U2360° TOUR

Aug 15 2009
London, GB / Wembley Stadium
with The Hours, Glasvegas
Another special night and the band mixed up the set list again. Hard to single out any particular moments but as someone says below, 'To see 88,000 people lose themselves in music is a sight you don't forget in a hurry.' And enjoyed this comment: 'Ultraviolet wins in this tour- it's got real panache- a laser jacket, a rope swing mic, lower lighting, and Bono's voice seems to sound better now singing it than he did on Achtung. Hats off. Oh and that 'Streets' song ;)".

Keep sending us your reviews. What did it feel like to be at the show tonight? Surprises? Shocks? Unforgettable moments you'll never surrender? Here's what they played."

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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been reading the reviews of the tour it looks fantastic.missing the bhoys play the gunners on tuesday.just as I did 22 years ago to see u2 on the joshua tree tour at murrayfield.Bad was a standout that night despaerately hope they play it on Tuesday.I know it will be a great night
Oh my goodness...
What a set list.. hightlights for me were Bad and Stay; Bono's voice was majestic. First time at the new Wembley, was impressed. Had seats in the Gods which gave us a wonderful view of the claw, truly impressive. My 8 year old nephew (his 1st ever concert I might add) had one word to say: WHOA !!
As a teenager in the early eighties, I saw U2 live on the Torhout-Werchterfestival (Belgium) . Yesterday, some 25 years later, I had the fortune to see and feel their music again: what a "Beautiful day"/night! One of the top moments for me: the "City"-song and then that Vertigo-intro. Marvellous! The seat I had I never used cause I was standing all the way, dancing and feeling that U2 vibe... Thanks very much !!!
Friday was good ...
but Saturday erupted! Much more relaxed and yet tighter, with real kick-ass attitude, I felt the energy coming in the first four songs alone. For me Wembley simply took off during Vertigo, and I loved Bono doing a Zeppelin take from Rock & Roll (I think) at the end. To hear Stay, New Years Day and Bad was what made it truly memorable. This was a band out to prove they are not coasting along, no matter what the critics might say. PS I loved Bono's 'Joe O'Herlihy moment' about Edge's plectrum. Truly, the Edge is always with us!
Awesome show, loved every minit of it
You've reached where no one else has gon
hey guys, what a show! The start off "Get on your boots" is excellent, couldn't party hard enough! Btw, the shows entire concept and experience means that you've now taken the whole context of being a "one people" to a level that only others MUST copy! It's exactly what this "little blue dot" needs so drive love home! The inspiration and motivation I've taken from this production is second to non and I thank you all.
Hi mates! I left Padova ( Italy) to enjoy Zagreb Concert and I am very proud of my choice. It was amazing to see such a stage and to enjoy The Edge + Bono and the rest of the band alive for my first time in life. Sound was perfect, the atmosphere magic, the croatian mates and the rest of the crowd so happy! Thanks U2!
Thanx 4 Ultra Violet guys
Possibly one of the most underrated songs they've ever made. Nearly made a grown Englishman cry.
Jason Soley
Fantastic to hear Bad at Wembley again. That was the REAL moment at Live Aid!!
Friday Fantastic Saturday was even better What a fantastic show hard to pick a special moment it was all special beginning to end I just din't want it to stop.
this was better than fridays gig ,better sound and choice of songs ,want to go again ,best night at any concert ever for me ,well done and thank you
Wide Awake
Never seen them before. Wish I'd done it sooner. Truly one of the best live shows I've ever seen and amazing to think how long they've been doing this. I doubt anyone could ever do a better concert for 80,000 people
Brilliant ! Bad !
One of my very favourite shows of the 9 360 tour shows i've seen sofar - band fantastic and right onto the beat - great audience and what a great selection of songs including a fantastic version of Bad ! Remember Wembley 1985 - we have come a long way ! Keep on playing 'Walk On': the emotional heart of this show - thanks Larry, Edge, Adam and Bono - You guys Rock !!!
Beyond words!!!
WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe how awesome this show was. Completely lost in the music. 'Bad' and 'Until the End of the World' - 2 of my favourites. Thanks guys for an astonishing gig!! Sound was just perfect way at the very top of the stadium
The old stuff, the new stuff, the Achtung Baby era, WOW! An incredible unforgettable night with the boys on absolute top form. Ultraviolet and Until the end of the World were unexpected and incredible. As was every other track especially Stay, Streets and New Years Day....if anyone is reading this and hasn't seen them on this tour yet, get tickets for Sheffield and/or Cardiff....the 'next generation' (my 8 and 11 year old children also loved it!!!!!)......blew them away! :O)
First Time
My first ever U2 concert - truly the best thing I have ever seen. One and Bad together are amazing, sound was fantastic. Just a brilliant, brilliant night. Only slight moans are I dont like remix of 'Crazy' and they sold out of Wembley T'shirts. Other than that, night I will remember for ever.
Got into the innner circle section and incredible atmosphere! - amazing stage design, sound crystal clear and booming bass, lights... and the band were in top form - Bono's voice was super strong - highlights: Until the End of the World and Bad - to watch the Edge play about 5 metres in front of you is a humbling experience, and being walked over by Bono (on the bridge) was kind of cool too - best gig I've seen U2 do since Zoo TV! Amazing!
Rod Smith
Fantastic Show
I flew in from Dubai to watch the show which was just amazing, however, from where we were sitting the sound was terrible, we could hardly hear Bono and when we did it was very distorted, which deflected from the enjoyment of a fantastic show. Please please please.......... come to Dubai
The boys really know how to put on a sho
What a fantastic night. The boys really know how to rock. It was great to hear the new songs live...a brilliant stage set, amazing dazzling light show. Especially the disco ball, how it transformed wembley stadium....an image I will never forget. The sound of fans (me included) singing along with Bono was amazing...so many people "singing their hearts out" it was very moving. Wish I could see more shows. I first saw the lads at the Longest day concert in Milton Keynes, when I was 17 yrs old, now at 41 still enjoying their shows. They just keep getting better and better. Loved the old ones, the ones you don't get to hear much and thankyou for playing Moment of Surrender - my favourite one from the album especially making it the last song of the evening, what a way to end a fantastic night. Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam thank you so much.
david colohan
I thought friday night was fantastic but last night was truely magical, great mix of ald and new with the highlights being BAD and CRAZY - fantastic version. The boys just get better and better every tour, come back soon can't wait another 3 years.
I was there for the 2 nights .. brilliant!! They lift up the soul always to new heights and the loved the Crazy tonight version ..Larry outstanding on drum !!
Greatest show on earth
without a doubt magnificent, the atmosphere was fantastic ,we were surrounded by people who were holidaying in the uk just to come to the gig.so many highlights really hard to pick a favourite,but city of blinding lights or pride was up there.
I was there- it was an amazing show. Ultraviolet wins in this tour- it's got real panache- a laser jacket, a rope swing mic, lower lighting, and Bono's voice seems to sound better now singing it than he did on Achtung. Hats off. Oh and that "Streets" song ;).
I only got the tickets few hours before the gig. Still can't believe I was there. I didn't like their recent albums too much, too attached to Achtung Baby I was, but their songs are designed to be played in the big open space. They all sounded amazing yesterday. Hearing Bad and Ultraviolet live was unbelievable. U2 came back on the top of my list again. Their gig it's not just a concert, it's a special event, delicious feast for all senses. "New Years Day" always makes me think about my home (Poland) and what where the last words Bono said leaving the stadium? "Do widzenia" which means "good bye" in Polish
Not bad.....
....but not brilliant. Certainly nothing to compare to the shows at the old Wembley in 1993 and 1997 in terms of energy or quality of songs. I didn't think the set list was taht good - there's a reason they've never played UF live! The four songs from Walk On - Bad were a brief reminder of past glories though. All in all, disappointing from the boys. I never thought I'd say this of U2 but it felt formulaic. Time to go away and dream it up all again.
What a night. One off from barrier. Lump in my throat and shed a tear during Stay (wasn't the only one...) and Bad was a treat. Atmosphere was electric, sound was so vast and open. Think that was the best i've ever seen them. Wow.
The Boy In The Well
A place that has to be believed, to be s
My Brother & I had tickets for the 14th, but couldn't go due to unforseen circumstances. We went along yesterday, on the chance we might be able to get a couple of returns. Managed to get a couple of seats up with the Gods & I've got to say it was incredible!! The boys have always been able to fill a stadium of Wembley's size & stature, but last night was something else! 2000 Miles high & nearly 90,000 people, but it still felt intimate!! It wasn't Wembley last night, it was something else; intimate, beautiful & full of soul. A place that has to be believed, to be seen....
Wembley August 15th
I flew in from Australia for this and I have to say it truly was worth it. Watching the band I grew up listening to for the 1st time for me was an unforgettable and overwhelming experience. The set design was dare I say, MAD, but fantastic. The choice of songs was simply superb!
Oh, Hampden in the Sun
Well, I can dream that there'll be sun. Can't wait. Set list looks fab though it would need to go some to beat Croke 1, CANNOT wait 'til Tuesday now. Only gutted that my team are playing the Gunners for the first time & I'll be missing my first CL game for a few years. I'm sure the boys will make it worth it.
I saw the Croke Park gig, and to be honest, this topped it! The energy tonite was amazing, Strees have no Name was buzzing, the Remix just sounds better everytime I hear it, the visuals for crazy are mental... Bad was just how i imagined it would be live and Ultraviolet rocks! Until the End of the World was probably my stand out moment! but then again.... Brilliant U2, just brilliant to all involved and there! I may have to go over seas to see them again now!
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