U2360° TOUR

Sep 30 2010
Seville, ES / Olympic Stadium
with Interpol

At the Estadio Oli­mpico de la Cartuja in Seville and what a fine audience for another very fine show.

We have North Star and Mercy back in the set tonight, along with New Year's Day, after a short absence, and the always euphorically received Ultraviolet.

With 77,000 in the house, we're breaking records again and this audience are singing along like their lives depend on it - the sound is particularly crisp, thanks to Mr Joe O'Herlihy entering his 33rd year of service.

With just three more shows to go on this European summer leg of the tour, Bono reflects that it was here in Spain that we began this tour, way back in June last year, so it's great to be in the country again. But that's not all...

'There's somebody special here tonight,' he says, 'Who gave me my first guitar lesson. My big brother and it's his birthday tonight and he's come to Seville to celebrate.'

And we all joined in with a deafening chorus of Happy Birthday to Norman, to celebrate. 'Wonderful night, something very special...'

Was it wonderful for you as well? Let us know if you were at the show tonight - add your own review and upload your photos below and we'll see you again in Portugal on Saturday night.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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please play the fantastic son called "BAD"!!!
Awesome show!
Dear U2! I has been enjoyed your show as never before! All songs were choosen with your unique manner and BONO`s voice makes me feel love & freedom! I was really surprised, that our tickets goes to charitable contribution for protection from AIDs! It's a great deal from your side. Light performance was unforgettable and colorful! Russian subtitle of BONO's speech is a respect and it's very important to us! We would very happy to see you again here and will wait for new songs from you! GREAT THANK YOU FROM ALL RUSSIAN ADMIRERS!!!!!!!
Please guys, start de concert as the first leg of the tour!! With Kingdom of your heart and with Larry starting Breathe on his own!!!!! See you in Seville!
Thank you
Hello Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. I want to thank you for your brings 360 degrees tour to the city of Seville. After enjoying in 6 occasions of your direct one, that of Seville probably is the most special of all so, it is my city and because it is the first time that my wife accompanies me since with three small children it is difficult to move very much. Thanking you for coming and as asking is free, I risk to present the setlist that I would like that you were touching here in Seville: 1. Return of the Stingray Guitar 2. Beautiful Day 3. Who's gonna ride your wild horses 4. Get on your boots 5. Magnificent 6. The fly 7. No line on the horizon 8. Breathe 9. Pride (in the name of love) 10. North star 11. Glastonbury 12. Original of the species 13. Unknown caller 14. City of blinding light 15. Unforgettable Fire 16. Crazy Tonight 17. Please 18. MLK 19. Walk on 20. One 21. Where the street have no name 22. Ultraviolet 23. Windows in the sky 24. With or without you 25. Moment of surrender Thank you for being the original soundtrack of our lives of: Salvador, Rocío, Pablo, Alejandro and Irene. We meet in Seville
I Wish...
I Wish U2 Play "All I ant Is You"!! Its Really a great and lovely song and I HAve Promissed My Girlfriend To dance with her when the song is played!!
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