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Sep 17 2009
Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with Snow Patrol
The band mixed up the set for the second night in Toronto - and it went down well. 'Now that sounds like appreciation,' said Bono, at the beginning of the show, and it really did.

Same size of audience here for the second show in Toronto, but they seemed to make double the noise - never more than when Edge joined the vocal for Stuck in a Moment. But the stand-out moment had to be the arrival on stage of a young boy during Unforgettable Fire who lapped the stage with Bono and then got to wear his shades.

Best view of the show tonight? The sound might not have been so great but it must have been a pretty spectacular perspective for all those people going up and down in the CN Tower. Daniel Lanois, co-producer of 'No Line' and most influential Canadian in the U2 story was here - must have been great to see the way the new songs have made the transition from the studio to the stadium.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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From the girl who was handed Bono's setl
Amazing, as always. Seventeen hours in line and worth every second and every single inch of my concrete bed from the night before. I love these guys. What more can I say? Every concert changes you - and makes you feel like you can change the world. ps: "Desire" was on the setlist but wasn't played!
Fantastic 2 nights in TO!
Have been a fan since the War album. Jean Coffee if you still have my tape....get me the CD in return! I remember not being able to afford the Joshua Tree album as a starving grad. student in London, England. After waiting so many years, 2 concerts in Toronto came close to making up for it. To see and hear New Year's Day live on the 17th was a wish come true. May there be many, many more U2 concerts to come.
Best concert..... magnificent
amazing show best I have ever seen, July 3rd we will stand up to rock stars one more time
U2 was absolutely amazing both nights at the Rogers centre in Toronto in an unforgettable two night rock odyssey. The second night, I was in general admission and it was the greatest concert experience of my entire life. I was so elated after the first five songs that if the concert had ended just then I still would have been completely satisfied. The energy was absolutely amazing and U2 were at their very best. They could have sung "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" and still make it sound like the greatest rock song ever written. I'm NOT exaggerating when I say this may have been the GREATEST CONCERT EVER!!! It was certainly MY greatest concert experience. I've seen U2 seven times in total now (NOT NEARLY ENOUGH BY THE WAY - IF ONLY I HAD MORE MONEY AND MORE TIME), but again, even though they're always amazing, this was my very best experience of them thus far. The concert was so unbelievably, mind-blowingly great, it left me speechless - there are simply no words to describe how truly awesome it was. All I can say is that, pardon mylanguage here, but the concert was basically a two and half hour auditory orgarsm.
And the statium is tinted a bright red b
All I can say is wow. My first U2 concert and the best one i've ever seen. You know, even though they are reaching their 50's in a year or two, seeing them live, you can't even tell. I believe god shows us little glimpses of heaven, that U2 show must have been one of them.
From Scotalnd to Toronto
We saw them in Glasgow and just had to do it again so we flew in on the 16th, dumped the luggage and headed straight down to the stadium to queue. My hubby, 13 year old daughter and myself were rewarded with inner circle spaces right in front of Edge for BOTH nights. WOW!! What an amazing experience. Met some excellent people along the way. TORONTO YOU KNOW YOUR NAME! Thank you for 2 Amazing Nights U2!! xxxx We will be back again!
I was at the Thursday show...in the inner circle about 10 ft away from the stage. That was almost two weeks ago - and I'm still there in my mind. That was the most incredible concert I have ever been to -and I've been to plenty. Breathe was a GREAT choice to open the show - and I was ecstatic when they added my favourite U2 song, Mysterious Ways, to the set list. Bono is amazing, he didn't miss a note! New Year's Day and Unknown Caller were amazing, the acoustic Stuck In a Moment was awesome (love the Edge's voice), Magnificent was...well, magnificent :-) My favourite part had to be One/Amazing Grace/Streets - that was breathtaking. I just stood there watching. When are they coming back?!?! LOL P.S. To the person who asked about being under the bridge - the bridge swung over our heads at the front during Magnificent. Frankly, everyone was LOVING it!
What a night!
What a concert! We attended both nights and Thursday night wasdefinitely the better performance out of the two. Bono was really connecting with the audience and he had them eating out of the palm of his hand. It was such an amazing concert that it has left me trying to decide whether its the best concert I've seen in my life, or if its tied with their Sept 16 performance from the Vertigo tour. Either way, its a night I'll never forget. I wonder how the boys felt about this concert - I wonder if they feel if its right up there as one of their best shows of this tour.
Long time fan, sold out show – drove for four hours from Ottawa to Toronto and hoped I’d be able to get a ticket AND make it in time – luck was on my side! Got a ticket in less than a minute and didn’t miss the opening. Acoustics, visual / screen, performance…everything was larger than life. When Bono brought Lucas onstage…wow! The one and only criticism would be that they could have made better use of the stage so fans on the sides and at the back could get a better experience – maybe have a slow spinning stage so it literally does a 360? That said, they still did not disappoint – totally worth it! My first experience at the Rogers Centre was a lasting one - skydome open to boot! Hope the rumored Montreal date gets added to the tour (Ottawa would be even better! lol). MAGNIFICIENT!
Concertaholics Love U2...
A definite peak in our Concert Career... we waited all day and made it to the front barrier.... Our FULL CONCERT REVIEW has photos, videos, real setlist and guitar pic...we left nothing out... http://concertaholics.com/2009/09/17/u2-rogers-centre-toronto-september-17-2009/ Thanks for a gracious stop in our city. Jeff
What an unbelievable tour! I felt you guys were not given the best Canadian welcome at last nights show. There was a lack of enthusiasm throughout the crowd and i was personally disappointed for you guys as a canadian fan. I went all the way to Dublin to see you play this year on July24/27 and there was pure magic in the air.!!You could feel the love and energy in the crowd! For such outstanding musicians it was hard for me to look around the toronto crowd and see such lack of appreciation. The second show was alot different and there was a stronger feeling of elevation and joy. Thank you Bono for singing your heart out! You are an amazing frontman! Thanks for being spontaneous and showing how much you care for your audience. When you brought Lucas on stage there were tears in my eyes. Tears of joy and happiness, knowing how much it would mean to him and how much you love what you do! Thank you Larry for uniting this band and keeping the strong rhythm throughout the show. Loved your drumming during I'll go crazy tonight! Thank you Adam for your amazing talent and bass playing. Loved New Year's Day! Thank you Edge for sharing your gift! Extraordinary! Love you guys! Wish that i could attend all your shows! I will be patiently awaiting your next tour when i will be going back to Dublin! God bless!!
New Delhi to Toronto
I travelled from New Delhi(India) to Toronto - especially for the show. I had travelled 5 years back too,to Toronto, for the Vertigo Concerts. Seeing them i felt it was 'No line on the HORIZON', was there for both the MAGICAL shows & now am waiting to start my march towards Australia/Japan - for my Moment of Surrender.!!
An Unforgettable Experience!!!
My husband and I had been looking forward to this concert for months!!! What an incredible night!! Snow Patrol were excellent and definitely warmed us up for U2!! They never cease to amaze us!! They put their hearts and souls into every show and even after 30 years they perform with such incredible passion...passion for music and passion for changing the world!!! We are hoping they come back to do more Canadian dates!! We plan on camping out all day so that we can get a spot inside the circle...seeing them on the overhead screen just isn't the same...we need to be closer!! Ever since I first saw Bono pull that lucky woman on stage during their Live Aid performance, I have dreamed of having that same experience!! Hearing Bono sing Bad would have made the night even more perfect if that's possible!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you....please come back soon!!!!
Kinda bummed...
Sorry to be the one to burst the Toronto 2 bubble here, but, as someone who has waited almost 25 years to see U2 live, I am honestly a bit disappointed. Before I purchased our tickets, I read on U2.com somewhere (maybe it was The Edge who said this?) that the behind the stage seats were some of the best in the house. So, when the second Toronto show was added and the seats we got were section 103, row 9, I was thrilled! Especially once we arrived and saw the catwalk coming all the way around to the back, I thought for sure the entire band would make their way around often and spend a good amount of time showing their stuff to those of us near the rear. This was definitely not the case. I think Bono made it to the back 2 or 3 times for just a few seconds at a time, but, more than that, because we were under a bit of an overhang, we could not understand one word he said to the crowd. I'm trying hard to not be too critical here, because I still love U2, and I'm sure it was an amazing show for those who got to see them from the front of the stage (even those who were up higher), but, I really felt like the behind the stage seats should have been priced at one of the lower brackets, not the 2nd highest. $100 bucks is still a lot of money for a concert ticket...I was hoping to at least feel like I was in the same building as the band and have the full Bono experience that I'd been waiting so long for. Do you really have to pay $250 per ticket to get it? I hope not! (The photo I took was my camera zoomed-in as far as it would go. I wish we had been that close!)
Must come back to Make full 360!
I was at both shows!! First in the fiftth deck, second 100 Level. That stage is the most impressive thing I have ever witnessed and I was there for POP, which was incredible. The second show I had to admit brough mixed emotions as my friend suffered a panic attack and had to leave after three songs. This guy had been going to concerts since ZOO TV. So I really hope you comeback to T.O. We both need a second chance, cause we were both down after that. Still It was a spiritual experience to see U2.
Well what can you say that hasn't already been said. Happy that those of us that arrived early. it certainly paid off. They allowed the first 2400 people in line to be in the circle. The show was Magnificent. I would say maybe not as good as the Vertigo tour but the atmosphere was fabulous. Bono sang his heart out and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Can't wait until we see them in Las Vegas in October.
U2 x 2
The 2nd of two great shows in Toronto. Loved hearing New Year's Day, Mysterious Ways and Stuck In A Moment all for the first time live. The No Line songs are exceptional in concert, and the classics were amazing, as always. Loved hearing the rareities like Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet as well. U2 are definitely at the top of their game. Come back soon!
Rock the 'Casba'
Show last night was GREAT! There were some seriously humorous moments. Like he sung rock the casba (80s song ..I think?) near the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Fuuny! That was strange and funny all at the same time. One of the best I've seen (first time seeing U2). First theatrical production/rock production concert I've been to..pretty cool. The opening was Amazing! And I got some rockin' pictures too..but there're too big and not feeling like compressing the file right now. Hopin' they tour next year too.
U2's still got it
This stage and light show made a huge stadium feel like an intimate theatre at times. There were moments that were absolutely mesmerizing, and I was in the nosebleeds. I saw the Joshua Tree Toronto show in '87 and two decades later U2 still blew my mind. Ticket holders: you are in for a special treat. This band is electric!
Stage setup
Innovative moving walkways before the show. Not sure whatit was like for people under the bridge ...any comments?
Heavan on Earth
Both nights were amazing for different reasons. I have to say that I (and 60,000 other people) have absolutely experienced a little bit of heaven on earth. Thanks to U2 and their entire crew for sharing these moments with us. See ya next time :)
Rogers Centre should be renamed Bono-dom
What a wonderful, awe-inspiring concert last night! U2 were in incredibly good form last night! The "space oddity" was just about the most inventive stage I have ever seen. The thing that struck me during the concert was how tight U2 are. It's not a surprise to me with this being my third time seeing them live, but aside from the band playing like a well-oiled machine (as they always do), the themes inherent throughout the concert were what struck me. We are ONE, whether we live in Canada or Africa or are a political prisoner in Burma. We have to carry each other. Not the first time that U2 has voiced this message, but still, very powerful. Loved the set list, even Magnificent, which is my least favourite song from Horizon. It was redeemed last night - definitely a "live" song and not a "CD" song. Stroke of genius opening the concert with Breathe. I took one deep breath and the band took my breath away! Having been a fan for over 25 years, hearing Unforgettable Fire and MLK was simply magical. Sunday Bloody Sunday was striking, but it always amazes me that the audience gets so excited when this song is played. For me, hearing it creates an introspective moment, to reflect on the atrocities in the world. Bono was the ultimate showman. He has such charisma and presence. I believe we all would have followed him to the ends of the earth last night, singing at the top of our lungs the whole way!
Absolutely Incredible
It was my first U2 show, and I couldn't have asked for anything more! From when Edge was singing/playing on "Stuck in a Moment" to the people flicking their condo lights on and off during "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" it was amazing. I think the highlight of the evening for me though will always be singing 'Amazing Grace' with 60,000 other people as a lead in to "Streets". Thanks again for a wonderful evening!
I've been a fan since high school, but this was my first opportunity to be able to see them live. I was not disappointed! The stage, lights, sound, performance all perfect! My favorite moments were the tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi and Bono swinging around the stage during Ultraviolet. It will definitely be a night I will always remember. Only slight disappointment was the lack of people that showed up to see Snow Patrol open. They're an awesome band, they sounded great, and got those of us that were there wound up for the big show.
Russ Zara
Bono and my son Lukas!
Well, can words describe how I feel.......... NO WAY! After some 27 years of following U2 this is the moment I would like to be stuck in! Thanks Bono! Thanks U2!
First timer Of U2
This was my first time ever seeing the band. We had General Admin Floors and we picked the right spot the whole night Bono and Edge were on our side of the stage and the fact we were only 50 feet away was simply amazing. I have to say this has been one of my top 3 concerts of all time. Rock on boys you do it very well
Carla St-Germain
25 years, 40 shows down, always impresse
We were at both shows. Toronto 2 was my 40th U2 show (more than 25 years after my first one). Boy I'm getting old! Only thing missing last night was Bad (my on-stage song with U2 back in the 80s!) Now I bring my family and we are always so impressed with how well U2's crew treat our children. Thanks so much, especially AJ. My son Thomas was the lucky boy during Vertigo in Ottawa and I was thrilled to see my longtime U2 buddy Russell see his son Lucas on stage last night. The CN tower in the background was a perfect complement to U2's stage. Loved Crazy... a definite highlight. When are you coming back?
Toronto 2nd Night Show
Now I think I will go CRAZY Tonight. It was amazing!!! I have never seen a venue that can best be described as " ART IN MOTION " The Instrumentals, Vocals---Straight on and BONO HIT IT. The Spaceship and Showmanship and the CN Tower made it a once in a lifetime moment. AND I WAS THERE!!!! Thank You U2.
Toronto through your u2's eyes!
I was only a feet away from the stage (to my surprise) and I felt an energy that is hard to describe in words. At the end of the concert Bono said "Thank you for making this dream come true" - pointing to the "Claw" and for giving us a great life". All I can say in return is thank you for giving us a great life experience. "May we leave the ground, only to get lost in your sounds" Sebastian
Even Better Than The First Thing
Loved the tweaks made to the second night's set list, loved Bono's interaction with crowd--and heck, his interaction with the apartment building dwellers who watched from their terraces! Took my 11-year-old son, who was absolutely thrilled to be there (and, I might add, a wee bit jealous of Lucas, who got to run a lap of the track and don Bono's shades). Before the concert I asked the gentlemen behind me if they were planning to stand. One of 'em responded with, "I don't get why people stand at concerts. They don't stand up when they listen at home." I gave a knowing smile and said, "With these guys, you can't stay sitting." By "Boots," he was on his feet too. If they'd added a third night, without a doubt, the Rogers Centre would have liftoff.
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