exist. Once again, the music lifted me up and inspired me. Without going into great detail, I was going through a very rough situation in the days before the show, and things were looking kind of hopeless. But, as always, the music and the pure joy in the faces of so many people (including the band) woke me up. I can never get enough of U2, for their music is a great source of encouragement. Thanks, guys, we love you!
Being a life long South Sider I was thrilled to hear Bono recognize the greatest part of the city. Show was simply amazing from start to finish. Waited in line for the GA at 9am and it was worth every moment.. Great mixture of new and old songs. Also would like to compliment the crowd.... Many nice people that were willing to give sun screen, food, or water. U2 is the best band period. I've seen many shows by them and can't wait for them to come back again. One moment you have your fist in the air and the next your heart is fluttering. Truely the greatest.
Loved it!
An truly fabulous show! Made the trip from the West Coast to be there for opening night and it was well worth the trip. Have been to many U2 concerts and each is unique...however, only U2 could build a "spaceship" and actually make it work for them...they out-did themselves!
Bring in anotherGeneration of FAN
I have been to at least one show of every tour since 1984. On October 1st I will go to another one in Charlottesville. But the beauty of it is I will be taking my 13 year old son and 13 year old daughter for the first time. Neither of them have ever been to a concert of any kind....MY GOAL- to ruin every other concert they go to for the rest of their lives. It is going to be the most amazing night....Bring it, "Boys".
Best Ever
I was at both Chicago shows, with my best friend. We first saw the band live 24 years ago, in Toronto. Just when you think they have reached their best, the boys outdo themselves again. This was the best ever. Every song sounded great, the new songs are great in large stadiums, especially No Line and Moment of Surrender. I loved when Bono pulled the little boy from the audience. Such a special moment illustrating the connection to the fans. My favourite moment was hearing BAD, it is an amazing song live, always makes me cry. See you in Toronto on the 16 - my sister will be there too, and she is hoping that BAD makes its way in again. Thanks U2 and crew for making it so special.
Beautiful Day in Chicago
Laura and I were at the September 12 show. It was amazing! Highlight: "Beautiful Day" - I got chills during the intro and beginning of this song.
marty janeski
Had my wife and 2 kids, (13 & 9) at the show last night, a truly beautiful night as the band were a tight as I have ever heard them. The song list was excellent, with bad being added at the end. My family will never forget this weekend because on sunday we were eating lunch at Pippins pub, and a small crowd started to form at Park plaza hotel back door. A while later the band came out and worked the crowd for a few minutes. It was Precious as my 9 year old daughter got to say a few things to the boys. We will never forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to catch another show but our schedule might not allow it. Thanks for a wonderful weekend.
U2 in Chicago was AWESOME
It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, except for The Police concert I saw at Wrigley Field. The only complaint I have is that I was sitting behind them. Even though they made the stage 360 degrees, they didn't really turn around too often for the 8,000 or more people who paid quite a bit to see them. Oh, and I do have one other complaint - they didn't play any songs off of Boy or October (I Will Follow...Gloria?)! Otherwise, the set, the laser suit, everything else, was absolutely MAGNIFICENT! Oh yes, and getting out of Soldier Field was quite a clausterphobic ordeal.
The Glue
Wpg fans in Chicago
Myself and 3 friends thought the show was absolutely amazing! Big fans, all of us for the longest time, drove 14 hours from Winnipeg, each of us who'd seen Popmart, and were all blown away by the 360. We were about 20 rows out on the floor, and all the songs were perfect! Stage great, lighting, presentation, Willie, everything, the stadium, made for the best 5-day party we'd ever had. Breathe, never looked at as an opener, grabbed us all like you wouldn't believe. Magnificent!
Went to Chicago for business conference. Had tix to Sunday's show but from my Hotel (Chicago-Hilton) I could see Soldier Field and the 360 stage peak!! I was so hyped I had to get tix to opening night also! Met so many nice U2 fans at the stadium. One young lady had an extra tix b/c her friend couldn't make it. She gave me the tix!! So I was able to be there Sat and Sun. It was AWESOME! U2 never disappts, but they exceded my expectations. Saw the Vertigo tour 2x in NJ/NYC. Will see 360 in NJ on 9/24. But loved Chicago! Totally get y they open the tour there now!! Cool city! Nice Vib!! U2...keep on rocking! U guys are the best!! The bass, the guitar, the drums-oh the djembe drum Mr Mullen put a hurting on during the dance version of "i'll go crazy..."! Loved it! All I can say is "love, love, love, love love..." :-)
Thank you for a wonderful day U2
U2 360o Tour – September 12, 2009 Soldier Field, Chicago IL This was the seventh time I’ve been to a U2 concert since 1992, third time with floor tickets, and it was simply amazing. The claw like 360deg stage was technologically remarkable, managing to bring the band close to all corners of the stadium, while at times turning the sold out Soldier Field into a giant night club. There was something very special about 65,000+ people being in sync with the band for most of the show. U2’s North American Tour opener, Beautiful Chicago, Soldier Field, great weather, it all made for a day we will never forget….. U2 ROCKS!!!
Feel a little bit cheated
Sound quality was horrible in our seats. Bono's words were garbled. Drum beats were echoed back to us from the north endzone section. I purchased what I thought were decent $97 seats in section 244 but they turned out to be far underneath the 300 level and that really detracted from the experience. Those seats were $30 seats with a big asterisk. Next time I'll research the venue better and get tickets directly in front of the stage. I love U2 and it was fun to be there on opening night. Visually and conceptually the show was spectacular.
The best show of my life!!!
WOW!!!! That was an amazing show!!! That was the best U2 show I have ever been to. I will never forget the night. It is one I will always remember. It felt as though Bono himself called me and asked me what songs I wanted to hear, and he played almost all of them...just incredible!!! The stage was beautiful, the sound was so impressive, the crowd was really into it, the band was just amazing. And they played Ultra Violet - my favorite song of all times!!! This show was so good, that Sunday morning, we woke up, and boughts tickets for Sunday nights show. I enjoyed Saturday's show better, but both were amazing!!! Thanks for putting on such an amazing show...wish I could go to more shows!!
Truly, truly, truly breathtaking show! My sister and I went opening night - we've been diehard fans for 15 years - and this was the most amazing U2 has ever been. U2 - thank you for all you do to change the world, for the brilliant sounds and melodies you craft, the beautiful lyrics you write, and for putting on an outstanding show. Your music has changed my life - this is one Chicagoan who will be a life-long fan. P.S. - when are you coming back to the windy city?!?!
What a show! My girl & I want to quit our jobs and follow the tour!
First Chicago show
This was my 4th U2 show (Popmart, Elevation, Vertigo, 360) and they have gotten better each time!! Thank you for a great evening! Bono hinted on Chicago radio that U2 would be back next year...hope that's true!
U2 Chicago
Great show. Unbelieveable set and sound. My 5th show and it was the best.
After watching numerous videos, reading reviews, following the European tour, it was finally my turn. It took me a second to realize that I was actually there, and not watching a video clip. The entire experience was surreal! It was everything I had waited for all of these months! Can't wait to see them again next month in Houston!!!
U2 for ever
What a blessing ! I waited for 15 years to see the band, me and my familly had the time of our life ! what a grea sow !!!! just incredible, my girl friend just love it and my 16 years old son Mike had a blast. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !
Thanks U2
I came in from Austin to see U2 for their first stop in N. America. I have never been to Chicago. The city and U2 didn't disappoint. Favorite moments were when Bono had the crowd sing Still Haven't found before he joined in, The Unforgettable Fire, UltraViolet and Unknown Caller. Was disappointed that some of the crowd around me sat through the entire performance...I don't get that. Only part of the gig that didn't live up for me was Moment of Surrender. Was The Edge or Bono or the whole band off key? But overall thanks for a great night U2 and Chicago. See you in Dallas.
Chicago opener rocks!
Just returned back to Cincinnati from the Chicago opener. I've been a fan for years & finally fulfilled a dream of seeing them live & were 100 feet from the front of the stage. Please let Adam & Larry rock out more the rhythm section rocked especially on the killer bass line on I'll Go Crazy remix Thank you for an incredible evening. Everyone please help end poverty by joining one.org if you haven't already. I've been a supporter since one started & was decked out in my one gear last night.
We have lift off...
Thank you U2...this made my year! Easily the best U2 show yet.....unbelievable. I cannot pick my favorite part. It was an assault on the senses and I loved it! Matt
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