U2360° TOUR

Sep 17 2009
Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with Snow Patrol
The band mixed up the set for the second night in Toronto - and it went down well. 'Now that sounds like appreciation,' said Bono, at the beginning of the show, and it really did.

Same size of audience here for the second show in Toronto, but they seemed to make double the noise - never more than when Edge joined the vocal for Stuck in a Moment. But the stand-out moment had to be the arrival on stage of a young boy during Unforgettable Fire who lapped the stage with Bono and then got to wear his shades.

Best view of the show tonight? The sound might not have been so great but it must have been a pretty spectacular perspective for all those people going up and down in the CN Tower. Daniel Lanois, co-producer of 'No Line' and most influential Canadian in the U2 story was here - must have been great to see the way the new songs have made the transition from the studio to the stadium.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Stuck in a Moment
Definitely was the highlight for me. What a tremendous night and Bono's comments on 102.1FM earlier about the CN Tower the and 360 stage mating with their dance of colors was in full effect again on night 2. Getting ready for Giants Stadium!
A night Lucas will never forget....
We were treated to a duo singing Blinding lights last night. Saw both Toronto shows. 2nd was stronger but both were terrific. 6th time seeing U2 and they never disappoint (even when Bono had the broken arm at the Joshua Tree tour). Last night we were in the Red Zone and it was a real treat. Looking forward to the next tour already! Thanks
The Edge
Ultraviolet was awesome.. attaching a picture of The Edge.
U2 sept 17
Great show and good production and amazing sound for such a large venue. I do have a grip and that is ending the show with 6 quite and very laid back songs. Other than that is was a good origial show.
U2 Toronto 2
Much better then night one. Everything gelled on a higher ground with the inclusion of Mysterious Ways and New Years Day! Still miss Pride though! Guess you can't have it all! Off to NYC.
Great concert!!!! loved it :) Could you guys please please please play Running to stand still at Vancouver!!!! Thanks
Fly Me to the Moon!
Second show, second night of amazing music! I felt like the spaceship took me to the moon and beyond! I was in the seats for the first show and lucked-out getting in the inner circle last night. I love your new songs, new innovations of your new songs, new old songs and the U2 anthems. My only disappointment is with the fans - put your cellphones and cameras away, stop recording and start grooving! Trust me, the boys look much better with your own eyes then through your digital screen. Let's give back to them what they work so hard to give to us! You can get pics and videos online from U2.com - and I'm sure the band will put out a much better recording of the tour then you can get on a camera. Let's get back to the way concerts used to be - just rock on!
Incredible and emotional
The connection with the 64,000 people was amazing. I've been following and/or attending some of the tours for about 15 years in different cities and it's always amazing, every time refreshing, very talented and very very emotional vibes. Bravo to the ongoing evolution of the band and can't wait for the next 3 or 4 years to see what's next.
Desiring "Desire" ...
AMAZING show - these boys never disappoint! Quick note: "Desire" was on the actual setlist but never actually played. =( But who's complaining? A rendition of "Streets" that took off into the stratosphere more than picked up the lack ;)
I was there for both nights and the second night was even more impressive than the first!! I took my 7 year old son who has been listening to U2 since before he was born. His reaction when he saw the stage was an emphatic "OH MY GOD!" over and over again. I have taken him to AC/DC and Coldplay this year but based on his reaction to last night's show he is a true U2 fan at heart...just like his Dad. He was dancing, singing and giving high fives to the people around us. His highlights were City of Blinding Lights and Vertigo. A bonding experience for father and son that made it my favourite U2 show ever!!! When I put him to bed last night he said "Thanks Daddy....this was the most awesome night I have ever had!!" Thanks to the Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam for an fantastic evening!!!
New Year's Day
U2 crew can disagree if you wish, but last night's performance of New Year's Day was the absolute best performance of the song in three tours, easily. I have seen many shows since Elevation, heard a lot of bootlegs and nothing comes close. Bono's voice belted out notes in this tune last night that the skeptics may have thought he no longer could. Not a note was out of place, it was perfect. Thank you for two glorious nights lads!
The secong night in Toronto was impressive. Adjustments to the setlist improved the pace, and in particular dropping Your Blue Room. Mysterious Ways was a great addition, even if it meant dropping the rather intense Until the End of the World. Highlights tonight included Streets (this song is build for stadiums!) and Ultraviolet (again!). And what about that killer remix of Crazy! Awesome. Simply awesome.
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