U2360° TOUR

Sep 23 2009
E. Rutherford, NJ, US / Giants Stadium
with Muse
'New Jersey we can do some funky stuff.' First of two shows at Giants Stadium tonight and a cover of 'She's The One' to mark the 60th birthday of Bruce Springsteen.

Great opening set from Muse, whose new album is topping charts worldwide this week, Larry Mullen Jnr led U2 on stage and 'Breathe' set the scene for a memorable night. The 'funky stuff' came with Mysterious Ways and the surprise inclusion of 'She's The One', for Springsteen, led into 'Desire'.

More coming from us but in the meantime, here's the set list.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
She's The One/Desire
Your Blue Room
Beautiful Day
No Line on the Horizon
New Year's Day
Stuck in a Moment
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Giants Stadium I
We went to Dublin II and spent our U2 budget for the tour (or so I thought). When some excellent seats showed up on Ticketmaster a few days before the show, we were on our way! It was great to see the Claw from the side perspective as opposed to the GAs we had for Dublin II.
U2 in Peru !!
Hi im Carolinna from Lima-Peru !! we`re want to know if u2 is comming retty soon to Peru or any where in Souh america???
From A South American Fan !
Best show ive ever been to
This concert was unbelievable. The crowd was so loud and U2 was on top of things. Best concert ive ever been to.
worst show i've been to-and i've been to alot. we got ripped off. the amnesty intrnl blah blah went way too long. she's the one was sung as "he's the one". i'm not a homophobe-but not many men like seranading others. having said all that the show was alot of fun for my wife & i as the people around us were great. i've never been disappointed with the human interaction @ U2 shows. high point for me was the unforgettable fire. low point was the sound being terrible. bono drowned out-wishy washy. heard that next night was awesome. for 1st time wish i had had a reserved seat rather than the gen admission.every time u2 played new song,the energy level dropped out. won't stop me from going in 2010 tho'
In the mezzanine section, the sound was extremely muddy...no sound checks there. But, great concert! Not as good as NYC in 2001 though.
the time of my life
this was my second U2 concert ever. The first was in Foxborough, 3 days before.To say it was the thrill of a lifetime would be understated. Then the best thing happend,some angel from heaven came right up to me and told me we were moving up to the VERY front row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!! Yeah, that's right.I was beyond happy. Oh..OH..Oh..
My First Show- My First Front Row!
Unbelievable! This was my first U2 show ever, and what a treat! I had GA tickets, and bought them the second I could with presale. Day of the concert [after days of prep] I arrived about 9 am to a pretty lengthy line. But I couldn't help notice how organized it was! Everyone knew their spot, two kind men were giving us information & numbering our arms, very calm and quiet. Once we lined the gates, the adrenaline was rushing! Hearing "Your Blue Room" getting sound-checked was surreal!! I can't describe the goosebumps I felt! Thankfully I'm a fast runner, so I had no trouble securing a spot against the rail on Edge's side. That's when it hit me- I forgot to even look at The Claw!! But it didn't matter- I was front row at U2 for my first time EVER! It was a feeling money can't buy, and it can never be replicated. I'm truly the luckiest dude in the world. Music-wise it was a fantastic show- "Streets," "Unforgettable Fire", "Stuck in a Moment", and "Breathe" were just stellar. Here's a picture of Bono during City of Blinding Lights from my camera-phone. Again thank you U2! You guys truly are the last of the rock stars, and you made that easily one of the best nights of my life!!
Awful organization
Trains were horrible: seemed that they were surprised that so many people came a sold out concert!!! Took us 2 hours more than usual to get there (missed MUSE, so had to go back the day after!). NJSEA staff (yellow shirts) were so rude and unhelpful. The way back was a nightmare. Took us 3 hours more than usual to get back (and there was a lot o people behind us). And this was a culmination of horrible, rare, slow and overcrowded trains combined with rude and incompetent NJSEA staff. But still, the show was excellent, great energy: U2 were glad to be there and we could see it. So, I bought tickets the morning after to come for more!
Giants Stadium night 1
when bono said the band can do some funky stuff I knew they were going to play Mysterious Ways. I could tell because that is one of the funkiest songs U2 has
From CR to NY
I traveled from Costa Rica to New York only for this concert, and I'm completely satisfied, I have no words, this concert is amazing!!!
So incredible
I've waited my whole life to see u2 live and they did not disapoint... PLEASE ADD MORE NY DATES TO YOUR TOUR!
my 2nd show
saw the boys opening night in Chicago, then on WED night at East Rutherford AMAZING
Please come to Australia in 2010
Europe has already had their chance to see U2. Please give us a chance to see U2 too.
thank God U2 goes on and on
though the show started a little slowly (Muse was preposterously over-amped so the U2 quieter numbers at the beginning paled by comparison), the energy in the Stadium built because the guys insisted on being *part of humanity* rather than set apart from it by virtue of their star status. There were families w/little kids, there were families w/teenagers dancing and singing with their moms and dads, there were aged hippies, there were lonely hearts who sang and waved their hands in synchrony with the music, there were people who refuse to divorce popular culture from the injustices staring us in the face. U2 wears its hearts and its souls on its sleeves and in its music. The guys pull out the stops; they teach us, by example, to CARE about each other and our less-privileged fellow humans. God bless them.
Greatest Band on Earth
I went to the show with my brother and traveled a couple of hours to get there. I didn't know what to expect with the claw and the 360 stage. Wow Amazing, the best U2 concert I have been to since probably the Joshua Tree tour in '87. The set list was great and hearing, I love the new record and hearing it live was fantastic. I love when the band digs back into their catalong and pulled out Unforgettable fire, just was awesome. They really know how to take over a stadium of 80,000 screaming fans. I can't wait till they come to Philadelphia next year. U2 still remain the greatest rock band on the planet!
Giant Stadium Can Now Be Demolished
I don't think there ever was, or can ever be, a greater show at the stadium. Usually stadium concerts are less enjoyable and concerts are better in smaller venues. However, with this magnificent visual and musical show, U2 broke the mold. The crowd, the stage effects and song selection made this an assault on the senses that can not be matched - until they come back to the tri-state area next year for another show?? U2 can set the standard in the new Yankee Stadium. What do you say guys?????
I will have to be honest and say that my wife and I were pretty disappointed in the show last night at Giants Stadium. We had seats that we paid over $100 each for and they were underneath the seating tier above us so we couldn't even see the LED screen. The sound quality was bad too - we couldn't understand what Bono was saying between songs. At one point we walked down lower in the tier - out from under the overhang- and it was like night and day - much better. But the ticket staff promptly asked us to go back to our seats. Between my wife and I, we have seen over a dozen U2 shows over the past 15 years and this was definitely our worst experience. We saw some great shows at MSG - most memorable the Elevation tour. I hope they go back to arenas after this. I was really excited leading up to the show, but now I feel down. Did anyone else have a similar experience? I almost feel like we should get a refund.
World's Greatest Band; Average Crowd
Last night was the 11th time I've seen the "band of my generation" and they did not disappoint. After the best set I've ever seen by an opening act (Muse rocked), the boys from Dublin came out and sounded great. From what I saw on Letterman and some clips online, I was worried that my favorite vocalist ever was losing a bit of his pipes, but he sounded as powerful and beautiful as ever last night. However, this band has always fed off the energy of the audience, and I felt last night's crowd was the lamest i've ever been part of. Bono was a bit more subdued than normal, and i felt it was because of the lame crowd. Sure, they sang and danced to the classics, but so few of them seemed to know the new stuff or could relate to U2 treasures like MLK and The Unforgettable Fire. A real shame; maybe because the date was changed and lots of the hardcore fans couldn't make the new date. Who knows, but the band was as excellent as ever, despite the weak vibe. I'm looking forward to seeing them with a strong audience in Philly in 2010.
Incredible Streets
The entire performance was phenomenal...but their performance of Where the Streets have No name, combined with the crowd reaction, absolutely took my breath away. I still am havin the chills a day later.
U2 Rocks with great opening band
What a great night for the show. Muse opened up and sounded great! My family big twilight fans loved Muse so seeing them was a big plus,bonus for the show. As thousands of fans rolled into the field where the Giants and Jets feel and bring on the pain in the NFL the boys from Ireland were getting ready somewhere (i guess) backstage for the show. There were White, Black,Yellow,Orange,BLue,Green,Old,Young fans in the crowd around me. Looked as though the United Nations came to a rock concert. Then the lights grew dim and the sounds of "Breathe" echoed the huge stadium.All these mix of people had joined together to be One.One love for the band that makes your heart feel alive. I wish everyday could be like this.Can not wait until the next show that I go to. Love the tunes, Keep up the music. cya, Wuzzywuz wuzzywuz.com
Go crazy!
I went last night without having purchased the latest CD and heard Crazy for the first time. Wow, unfortunately, the live version will be the best one I will ever here, no matter, i am downloading the remix already. City of Blinding Lights made my experience. Although i did leave without my "Pride". I bet its on today's playlist. Unfortunately I won't be there. Dam! Its not a concert or show, its an experience with U2, rock forever guys. you are great, technical glitches and all.
Have seen them many times and have always been great. Last night they outdid themselves. By far, one of the best concerts ever!
60 +40
the Bo-Diddly beat Trains, Trains, and Automobiles A strong Desire to get home!!! Unfortunately It did not happen that way. No complaints What's the point? Voices were there! R&B are there! Thanks U2 and you two & u 2 & u 2
The show was absolutely incredible with a mix of the old and new. The band sounded great and had alot of great energy and really kept it going even with the rain in their way. Best concert ive ever been to
Lots of fun
Fun show. Loved Crazy remix. thought My Blue Room killed the momentum, and the final encore is way too mellow. would have loved to have had Pride and Bad in the last encore since they weren't in the main...would be cool to pair them with one of the new songs...maybe Magnificent would work better starting the encore? I also felt like the monitor wall dropped down way too far. for some songs I couldn't see the band. But don't get me wrong...this was an awesome show. the damn NJ Transit WAS horrific.
Oval crowd
To my family in the oval we rocked last night. Best crowd atmosphere ever. We had all the energy in the world.
Greatest show ever seen live
First U2 show ever. Got GA tickets and somehow got into the oval 40 feet from stage. Muse set it off and then U2 put on the greatest show I have ever seen at a concert. It lived up to and exceeded any expectations I had. Thank you for the memories U2. I just wish I was going to tonight as well.
First concert ever n was not dissappointed at all. Loved every second of it! I haved dreamed about the day i would see u2 since the first day heard them, when i was like 5, sitting in my dad's garage -no lie. 13 years later, and i still cried like a5 year old when it started!
The Greatest Band EVER!!!
U2 was absolutely electrifying!!! I loved the new songs and the set was unlike anything I have ever seen! The 360 tour set literally gives you a view from all points (speaking as someone who was in the back of stage). The cover of She's the One in honor of Bruce Springstein's 60 birthday was AMAZING as they slid straight into Desire. There is no other band that can put on a show like U2. The excited, enthustiastic audience was singing their songs so loud that it actually drowned out the band. My only wish would be that they pull out some of the really old classics like Party Girl, BAD and Two Hearts Beat as One as they are my personal favorites. U2 put the rock in rock stars - they are so unique and talented and did not disappoint!
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