U2360° TOUR

Aug 12 2010
Hannover, DE / AWD Stadium
with Kasabian

Second of three shows in Germany on the 2010 European tour and Hannover is jumping. Christian Wulff the President of the Federal Republic of Germany is here, along with Wim Wenders, the President of German movie directors, and long-time friend of the band.(Also spotted in the mix: artist Sam Taylor Wood and actor Aaron Johnson.)

Kassabian get things off to a seriously rocking start again and before you know it we're into The Return of the Stingray Guitar. 'Danke Hannover, Thank you for coming, thank you for tonight.'

Bit of a first when Bono slips into extra-terrestrial, alien-creature vocal mode to ask everyone how they're finding 'our space-ship'.
'We come from a small green planet called Ireland, but we love it here in Germany...' We hear there are festivals in this area devoted just to drinking beer and eating....we think this is a good idea, please continue to do it.'

That went down well, as did his introductions to the rest of the band - characters from Star Wars. 'On guitar, R2D2 The Edge; On bass guitar, Princess Laia Adam Clayton; on the drums, Darth Vader - Larry Mullen.'

Where will the space theme take the show next? We were following on Twitter as well tonight, amazing to see so many people experiencing the show remotely. 'Shout out to those watching on the Fan Feed on U2.com! Welcome to all U2ers! No matter where you are from, tonight we are ONE online!'

Mysterious Ways spills into Elevation and there is loud appreciation when Bono thanks the German medics who looked after him through his recent injury. Got to be a special song to follow 'Still Haven't Found' and 'Glastonbury' might be that song - great reception tonight. 

Big moment too when Bono invites a young woman up on stage to join the band for City of Blinding Lights. The set takes us on a journey, via the 'Crazy' remix and Sunday Bloody Sunday, across Europe, 'down to Istanbul, across the Bosphorus Bridge, down into Asia and the country of Burma
'We send a message from the people of Hannover for Aung San Suu Kyi..'

Tonight we also learn that Paul McGuinness was born in Hannover '125 years ago' and that it is Wim Wenders birthday - ' a mentor, a guide'. And we remember Robert Enke, the German international goalkeeper who lost his life in this city. Powerful moment when Larry stands up on the drum riser - wearing a Hannover 96 shirt.

That's some highlights of the show from us - but how was it for you ?

Were you at the show tonight ? Add your highlights - and upload your photos.

And if you weren't there, check out more photos, video and the full set list - and tell us what you think.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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great show
It was great in Hannover,only the sound halfway the show was a little bit ####,just for a short time luckely,but the show was really great,and everbody playing really good,hoop to see you all soon,a dutch fan!!!!!!!
thank you
i am 31 years old, i was born in eat germany. i have waited 15 years for a ticket and yesterday it was my turn. today is the day the wall was build years ago, this maud me joyfull and a little bit emotional in same time..... it was such a fantasic show, i was very emotional touched full of tears, kisses, loving an joy...... i could see soooooooooooooo much and i am not al tall person;).....thank you for that 360 degree construction;)..... now i'll spend some money....parkistan needs all of us....
Grace & A Love Letter to U2
Dear Bono, Strength for the New Day can be Found in your voice when you sing Amazing Grace to us. How I wish I could be at 'the smallest stadium' with you! Best Wishes there! Love, Lisa
some POP songs pls
paly some POP song and boy-ocotber-zooropa songs too. one song from every album. Now u are playning too many songs from ATUCLB
Wow, what a great night. Thanks for this show. Can´t wait to see you in Brüssel and Paris. But: Please play north star, such a great song you performed very well in Turin. And don´t forget the Angel of Harlem in your setlist.
Thank you!
Thank you for a great show! We enjoyed it so much. Thank you especially for New Years Day! It was an amazing night! Looking forward to seeing you soon again!
Thank you!
Thank you for a great show! We enjoyed it so much. Thank you especially for New Years Day! It was an amazing night! Looking forward to seeing you soon again!
North Star
Keep playing this beautiful song..... natasa
Ms Sarajevo 360 Tour 2011
I just want to put in a good word in for keeping Ms Sarajevo on the set list for next years 2011 leg
Love you!
You don't know how perfect you are!...I love U2...it's just amazing!
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