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Jul 21 2009
Amsterdam, NL / ArenA

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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The show was one of the best shows I ever seen of U2. The last two shows I missed but I'm glad that didn't mis this one. Snow Patrol was better than I expected The evening was simply GREAT
superb setlist!
Both nights were fantastic, yesterdays playlist was indeed slightly better! Please play this list again Saturday in Croke Park and add "Running to stand still" to it! When's the remix of I'll go Crazy available :-)
What a night again
I;ve been to both nights in Amsterdam, I Feel like I'v just landed on the ground. what a nights. Last night was really, really great, one of the best U2 concerts ever (this was my 30 something concert). What a performance, what an emotions, what great version of Crazy, i never danced so hard at a U2concert. Bad (that was a long time ago...), Untill the end of the world, One, Magnificient, those little snippets. Ohw... 2 more concertes to go (Gothenburg I and II). I can't wait
2nd night double the fun
Monday was great but Tuesday was far better !! BAD is awesome and this set list is Superb. Great crowd and the boys liked it. The magic was there. Thanks guys
Wow, what an amazing night! I was there on Monday, but... what a difference between the two nights. The crowd went wild, the band were just rocking and it was... welll, perfect! Thanks guys, for two amazing nights in Amsterdam. Hope to see you again!
supa dupah
what happened,much better then last night,better setlist,better performance....absolutely fantastic, esp bad and the beautifully sung stuck in a moment
Larry on the djembe
Great night, just got home. I liked the part where Larry plays the djembe. A well known instrument for me. Very good show and good view for everybody. I had field tickets and danced like grazy. The set list was fantastic, with my favorite song BAD. Thanks boys, hope to see you soon again in Holland. Monique
WoW, this setlist is really perfect, I can't believe, Until The End is in the seet!! I hope U2 comes to Brazil, with this setlist! We're waiting for you guys! U2 Ever
Best concert till now!!
seen both the Amsterdam concerts...what a difference, surprises all night long on tuesday! Bad, Untill the end off the world!! Elevation!! wowwwwww! This is the playlist we've been waiting for!
Amsterdam 2, what a night! surprise after surprise tonight. Elevation, Until the end of the world and......Bad snippet with 40. It was magic. The crowd was hot, loud and happy and U2 liked it. Amsterdam is always full of surprises!
Espectacular! The most beautiful song!! Great Setlist!
I would be there, Until the end of the world is one of my favorite songs
please please please give me that st list for Saturday night!!!!!!!!
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