U2360° TOUR

Sep 20 2009
Boston, MA, US / Gilette Stadium
with Snow Patrol
'Tonight we're gonna play old songs, new songs, songs we don't know... but we're not going anywhere without you. Are you ready for the ride ?'

Boston was ready for the ride - witness the inner circle during 'Boots' going up and down like we were at a punk rock gig or the entire stadium grooving out for Mysterious Ways.

'Irish boy kissing on a tea train, Irish boy in Massachusetts...' There was definitely an Irish thing going down tonight. 'Great to be back home in Boston,' as the singer put it. They've been to this city many times since they first played here in 1981, but they never arrived in space junk like this. Quite an experiment.

'Like to introduce our band: On the right, Experiment One, a mix between jimmy Page and Stephen Hawkins, a test tube baby, The Edge. On my left Experiment Two, his bottom end can move stadiums, a gentleman, a wise owl, a great bass player, Adam Clayton. Experiment Three, not human at all, at 21 gave his body to science, Robocop... Larry Mullen Jnr.

You don't need to know about Experiment Four, work still in progress...'

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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First of Two
Boston was a great show and set the mood for the build up to our second on Sept 24th at Giants Stadium. But firstly we experienced this fantastic show in style. The transport to the stadium was very average even looking like we may get stranded 2 hours from Boston with no transport. Luckily enough we shared a maxicab with 10 others back to Boston. We are from Perth in Western Australia so the feeling of being stranded out there was unnerving..... but the concert was great....as expected.
My First U2 Show, Live from Foxboro
For my 13th birthday, my dad came home from work with 2 tickets to the first show of 360 in Foxboro. At the time, I was an avid fan but no "die hard". That all changed when I heard the opening cords of 'Streets and saw the entire stadium light up. My seats were on the 2nd level, to the side, no nosebleed's but not great. The reason we were able to enjoy the show was due to the 360 screen and the massive speakers. Ever since that show, I have been one of U2's biggest fan's (all of my friends and my family are sick of Bono, Edge, LMJ, and Adam Clayton). I can hardly wait until 2011 when U2 comes back to North America.
I was so excited to be coming to see U2 for my 40th birthday! Didn't disappoint at all. As always, seeing all 4 made me cry with happiness. My favorite moment was hearing the beginning of The Unforgettable Fire. Took me back to my teen years! I LOVED them ending with Moment of Surrender, my favorite song from the album. Thanks for the memories.
Great but...
My first u2 show but i wish they would of played pride and my favorite Silver and Gold.
please come boack please
Bigger and even better
Truly awesome...love the remix of i'll go crazy...really got the house grooving. Hope u guys come back for more!
Moment of Surrender
There is a moment when you realize that you are experiencing something spectacular and surreal. This was my 22nd time seeing U2 Live, and every time I do there is a “Moment of Surrender” when you know it, like a religious experience: that is the power of U2, unabashedly the greatest live band! U2 once again has climbed the mountain and shouted come join us! What really makes them special is their sincere appreciation of their fans and how they empower us to be part of the experience. Like a fine wine, U2 just keeps getting better and better……………….
Rocking at the Razor
Always a great show, even outside under a spaceship...ill go crazy really was a great changeup to the show.
Best show on the planet!
The show was amazing, the boys never let me down!! Loved that Larry got out from behind his kit in Crazy!! If I could I would see every show on the tour!!
Thank you U2
...for making my first U2 show one to remember....for making my daughter's first concert experience one to remember. It was truly an honor to see you guys play live. Thanks for writing the music that truly touches my soul on many levels. For the one and only U2 show I'll be able to see...I'm so glad it was this one! Thanks again guys!
Thanks U2
I am still going through withdrawls from that night. It is so amazing how U2 can move so many people. Thank you for Ultraviolet, it is my favorite U2 song and to see it performed live was amazing. I had a good experience with the event staff. The seats that I thought were going to be awesome (which I purchased through the presale) ended up being right behind the toilets for the Redzone. I thought I would cry. The staff approached me and many others in that section and moved us to great seats. Not as close as the 2nd row but the best seats I've ever had. I am praying that U2 does more U.S. shows in 2010 so I can take my 15 yr old son who thinks he's a bigger fan than me.
First Timer
My first U2 concert. Even better than I expected. Both old songs and new took off in what Bono called the space ship.
the edge
Awesome concert!! Thanks to Benny and Ron's Angel's for making my birthday the best! It was special to meet Bono too!!
Found What I'm Looking For...
I saw both shows @ Gillette and I have to say I"ll NEVER miss another U2 show when they come to town again! Almost a religious experience when they slide into Ultraviolet and With or Without You! My favorite part of the show, no doubt! Also I loved the stage design. With the spaceship concept to the disco balls, mobile bridges and the expanding 360 degree video screen, U2 has raised the bar for all stadium tours to come! Mike - Peabody
From Boston UK to Boston MA!
OMG what a night! Kinda vowed not to bother seeing the boys live after disappointment that I could never get close enough at stadiums, but with the Claw, this has all changed. We sat in first row of seats on Edge's side - did you see our UK flag? Great to meet all of you who came over and said hi! My wife's first U2 gig too - until now she couldn't see why I love the boys so much, now I think she wants to marry them all instead! Snow Patrol on-song also. Spent most of their set explaining to the (American) guy next to me that they're also an Irish band, and that no, the union Jack isn't the Irish flag. Judging the way he was angrily punching the air during SBS, I think he still has a way to go... Bless. Thanks too, Dallas, for the run-through of the set on Edge's Explorer (not to be confused with mine - see pic.) before they came on. I think you must have the second best job in the world. Edge has the first, obviously. Also saw It Might Get Loud film in Kendall Sq. in Cambridge on Saturday before. Anyone else see it? So, cost us a bloomin' fortune, but worth every penny. Love to you all... (A very jet-lagged) Natural_Explorer. BTW, was that a *cow* I saw in the audience?! :-))
Chris Likourgiotis
....And Then there was U2
What a fantastic show!! This was my 4th time seeing the lads and I still felt like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Everything from the stage and lights to the sound was brilliant. I left feeling completely fulfilled and drained from the stimulation of my senses....i was reborn again. Thank you!! Chris
greatest band EVER
have to admit, have seen them over a hundred times and defintiely like watching for the first time...... greatest band EVER........
Come Back!
The show at gilette on 9/20 was amazing! What an awesome band. I hope U-2 decides to add another leg to 360 like they did for the Vertigo tour.
1st boston show
the concert in boston was fantastic! Took two of my friends to see u2 for the first time.one is a classically trained muscian.he said it was the best concert he has ever been too.he couldn't believe the sound that came out of only 4 guys. i have been a fan for over 20 yrs.the boston crowd was really into it.bonos voice was right on!!!! Tampa here i come. ps only problem there was a tower in the way that blocked 2/3 of the stage.that was upsetting...
dorfers - September 20, 2008
Show just rocked!!!! I am kicking myself for not getting tickets for every show in MA and NJ what the heck was I thinking? PULSATING
My first U2 show ever,even though I've loved them since 1980. It was just as incredible as I expected! From the opening note to the last chord. The music, the stage, the crowd, and of course U2 themselves. An experience I will cherish! THANK YOU !!! to Bono,Larry,Edge,and Adam for giving all of us the wonderful gift of your music,spirit,and time!!!
sweetess thing
awesome show u2 set the unforgettable fire,the crowd responded and wanted more
Knocked out in Boston
Sunday night Bono hit the stage with all the cockiness and confidence of a seasoned fighter. He and his three friends proceeded to kick ass on 70,000 fans unrelentlessly for over 2 hours. The only question that remains, is U2 at the top of their game or can they take us higher.
...I loved the close-out of 'Boots', when Edge and Adam simultaneously assumed center stage along the outer-platform. Friends and I stood at the spot on the field where the sound was perfect; Edge's guitar had that extra hair on it and Adam's bass had some EXTRA-large juevos, but it ended too quickly! They could/should just ROLL with that riff for a good while more. It was vicious! ...The remix for "Crazy" was hot; (a copy of this available anywhere?) one of many moments to completely let loose. "Ultraviolet" was an outstanding surprise, and I am always willing to lose my voice during "Streets". ...A whole lot of love in the house that night. Always feels like church seeing this band.
The songs in your head are now on my min
I agree wiht others about the big stage - made it easier to see the lads, but spread out the group. The new songs weren't the best for the arena and Bono's voice was a bit thin. However, they are unique and put on a great show. The spirituality of their music seems more open and accessible. Their music is now on mind - all the time!!!
This was beyond my expectations!! It was sooo good!! Everything about it! Thank you for uniting all of us with your music and for sharing not just causes we need to step up to but all the good that has taken place already (loved Bishop Tutu's video).. Thank you for an incredible experience!!
Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!!!
I still can't believe it, two days later and I can't stop thinking about how great the show was! Glad that this being my fifth show I finally got GA tickets and got so close to the stage! I thought I would die being able to see them up so close!! Nothing better...amazing! I got great pictures to last a lifetime, I hope they come back next year, I will be waiting. Great show guys, my favorite out of the five I've been to, keeps getting better.
u2 Fever Baby
One of my most memorable shows ~ Took my 9 month old for her 1st U2 show (earplugs & headphones of course) & watched her have a blast!! She was born with u2 fever!! We missed some of our favorites in the setlist (Bad, RTSS, BTBS) ... and the acoustics at Gillette bite, but as always it was a great show.
A Beautiful Day!
Took my 11 year old son to see the boys at the first Gillette show. This was his first concert and it just had to be U2. The show was superb! They have been my band since I was fourteen and the WAR record hit the stores. I did however need to explain to my son what a record album was.
OMG! Sunday Sept 20
The last time I saw the band was in 1987 at "Sullivan" (now Gillette) stadium for the Joshua Tree tour. The first time was in Worcester for Unforgettable Fire in 1985. (Bono, I thought the Irish mullet was hot!) The setlist killed. The new songs, which I already love, sound incredible live. How can anyone complain about what they play or not play? The whole world heard Pride live at the inauguration concert! The band is always engaged with their fans, and made a point of giving attention to us in the endzone seats behind the stage. They gave me and my 11 year old daughter Grace a night we'll never forget. I wanted to try to go again tonight but my kids need help with their homework. Back to reality. GRACERULES!
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