U2360° TOUR

Oct 23 2009
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sam Boyd Stadium
with Black Eyed Peas
How was it for you in Las Vegas tonight ? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Here's what they played.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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The Best Show Ever
This was by far my favorite U2 concert. So much fun and Vegas!!! Black Eyed Peas rocked it too! Can’t wait to see the band at The Sphere this Fall! Love U2 & Vegas!!!
Switzerland to Las Vegas
A crazy 4 days trip to see our Irish 4, extraordinary concert
Concert with the president
And yes, former US president Bill Clinton was present at the concert. Awesome show!!!. Can't wait to see U2 again in 2011.
Amazing SHOW/ poor planning to get home
U2 AMAZING as always, great show! never lets me down. Black Eyed Peas were fun too! great set-list, sound, the weather, the people and being with my BFF's Nora, Miriam and Anna!!! that was just the trip of a lifetime! We came from Southern California and hung out all weekend until Sunday cuz we had to get home to got to the Rose Bowl show. SO, I know Im not the only one that got stranded after the show trying to get my hotel. What happened? Not a taxi or bus in sight??? They had to call the mayor at home, police dept. news media to get people to get us home! what was it 6000 people stranded at the stadium! it was like a scene out of a movie! honestly. A limo pulled up but wanted $600.00 to get us home! ya right! anyway, after about 2 1/2 hours, the buses started rolling in as well as random taxis and now we just laugh about it!
Freezing...then Hot.
Thank you to the organizers of the GA line... they made it easy and structured. We came from Los Angeles and it was freezing in morning, but blazing hot in the afternoon. We all looked homeless with our makeshift tarps and Big Gulps. Great to see U2 fans swarm Las Vegas!
Where the Streets still love U2
I was just amazed by the entire show, from the stage to the performance. How do they get even better after 30 years. I always thought the Outside Broadcast tour was the best, but this was incredible. I'm 57 and I have to say they have written two of their best all-time songs on this album. Moment of Surrender and Unknown Caller both gave me chills. We are going again in Anaheim on June 7th, can't wait, thank you U2, you really come through for your fans.
#1 Alaskan Fans
Without a doubt, this was the most amazing show I've ever seen. My husband and I and several friends traveled all the way from Wasilla, Alaska to see this show. It was worth every penny! This was truly a very special show, spiritual and uplifting. Inspiring. A great experience with great friends...life is good.
vegas soundcheck
the most beautiful experience of the 360 concert was before the show when they did their soundcheck. listening to beautiful day live during the day ,looking up at the blue vegas sky and the desert mountains with tears in my eyes.
Great show
It was freakin amazing. Best show ever. Loved it and going again in 2010 in MIAMI. Taking the kids to teach them what real music sounds like hahah
Come to Australia!
What a night, travelled from Melbourne Australia to see this show and it did not disappoint, awesome view from the back of the stands and the sound was incredible. In a Little While, City Of Blinding Lights, Ultraviolet, Unforgettable Fire all were blinders. Thanks lads for making this a great experience, hope to see you in Australia real soon.
4 of u
It was a magnificent night in Las Vegas. Being there with my wife and seeing U2 are the best two things that I can ask for. U2 amazed me for the 8th time seeing them. I have seen the concert on You Tube several times and it just reminds me how much fun it was in Las Vegas seeing U2 and spending the time with my amazing wife. I am now trying to save to see them next year so that I can take my kids to see them and they can experience the music that U2 brings to everyone.
The Most Memorable Event Ever
The concert was truly an event I'll never forget. This was only my 2nd concert so far, but I believe it is safe to say that no future concerts will be able to top this one. Thank you so much, U2, for giving me such a valuable memory. This event was inspiration at its best. You truly bring out the good in all of us. Please continue on doing so. With much love, Tanya
las vegas
what an awesome show. this was the second show this tour [ phoenix 10/20] for us [ my wife and myself ]and proved to be the best.we have seen u2 48 times starting w/ red rocks 83 as our first show and it only gets better.we will be seeing shows in anaheim and denver in 2010.peace on earth. phillyrc
"Beautiful Day" in Las Vegas!!!!
Simply put.. Their is not one band that can capture it all like U2! Bono knows it is all about the FANS and this concert had it all. Everything was INCREDIBLE from the set list, giant video screens, and the remarkable stage setup. This was my 3rd time and can honestly say they sound and perform better everytime. No other band can compare to what they have accomplished and has always been together since the very start! My only regret was when it was over :-( They could have played for hours and everyone would still be standing and dancing in the aisle's. Can't wait for 2010 tour and will be going again and again!
A Family Event
We travelled from San Francisco to see our first U2 concert of this tour. My son, daughter, her husband, my ex-husband(kids dad) had a magnificent experience in the desert. The show was magical as is the bond with my family. We go everytime they tour at least once (more like 3 or 4 times), it is such an awesome thing to share with my kids. I have been going to U2 shows since 1984! Bono's voice sound great, and a U2 show never disappoints! Especially liked Unforgettable Fire and Crazy Tonight. Love you guys - see u in Anaheim!
Dream Tonight (Happy Birthday)
What an incredible show on my birthday and the 23 time I have seen U2! Words cannot describe the experience of what a live U2 show is like, for me it has been a religious experience since I first saw them September 18, 1987. I have been fortunate to have seem them in numerous cities (Boston-my hometown, Dublin, New York, Montreal and Las Vegas) and every time I am in awe of the experience…..every time…THANK YOU U2 FOR A GREAT BIRTHDAY PRESENT AND I HOPE TO SEE THEM ANOTHER 23 TIMES!
Hearing it Live brings it home
It's been a week and a half since the Vegas show and the songs are still in my head. Hearing them live made the music far more memorable than listening to a recording. Then watching the follow up broadcast of the Pasdena show on you tube really locked it in. That was cool! The band played a few songs that I never really liked before, but after hearing/seeing them live, these songs became a deeper part of me. The poetry, art, and soul these guys put out there is truly a craft that seeps in and stays with you. I love that they stay true to their own unique brand, and have the guts to play their own style of music in their own way -- event the slow sophisticated stuff. I'm a little concerned that they could forget about the long time fans (their own age group) as they seem intent on trying to capture the younger market. Do what you may, but don't forget who made you famous! Thank you boys for sharing yourselves with the world. You've been with me on so many important journies in my life that I feel like we grew up together. You truly have enlightened me.
zooropa = 360
That's a t-shirt theme, I am not quite sure, but this is 2009, and songs like Ulta Violet are still feeling sooooooo good, even with Bono all light up... The new songs sound awesome alive! I can't stand the birds introducing to Unknown Caller in the album, but the 360 karaokee version it's the damn right one, and what about the samba mambo disco version of I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight? It's insuperable!! Only one I missed from NLOTH is Stand Up Comedy, hope they play it next time I see them, One last thing guys: you should remember more than twice is a 360 degree concert and catch up with the people behind the stage more often. Josephine be careful of small men with big ideas
4 time
I have seen U2 on four different tours and by far this was the best I have ever been to. The vocals the sound and the stage was just amazing and not to mention the Black Eyed Peas were awesome this by far was the best concert that I have been to and I think I am going to see them again in Colorado
What an awesome concert in Vegas. We four Kiwis had a blast in the GA queue with the other hard core fans. We met some great people, Paul, Neils, Danny, Joel .... Then the gates opened & we couldn't believe our luck after flying half way around the world, we were in the inner circle, what better birthday present could you have. Hope to see you in the GA Q in Wellington, New Zealand!
u2 has been my wife's favorite all-time band since high school, and coincidently mine 2! when the red zone auction with backstage tour for the vegas show lined up perfectly with her birthday, it seemed i could not pass up the opportunity. we flew in from ohio, got a rockin suite at the hard rock hotel and actualy stayed up past 10pm for the 1st time in a while! did not see any performers backstage, but the tour was awesome nonetheless. we are considering going to additional shows now; problem is do we go to Denver or Athens!
City of Blinding Lights
Once again Adam,Edge,Larry,and Bono put on another amazing show "underneath the desert sky". the stage was awesome, the sound perfect,the lighting brillant, and the band, simply the best ever! Vegas is always a special place to the band and again we were awarded with the show of the year. Small venue,great show does'nt get any better!
My Vegas U2 experience
I had a great time. I spent the 21st and 22nd sightseeing (the Fremont Street Experience was awesome), and of course the Nine Fine Irishmen club, was cool, especially the band. Met a couple of people I met in Atlanta there. As for the show, being in the far end zone, I still got some good pictures. Katie
Great!! The best concert I have ever been to. I came from New Orleans to see them. Been looking forward to the show in Vegas for 6 months. It was well worth the wait. I will be going to see them again in Miami July 2010.
Very special trip...
I came to Vegas from the Dominican Republic with my family to see this show and we are very happy we did. The concert was wonderful ....much more than we expected...!! They played every song that we wanted to listen and we really enjoyed every part...Thank you!!!
Vegas, BEP's AND U2....what could be bet
I looked at my boyfriend as the lights dimmed and said “I am so excited!” while getting chills and shaking with excitement. This was our first U2 concert, although have been a fan for 20+ years. It was also our first trip together as a couple which made it extra special! We lived it “Vegas style” for 3 days and the concert was best part - hands down. The show ROCKED! BEP’s were amazing and U2 phenomenal! Sam Boyd venue was great. We were behind the stage 2nd row and the view was awesome. Best concert I have ever been to. I just booked Oakland for 2010 and can’t wait to see U2 again! Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry for continuing to ROCK the world!
stuck in a moment
I thought one of the happiest days I ever had was when my husband gave me U2 tickets for my birthday. I thought this until I experienced a U2 concert! I have wanted to see U2 all of my life and it is on my bucketlist (even though I am 29) It was amazing. The Black Eyed Peas were great! The crowd was in total harmony as Bono sang :) It was not a concert...it was a life experience. They should not call it a Tour it should be called an "awakening." The tickets should be called "life passes." I can't express in any words the feeling I had nor will I try. Anyone that went knows. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...unless you went to a U2 concert and then you want to tell everyone you know about the experience :) Not only was the concert great trying to get back to the strip was an experience in itself. Anyone trying to get a cab will know exactly what I am saying. I would like to give a special thank you to the "CRAZY CANADIANS" that saved us from a gas station 2 miles from the Sam Boyd Stadium and gave us a ride back to the strip. You won't find a better band than U2 and you for sure won't find better FANS!!! WALK OUT INTO THE STREETS WITH MY ARMS OUT...TRYING TO FIND A CAB. Yes we even made up our own songs ;) THANKS GUYS FOR AN AMAZING CONCERT!!!!
another fantastic show from the boys
just when i thought u2 couldn't one up themselves again, they do! the stage was absolutely amazing. seeing it in person definately gives you a much greater impression. the setlist was bang on, particularily the new songs. of course, nothing gets 40 000 people going quite like "streets". living in alberta,canada i was excited to hear the boys are coming june 23. i can;t wait!
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