U2360° TOUR

Oct 20 2009
Phoenix, AZ, US / Univ. of Phoenix Stadium
with Black Eyed Peas
The roof is open in Phoenix tonight and we're looking up into an endless Arizona sky. More on the way from us, meantime how was it for you ?Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Soundtrack for a re-union
This concert, October of 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. was totally sentimental. When I was in graduate school in Tucson, Arizona in 1992 and my boyfriend was working as a young intern in Boston , I remember he called and said let's see if we can get U2 tickets for the Saint Patrick's Day show in Boston. He was, of course, Irish. What better way to spend St. Patrick's than going to a U2 concert in Boston? But alas, either we couldn't get tickets or we were just too poor to afford them at the time. We ended up going our separate ways and didn't see each other for a little over 16 years, although had recently reconnected and were in touch with one another. When this Phoenix show was announced , I bought tickets and invited him. It was the first time in 16 plus years I had seen him. He flew into Phoenix and a driver picked us up and shuttled us off to this concert. If you're going to re-unite with an old lover, might as well let U2 and Bono provide the soundtrack.
2nd Show on Tour.
One month earlier I was at Giant's Stadium. One of the things I love about U2, every show differs! My 7 and 4yr old nephews 1st real concert! The 4yr old nephew was obssessed with Get on Your Boots, which they actually kicked off the show with and then they went in Beautiful Day. I was at the 2nd show in NJ and the didn't play Stuck In A Moment they played it here, the 4 year old knew it was Grandma's Pat's song. Only thing that would have made it better, Original of The Species, the 1st song he ever reacted to.
Just do it!
On the spur of the moment, I bought two tickets and told my husband we were flying to Phoenix for the night to see the show. It was my second and his first time seeing U2. We had seats on the first level on Edge's side. The Claw was an amazing sight to see but perfect for its purpose. The BEP were a surprising excellent opening act! "Major Tom" creates an excellent edge of anticipation for the band's entrance. During "Unknown Caller" I started crying being overcome with this spiritual experience of all those people singing the lyrics together. I appreciated that the claw did allow me to see everything but I wanted to be on the floor and would make that happen for the other two concerts I went to on this tour.
First but definitely not last!
This was my first U2 concert. I write this review almost two years later and I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I\'ve grown up listening to U2 and have always dreamed of seeing Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam all up on stage. From that first drum beat of Breathe to the last note from Bono in Moment of Surrender I was astounded. I love U2 and always will. I almost feel cheated by not being born earlier so I could see U2 grow and make the music that I have come to love. I sure hope they stick around until their old rockers singing Bad up on stage. I cannot wait until my next U2 concert. U2, the greatest band that will ever walk this earth.
Lift Off
Went to see U2 perform last night, when all of a sudden the roof opened and four atronauts from Ireland landed, beat us all into submission and left with yet another version of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Best concert ever!!!
My aunt and my cousin got me a ticket to go see U2 live for the first time at phx for my birthday.The only thing that sucked was that I had to wait 2 months for the concert but it was worth the wait. The concert was AMAZING!!! The stage was amazing too. I loved every single minute of it. It was and always will be the best concert of my life.
Best Concert I have ever seen
My first, but hopefully not last U2 concert best concert of my life! Best band Best stage, Best Night of my life
the best concert ever!!
my husband and i went to this concert driving from Jrz, Mx to Phoenix, Az 9 hours, and it worth every minute and every penny we spend!.. I really love the guys!!!.. the best band in the world and the best concert ever!!.. i will remember this concert always!
Why Phoenix sucks
Was at the U2 show in Phoenix and I must say the show was great but the fans were your typical Phoenix fans. Was front row on first tear and was amazed to see how many "fans" were sitting on their hands. How you can sit down and look bored a a U2 show baffles me...but then again...it is Phoenix. Unless Spurs are in town don't expect much from them. Great performance...horrible crowd
not 360
disappointed that the stage was too big for the venue, and that the "spaceship" seemed to barely fit...therefore not making it a 360 event. I guess the Uof Phoenix folks have to use it for something...Sundevil would have been better. Seen many many u2 shows. Best part of the set was the middle part.
Great Show, crap crowd
I am from Utah, but have relatives in Phoenix so we chose to see the show there. I have never seen such a lackluster crowd in all my life. I was so disappointed. This was my very first U2 concert and I was SO excited to finally get to see the band I have loved all my life.....but I have to admit, it was a little bit of a let down. I thought the screen was great for nose bleed people, but distracting for people like me in the closer (but not close enough) seats. I found myself watching that instead of the guys below. I had always heard U2 was the ultimate show to see, so I guess I had my expectations up so high......it was not a bad show, just not all I had dreamed it to be.
This is my second time seeing my favorite band. Though I've loved U2 since 1980, I didn't have the chance to see them until '05, at Jobing.com arena in Glendale, Az. That was an amazing show, but we were in the nosebleed section and never got the opportunity to see anything up close. This time, I was smart and got floor tix. From now on, I will always be on the floor. A truly moving experience. And, though I'm only 5'0", I could see virtually everything from where I stood. During Vertigo, I had the opportunity to get on someone's shoulders so I could see the stage. I was suprised to see I was the only one taking the chance! What I saw was, simply put, UNforgettable! Thank You U2 for changing my life 29 years ago and for staying true to who you've always been. God Bless
another great show
A great performance by the boys, and I was stunned how good the BEP's were. We took a friend for her first U2 show and she cried from the emotion. I must agree with some others that the crowd was less than stellar. Lots of hostility in the inner circle, so much so I left and moved out to the floor to enjoy the last 2/3's of the show. Compared to the crowd in Chicago, Phoenix couldn't come close.
U2 Rocked Phoenix!
We flew from Jersey to see U2 in AZ. It was a great show--I got goosebumps during Sunday Bloody Sunday and Walk On. It was so much fun! However, the crowd seemed so dead! I was pretty much the only one in my section who appreciated the amazing show U2 put on that night-- So many people sitting and talking during the night. (Saw U2 in New Jersey a month before and the crowd gave back so much energy to the band! It was a completely different vibe). U2 did not disappoint --I just hope the crowd didn't disappoint the band! Thanks U2 for a great night!
Lights over Phoenix
All we can say is "WOW!" I've been to a number of rock concerts over the years and yours was 'second to none' What a fantastic, enjoyable and memorable evening. The last concert my adorable other attended was 'Sly and the family' with Janis Joplin. She was unsure of this venue, but as the night rolled on, we danced (front left stage!!!) and sang on to our hearts content. She still, to this day (a week later) is absolutely thrilled to be part something magical. I'm glad we made her night. Thank you Adam, Bono, Larry and Edge, and to all the others that worked hard to make it an excellent adventure. Blessings, your way,and back to home.
U2 too big for PHX Stadium
U2 was awesome as always but they are much too big for the Univ. of PHX Stadium! U2's sound does not go well with this place, maybe that is why the audience didn't get into the show as much as other places. It stll kicked ass!! Can't wait for Denver (open stadium)!!
Absolutely Phenomenal
This was my first U2 show. It all happened by chance. Some friends had extra tix and they asked if we were interested. My husband called me at home to ask if I wanted to go. We started making plans immediately. It took almost 8 hours for us to get to Phoenix from Albuquerque and it was well worth the trip...after having seen the show, i'd say it would've been worth it to go the moon and back. This show was spectacular. We had decent seats, far enough away that we could get a full view of the stage and the video screens. AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. I was moved to tears a few times during the show. Crying, at a concert, a U2 concert...yeah, i never would've imagined that. Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry, you guys have quite a presence. And who gets Desmond Tutu to do a video for them for their show????!!!! And Muhammed Ali was in the audience...It was just a really great show. The sea of Blackberry lights, BEP, all of it. A once in a lifetime experience. I am still high from the experience. They really outdid themselves, in the best way possible. Thanks U2. Thank you for all you do for the world.
Phoenix,Az Larry's drum solo
We drove from Denver, Co to Phoenix, AZ. The show was amazing! I loved all the little extras... the highlight for me was Larry's drum solo with the bong! It was awesome to see him walking around. I can't wait for the guys to come to Colorado, I will be at the show/s for sure.I have a pic of Larry playing, but its a little blurry, so I will need another one. Thank you so much for all that you guys do you are magnificent!
drum solo
I saw U2 in Phoenix, Az. we drove from Denver, Co a 13 hour drive. The show was amazing, am still dreaming about it! The highlight for me was Larry's drum solo, with the bongo and him walking around with it. Its about time! It was magnificent and I can't wait to see it again. Hopefully they come to Colorado, so I can get at less blurry pic of him...:)
Phx vs LA
AZ...you didn't come close...the Rose Bowl show blew the AZ show off the map. Its almost as if I saw two different concerts. AZ fans booze it up and sit and space. The Rose Bowl never sat...AZ fans don't sing...CA fans sung it out loud. I can only say after seeing at both shows, I wish I had only see them in CA....but seeing them twice is a privilege I enjoyed....I mean AZ didn't even sell out. AZ doesn't deserve another tour date...its too close to Vegas. Id be surprised if they came back there. The city just doesn't know how to rock. Too many country fans. Cabelas in Glendale was more crowded than the UofP stadium!
Fans hating Fans
I think those on here reviewing the shows need to try and realize this is not just a band YOU love but one we ALL love. Just because to some this was the first U2 show doesn't make them less of a Fan and you more of one. I've been a huge fan since the very beginning but this is my first Live show. Can't you be happy for those of us Finally! getting to see them instead of acting like you are better than some who may not know a lot of songs from Boy or War or POP or whatever. Seems to me if you were TRUE fans, as a person you would be more like Bono talks about being. For each other and as One to enjoy the music and the camaraderie as Fans. We are all Fans and U2 is one thing we can all share. Don't kick that to the ground and ruin it...
Simply magical and...Magnificent!!!
I was amazed at the actual event. I had been looking up some pictures and clips about how the concert was going to come about, but being in Phoenix LIVE was a total different experience for me. I have not been a U2 fan for long, but after this, the well I am!!! I am signed up and everything, active soldier in this army. Now, since I started listening to the classics that we all know (but maybe some of us did not know it was U2 playing) and the new stuff combined to get ready for the gig, I came about some songs that I just simply love right now. I have No Line On the Horizon (and the whole classics catalog) on my car's CD player. As the tour started I started falling in love with "Unknown Caller", and was a bit dissappointed by the fact that as soon as they came to America they took it out of the playlist. Well, I was following up on all the details and screamed of joy when Oklahoma got to hear it again (the concert before ours). I just thought that maybe they would keep it afterwards...and THEY DID. I loved the song live, the whole stadium roared up with passion throughout the whole song...I loved it, can't wait for another gig close by next year to get tickets, I hope you guys (U2) come to America in the 2010 Leg....
Amazing ...
What was a great night!
Electricalstorm~BEP and U2 Phoenix
This is not my first U2 show, I have attended every Phoenix show since PopMart at 108 degrees (sorry about the shoes Connie I did not expect the band to come out of the stage in front of me) and have been a fan for many many many years. I have all of your music and listen diligently through an amplifid stereo with the top down and the wind in my hair. I even solicited my husband into collecting all of the band sound that fans collected from the last few tours for me. He is a die hard Who fan, but as he converted me, I converted him. We loved your show. I love everything about the songs and music and my Ipod is loaded with them. All I have to say is it was more than worth it to leave work early-walk directly into the circle and stay there all night long with you singing and playing directly over my head on that bridge so that I could sing along to the words of every BEP song that I love_but every word of every song U2 played. I could have written the song list. It did not whatsoever worry me when Edge struggled with the first few notes of "In a little while" hey, I still recognized what song it was and could not have done better in front of say 80,000 people. I had a bad week this week too...but not for this tour...this was the high point of my year and more than worth holding tickets for multiple seats since April. Normally the high point of the concert would have been watching the band all walk out to the stage because the nice gentlemen from Cali gave me part of their front row stance...but, I think the high point of the concert was watching the little girl that was in the family that won the back stage tour be passed over my head on the bridge to walk along with Bono as he sang. The look on her face was indeed beautiful. Yes, I did wear the sunshine for a reason...lol. I also connect with every album that you make...like it was made somehow about my life. I could be an unknown caller...Love your music...Welcome back~Come back soon.
So this was my, I believe, 7th time seeing U2. Actually U2 was my very FIRST concert at the age of 13. At the time I lived in Colorado and my big sister dragged her little sister along to a show @ Red Rocks. I didn't know then, or expect....it to be a life changing event or the historical one it ended up to be! The last time I saw U2 before this show was in December of 2006 in Honolulu for the very last show of the Vertigo tour. I pretty much knew that night- that show would NEVER be outmatched....and I was right, at least this time around. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the show itself. The GETTING to that point was downright BRUTAL and quite frankly-DANGEROUS!All the herding and running from the time they very unorganizingly opened the doors, to the running and stoampeding down the ramps? All the while making sure you had a good hold on your concert buddies so they didn't get lost in the shuffle was ridiculous. Phoenix absolutely SUCKED in how they handled the crowd. I was so disgruntled and CHAFING by the time we got down on the floor I was beside myself and figured this was the worst time EVER!! (all this with a sprained ankle the night before). We landed a spot about 15 feet from center stage. Close enough to the Bono sweat-flicking section that I had intended to be in! The beer dudes squeezing through the crowd at the beginning was great when I wanted a beer... but it just got too crowded- WAY crowded and therefore my beer limit was two. Thats ok. The peeing limit was one so it worked out. It just kept getting more & more & more packed and I knew at some point people would start dropping like flies! Right AGAIN. It was too much. Loved BEP. They were seriously better than I expected. Very very HIGH energy there. Then my man came on stage.....and all was forgotten. No ankle pain, no chafing about the crowd! I of course burst into tears!I was able to even groove a little bit, although I don't think I was able to put my arms down by my sides again after that cuz the space got taken. Lol. When they would go from the stage to the outer circle and on the bridges I really GOT the whole 360 thing. I was totally spinning around in circles all night following everything. I LOVED that they did In a Little While. I LOVED Amazing Grace. I LOVED everything cuz that is my MAN! And he looked amazing and performed like his life depended on it, as usual. All of them looked like they were giving it their all. Towards the end Bone & Edge came together on the bridges right over my head and touched hands....oooh if I was just 2 feet taller!!!BEAUTIFUL. Anyway- I left bawling in the good way and adored being so close by then, and elated at all the incredible pictures I snapped! They need not worry-we won't be forgetting about them. But....Hawaii still hasn't been outmatched for me. I LOVE YOU U2!!!!!!
That was the best concert I have seen. My 26 year old son with me, and it is amazing how even with our differences in age that U2 connected with us both. We had an amazing time. The stage was incredible and did make it feel more intimate. Amazing Grace gave me goosebumps and with the roof open really gave us a feeling of awe... I hope you come back to Phoenix, because even though we were in the pricey seats, I would try and get even closer. It was and incredible night that made us forget all the problems and just relax and enjoy! Bono's message about coming together as ONE, rings true and makes you believe.
I've been a U2 fan since 1981 and had never been to a show. I bought the tickets in April for my son's 15th birthday. It was an incredible experience; one we will not forget. Bono gives it his all, Edge has such a distinct sound and plays so effortlessly, on opposite site of stage from Adam but could hear the base cranking, and Larry hasn't aged at all. So many great moments from the show it would be difficult to pick one favorite. I definitely had tears in my eyes a few times. I hope I have the opportunity to see them again.
Another Amazing Show!
I have watched U2 live on every tour going back to Zoo TV. Bono, Adam, Larry and The Edge just get better and better. No one puts on a show like these guys! They are truly the last great band and the greatest gift to my generation!
Phoenix review
Hey fellow U2 fans! With all respect to my fellow fans, I will need to politely disagree with many reviews of the show. Each fan is entitled to their own opinion and I love that. For me the Phoenix show was not good. The sound was not good and I was sitting next to the stage about 20 rows off the field. The audience around me was lame!! There just seemed to be a lack of energy in the crowd and on stage...just an over all blah feeling and I was so ready for this show! Oh well The stage set up was amazing and I think in an open air stadium, the sound will not resonate off of the metal and we will be able to hear the band much clearer. I look forward to seeing the band again when they hit Denver next summer.
Lit up
What a show. Get ready Vegas to be lit up like you've never been before! Going to my last of three shows on this tour - can't wait.
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