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Sep 16 2009
Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with Snow Patrol
The band played in Toronto tonight, the first of 2 shows, and set beneath the Toronto Tower, the stage looked more spaceship like than ever. Show was out of this world too.

'We've got some old songs, some new songs, We got songs we can barely play... We got a space ship'.

What did we make a note of ? The roof of the Rogers Stadium (home to the Toronto Blue Jays) was off, which is a bit of a rarity - it came off for Bruce Springsteen too - and that made for some great acoustics tonight. The end of Beautiful Day found Bono singing 'Alison' by the one and only Elvis Costello, who was here watching the show. The band paid tribute to their hosts ('Our first night on the majestic half continent that you call a country - Canada.')... which went down relatively well. And we learned that 'the effortlessly stylish Adam Clayton' is ' the only man in U2 who uses face cream.'

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Tribal Jules
Awesome Show
Great show in Toronto by U2. Fan for 26 years, fourth time seeing them, and always different and always just as great as the first time. Killer remix for I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight. Loved Walk On and Stay (Faraway So Close) as well. Couldn't ask for a better show. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
1st U2 show, amazing
I've been a diehard u2 fan for about 5 years now, I became a fan JUST after they came to Ottawa in 2005, and since then they've become something of a religion for me. So tonight was my first show! What can i say? BRILLIANT!!! The performance was top notch, Bono's singing was perfect, Edge's riffs and guitar playing was spot on as well, Larry's drumming was amazing (especially the opening with Breathe) and Adam was playing some sick bass, (Crazy Tonight Remix comes to mind) The stage....THE STAGE!!! What an insane piece of machinery!!! It made my first U2 experience something of a dream. The setlist was perfect as well, I couldn't have hoped for anything better than Until The End of the World, Your Blue Room (2nd time ever played live!!! I thought it was awesome!) and Unforgettable Fire. it was so great!! Best night of my life, and I'll never forget it. Way to go boys!!!
Sept. 16
Amazing show. Liked the mix. Could have lived without In Your Blue Room. Was hoping to hear Bad live. Hope they don't sacrifice more classics for this slow, energy-sucking song. No Pride for second straight show. Hmmmmmm. Otherwise, an epic show.
Loved every minute of it. We sat in the nose-bleeds but didn't care because we felt very much a part of it. Saw them last time in 1985.....because it's so hard to get tickets....definately worth being a fan for the past 25 years!
This is the first time I'v been able to see U2 live and I hope I will never miss another tour. What a terrific show, great energy in the building. Anyone who hasn't seen the show yet owes it to themseleves. The light show is amazing! The crowd singing 1/4 of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Blue Room, Stay, Ultraviolet, and the party that crazy was are all stand-outs in my mind. Loved the acoustics and having the dome open just added to the atmosphere.
Outstanding show in a so so venue
I have seen U2 a number of times and they certainly didn't disappoint. The clips from Archbishop Tutu and the International Space station where great. I enjoyed the 360 set up although I thought it was supposed to be in the centre and turn around. It was at one end and only the bridges seemed to move back and forth. The constant flow of vans and cars behind the stage was distracting and tacky. The crowds excitement and energy was lost in the venue, perhaps helped by the fact that the roof was open. It's my second U2 concert at Roger's Centre (Skydome) and they are now my two least favourite U2 concerts because of the venue, not because of the show. For some reason they didn't play Pride, and that was too bad. I hope they put it back on their setlist for the rest of the tour.
I have never seen so many people at a concert before, but the boys definatly delivered!!
Magic and Grace
U2 are in the enviable place of having a rich catalogue to choose from and not enough time to play all the songs that their vast audience wants to hear. In their 2 1/2 hour concert they offered a real grab-bag of material, stretching back to 1983. For a hardcore fan such as myself, any U2 concert is about what is played as well as what is not played. Notably (and probably for some shockingly) absent were war horse standards such as "Pride" (1984), "Bullett the Blue Sky" (1987), "New Year's Day" (1983), and "Bad" (1984). In their place U2 offered a beautiful version of "The Unforgettable Fire" (1984), a brilliant "Ultraviolet" (1991) and the completely obscure "Your Blue Room" (1995) from a side project they did with Brian Eno. The latter was appreciated by me, although it did not translate all that well into the cavernous stadium. As for highlights, I was pleasantly shocked that U2 managed to bring the house down (myself included) with three of my least favourite U2 songs: "Get on Your Boots" (2009), "Elevation" (2000), and "Vertigo" (2004). This trio of songs absolutely rocked the place. The groove was intense and I realized that these songs are meant to be played really loud and live, not sitting on your tiny iPod speakers. These were all-out, old-fashioned guitar riff sex and drugs songs that I have never fully appreciated before. Good on ya, U2. Biggest surprise of the night was the live remix of "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" (2009), which was just absolutely amazing. I was gobsmacked at the sound quality and the whole sound field was impeccable. It produced the night's first "Holy F*ck" from my lips. At one point Bono just stopped singing and the entire stadium stepped in to carry the lyrics to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (1987). Beautiful moment. The OMG-hairs-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck came with the superb "City of Blinding Lights" (2004), "Until the End of the World" (1991), and "Where the Streets Have No Name" (1987). I swear on that last one the Rogers Centre actually shook. It was breathtaking and the sound was pure and crystalline. Towards the end of the show U2 played the requisite "One" (1991) and "With or Without You" (1987), the former with a lovely opening video featuring Bishop Desmond Tutu. U2 being U2 they had a great message video about Burma's Ang San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for 20 years, and then played their song written for her, "Walk On" (2000). The stage was flooded by Amnesty International volunteers sporting Ang masks. It was cheesy but I have never given Bono flack for his genuine activist for social justice. In fact I got quite emotional as I watched Bono on the giant screen, for he really is not only one of a kind but perhaps a last of a kind as well. Bono was once rightly called the Pied Piper of rock, and watching him sing, implore, laugh, run, dance, and gesticulate in the way that only he can made me realize that this concert was to be cherished. U2 has not changed but audiences certainly have, and my heart went out to Bono as he worked very hard to do what he does best; to engage with the front row as much as the back row; to inspire, to challenge, to help make collective dreams possible. I am grateful. It was a memorable night, with a few touches of magic and grace.
Outrageously Excited! about tonite's show. First time to a U2 show..second time with tickets to the show. This time Don't have an engineering midterm exam to take. !Can't Wait! By the by, maybe u2 could play some Peter, Paul, and Mary in tribute...afterall U2 plays right along side them on my IPod...and make a great combination.
One word – Magnificent! Old, new – it was a spectacular show! Special thanks to Elvis Costello for being in the crowd – hearing Bono singing Costello’s famous lyrics…which just happens to be my first name…made the night extra special. Thank you U2 – you are Magnificent!
Window in the Skies
I was wondering if yall could play Window in the Skies in Atlanta, i love that song and i was surprised it was on the set list.
Awesome Stage Show
Great antics, awesome lighting and an overall great show. Waiting to get to the front gate was well worth the wait!
Toronto loves U2
It was a great show. The biggest show i've been to in ages. It was my wife's gift to me for our 3rd anniversary. U2 does it like no other band can these days. Filling out Roger's Centre takes guts, and doing it 2 nights in a row proves that if someone can do it, it's those irish lads. I am glad that they played 'ultraviolet'. It's my favorite song of U2 after 'One' which they also played. We here in T-DOT love U2, and from the looks of it they love us right back.
great show
it was a great show. Your Blue room is one of the greatest songs ever, and I was happy to hear it, but yeah, it doesn't quite work live. I've been in the GA's once before, and this time, Bono blew me away - he really connected with us in the pit, seeming to actually look at us and react to what we are doing...almost humble in a way and very accessible, versus unreachable as he was at the last GA show I was at. A beautiful show overall!
Zooming in, Zooming out
I loved finally hearing Your Blue Room! I love the Passengers record (when they were really experimental). Also, getting to finally hear The Unforgettable Fire for the first time, amazing! I'm not crazy about the new record at all, but they sounded terrific live, esp. Moment of Surrender. Such a perfect night, and a truly spectacular show! Wish I was going again tonight.
Heaven calling, will you accept the call
Hands down, the hardest driving, wall of sound, rock band God has ever had his Angels perform in! Supernatural at it's finest! Thanks for the show. God bless. Peter aka Rock P.S. I just woke up...sorry I slept in. Keep in touch.
Magnificent....is an understatement. For a fan up in the higher seats.The show was incredible the overwhelming spectacle kept me awake all night .....A sleepless night . I have never been to a concert that has had that kind of impact before. And I have been to many. I give this show a 10 out of 5. Yes it was that GREAT! I will be bringing my whole family to the second show I want to share this memmory of a lifetime. Thank you! For creating this show with all spectators being considered.Not a bad seat in the house.And for once the cheaper seats were the best for over all perspectives.THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Not the greatest, but still amazing!
I have to agree with some other posts. No "Pride", No "Mysterious", No "Bad". Maybe it was me, but I was expecting more of the Popmart Tour pomp & circumstance. After seeing them for the last 4 tours now in Detroit, Buffalo, & now Toronto, I do have to say this tour was a good blend of the stadium atmosphere with the intimacy of an arena and less "over the top". The highlight had to be the CN tower changing colors & flickering with the music. That is something you just won't see anywhere else. It was also good to see the dome open! It's amazing it doesn't open for baseball games in good weather, but for concerts! TAKE A HINT ROGERS CENTRE, the retractable dome is there FOR A REASON! Lastly, you'll note I haven't mentioned the performance. That's because it's U2 people! They are the best live act going. If you haven't seen them, do it. They are unbelievable live. Beyond awesome. Thank you for "Unforgettable Fire".
Reboot Yourself
Toronto #1 is the first of two shows for me. The second is in Boston on the 20th. In a time when, on a Global level, we need to reinvent ourselves - U2 comes to town and proves that it's possible. The nostalgia was fun to relive, but the new sounds were more impressive. Horizon, Crazy, Caller, and Surrender. The new material is diverse, inspiring and entertaining. Thanks for the inspiration and the great show!
Toronto rocked!
Fantastic U2 show that had everyone in rapture. Bono sang twice right in front of my daughter in RZ1. She's ecstatic! Going back tonite to see it again....
Concert = Un-f*cking-belivable!!!
No line on the Toronto horizon
This was my first u2 show , took the wife and 9 year old what a spectacular light and stage show , who ?, can beat that setup . The music was good but missed listening to new years day , pride and mysterious ways Aw well there main focus was to attract a new generation with there new album wich is well put together . We travelled from the west from London Ontario to see this show and it was worth every minute. Kudos to the boys and a fabulous show . ps... Avoid the 500,s in the rogers centre , the sound up that high was very distorted , walking down a few levels improoved 100%..
It was a real treat to see these guys live again! They always know how to put on a good show. Thanks to Bono and the boys for another great album and another great tour.....keep them coming!!
Another awesome show last night in Toronto..U2 gave us entertainment and things to think about.. that's what they do best.. I loved the remix of crazy.. It's another memerable night in my life.. Thanks guys you are still Rocking out great tunes with the times..Can't wait for the next CD..
Fantastic Night
What a great night with the roof open. The scenery was fantastic. Bono's voice was phenomenal - U2 were as tight as ever. Sound was great, better than POP Tour at Skydome. I have seen every tour since Joshua Tree Tour - sometimes twice in a year. Last night, again, was magical. I really wanted to hear Electrical Storm and Bad and I know they have too many songs now and can only play so many....and people get disappointed. Highlight was I'll Go Crazy...I was a bit skeptical at first as I chose this song as my favourite from the new album in the very beginning, but it was a great remix and really got the crowd into it. I have to agree, i saw U2 in Hamilton (home town) and it was the best show ever (after 911), but they can do no wrong. They are truly the BEST BAND in the UNIVERSE! Can hardly wait to see what they do tonight. Going back for second show tonight and can hardly wait to see what they do!
Something missing
Last night's show had some great moments (Still Haven't Found, Streets, One, Amazing Grace, Stay), but didn't come close to 4 years ago. No Pride. No Desire. Would loved to have heard Bad or Mysterious Ways which they have played in other cities on this tour. Walked away a little disappointed.
Incredible show! i'm going for seconds tonight!
Crazy for Crazy
A great night in the open dome; the CN tower just seemed to dance along with the music. Crazy was amazing-loved the djembe! And Ultraviolet was just plain cool. I'm taking my 11 year old son for the second show tonight. I'm hoping they'll play Stand Up Comedy - that's the song that got him interested- just as a special favour for Nat and me :) Sunday Bloody Sunday took me back to the early 80's when I had my Sony Walkman knockoff strapped to my head and I wore my shiny new War cassette thin.
I have been a U2 Fan since the very beginning, I have every CD and DVD possible and have seen every tour since the early days in Toronto. The song Pryde is definitely one of my favourites and moves me for sure. I was left feeling very disappointed when they did not play Pryde last night. Tonight I am taking my 11 year old son to his first concert, and what a treat he is in for. For me personally I am so hoping to hear Pryde tonight? The stage was fantastic; however I felt very disconnected as Statium Shows are just too big and you are so far away no matter where you sit. I love U2 in an Arena, much more intimate. The stage was huge for 4 guys and I felt not utilized as much as it could have been. Maybe they are just tired, I would be. Over the years I feel I must own some small share in this U2 Corporation by now....please, please, please play PRYDE! I'm looking forward to another beautiful night, with amazijng music under the CN Tower with U2! One day my son will be able to say his first concert he ever saw was U2 and thats a pretty great thing! Patricia
What an amazing show, can't wait for Tom
A fantastic show at Rogers Center (Formerly Skydome) Snow Patrol did a great job opening, and I think will be destined for big things of their own. Seeing them for the 1st of 2 shows I am going to, the excitement was intense. As with all U2 shows, the stage and video was insane, the craziest set up, totally blew my mind. Having the dome roof open was a great touch. I have seen quite a few U2 shows, and this one did not disappoint. My favorite show ever, was the Hamilton Ontario show in 2001. I saw them twice in May of 2001 in Toronto, so when they added the Hamilton date, I was in for sure. That show will most likely remain my most memorable. Between the 2 sets of shows, the world changed forever on September 11, 2001. With the sting of that tragedy still on the forefront of everyones mind, U2's tribute to the people who died on the planes will always be with me. Uncharacteristic of a U2 show, when they lowered the fabric, and projected the names of the crew and passengers of the jets, the venue fell silent, and only Bono singing Kite could be heard. Everyone was silent, watching. I will never forget seeing a segment of the same name flow across the screen, and it occurred to me, that an entire family was wiped out. Tears ran down my face, and my friends just stood silent, letting me have that moment. I was hoping to hear Kite tonight, but no luck, maybe tomorrow.
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