U2360° TOUR

Aug 16 2010
Horsens, DK / Casa Arena
with Snow Patrol

'Sometimes I feel like I don't know
Sometimes I feel like checking out...'

Second show in Horsens tonight, another capacity crowd and this European leg is hitting its stride. A great atmosphere with the Danish audience and signs that the band are thinking about some more surprises in the set list.

'When I was all messed up and I heard opera in my head,
Your love was a light bulb hanging over my bed'

Helena Christensen's presence got Bono musing about the band: 'Speaking of tall, beautiful, elegant, well dressed sex symbols, on my left the Helena Christensen of our band Adam Clayton'
And on my right, the Heidi Klum of our catwalk, The Edge.
And behind me, on the drums, our very own model/actor, Brigitte Neilsen - Larry Mullen Jnr.
'I don't know what that makes me. Lucky I suppose?'

'Baby, baby, baby, light my way.
Alright now, baby, baby, baby, light my way'

We'll leave those of you who were at the show to tell us what you thought were the highlights - but we already know that the return of Ultraviolet was one of them.

Were you there tonight ? Write us your own review and add your photos.

If you weren't there, check out the full set list and see what everybody is saying about the fifth show of the 2010 European leg of the tour.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Two times Horsens
I think, monday was i little better than sunday. Maybe because the sound was better, and I heard Bono's voice better. There are so many songs, I would like to hear, but it would give a 12 hour concert - or even more. As long as You just give us a great show - like both i Horsens and Gothenburg last year, I'm happy. Thanks for great concerts, and thanks for Snow Patrol, they are the best warm up, i have ever seen.
Horsens, sunday. -Get ready to take off.... :)
we need "new" "old" songs...this is the way to Rome...
It's incredibile: Fez is the perfecto intro and Cedars the perfect end of the Show!!
Next time.
We missed the koncert monday, because our daughter went to hospital friday, to have her apendix removed... Baaad timing, but of course we desidet to stay home with her. Who wouldent do that!! We hope to see/hear you next time, when you come back to Denmark.. One of your greatest fans.. Jesper & Helene Hausgaard
i love u2 and i love to have ultraviolet back in the setlist... for the next shows i would love to get some more surprises in the set. i was in frankfurt and hannover aswell and i will be in munich zurich and vienna too. would be great to get some other songs during the leg. i would love to hear unknown caller again, no line on the horizon is for me a perfekt live song for singing along. kite, stuck and bad would feel great instead of in a little while and miss sarajevo. maybe the band can give us some surprises during the next shows. i will love it!!!
The best show I ever saw...
Great show! Thanks. The highlights were "I Still...", "One" and "Utraviolet". I would have liked to hear "Until the End of the World" and "Running to Stand Still", though. I liked the part with Amnesty International. It was classy and not over the top. U2, you are the best.
Ultraviolet....Breathe next?!?
Great to see Ultraviolet back on the setlist! What about Breathe though???? Let Stingray Guitar step back a few songs in the setlist. Breathe is the opener of all openers. Pleeeeease open w/ it again!
Need more surprises
Bono finally sang Ultraviolet with his heart. We need some other great songs added to the setlist like Drowning man (this could be a gem), Exit, imagine Who´s Gonna Ride your Wild Horses in the electric version, Trying to Throw your Arms Around the World is a much better song than I am a Little While o Miss Sarajevo, or also playing So Cruel. By the way, Your Blue Room sounds fantastic live! I think Miracle Drug is also extraordinary live. Keep doing a good job, all these songs would be great to hear them!
UV + W Horses in Athens
We are all waiting to sing UViolet and may be for the first time WHorses (who knows!) in September 3 in Athens Greece that really needs positive energy. CU there Costas
Two beautiful nights....
I was so lucky to GO CRAZY two nigts in a row and it was simply amazing!! So happy that ULTRAVIOLET was back monday. Loved the new songs - GLASTONBURY ROCKED!! Missed BREATHE (perfect opening act in Gothenburg) and UNKNOWN CALLER :( MISS SARAJEVO brought tears to my eyes such a beautiful song - all in all I was just so happy and in a stage of ecstasy when I was send of into the night with A MOMENT OF SURRENDER. So great to see Bono back on stage - you kicked ass!! Thanks guys for coming to my lovely land of islands and PLEEEAAASE come back again, soon :o))
Please change the setlist
Dear Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry! Thank you for 2 beautiful nights in Horsens. It was now the 5th show yesterday in Denmark. I started in Turin, then Frankfurt, Hannover and both shows in Horsens. I had great fun all nights but I was disappointed because of this almost 100% identical setlist on 4 shows. There were so many changes last year when you played 2 or 3 shows in 1 town. So PLEASE change the setlist. Make it more flexible. I know fans like I am who see U2 11 times last year and already 5times this year are a small part of the audience but please do not forget us hardcore fans. You got my heart already in 1984...so please take this heart and keep it safe. CF
God how lucky I am - and U2....
What a brilliant evening sunday the 15. august at Casa Arena. The best band in the world. And remember how lucky we are... A band with so many magnificent songs. A band, that can choose so wonderfull tracks. And we discuss what they should have chosen. But all are just brilliant tracks... But one of them is outstanding: Until the end of the world. Best track and an exceptionally guitar solo by The Edge.
Peter Nordsmark
The amaizing Larry
My eyes on Larry in Horsens first gig...just amaizing
conor kavanagh
Great stet list
Great to see "Ultra Violet" Back again. heard "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Kill Me" On Youtube really great. & nice suprise. But "Unforgettable Fire" Will be missed. Love "Return Of The Stingray Guitar". Still miss "Breathe". Glastonbury sounds great too.
God how lucky I am - and U2....
What a brilliant evening sunday the 15. august at Casa Arena. The best band in the world. And remember how lucky we are... A band with so many magnificent songs. A band, that can choose so wonderfull tracks. And we discuss what they should have chosen. But all are just brilliant tracks... But one of them is outstanding: Until the end of the world. Best track and an exceptionally guitar solo by The Edge.
Ultraviolet,,,,baby baby light my way
Just...please...put back Until and TUF....please!
"You know I love the element of surprise
I LOVED HANNOVER U2! Thanks also for bringing back Ultraviolet back, I wasn't there in Denmark to hear it, but in comparison to the 2009 European shows I like UV better ; ) Please don't drop Unforgettable Fire - please please? And I know it may be a tall order But I realy would like to see some variety in the set list - " you know I love the element of surprise...." It's so much fun when you break out the older ones too when no one expects it! Like Gloria and Electrical Storm!!!! Thanks for all the news songs, keep 'em coming!
great to see that back was hoping for that song on the 2001 tour its a most all the way to 2011 us tour the younger or new fans need to hear it live dont take fire off thats nuts thats old school i been to u2 shows for 18 years 5 shows a tour miss fire peace fishboyu2
The Fly spotted in Hannover
Hi guys, We just can't get enough of your great shows and we feel very lucky to see you back in Munich next month. Stingray guitar, Glastonbury, Miss Sarajevo,Walk On, New Years Day, ... can't get them out of our heads. And I believe to have spotted The Fly in Hannover during Hold me, Kiss me, Thrill me, we know you love the element of surprise. Anyway thanks for being in our lives since more than 30 years. PS : drinks are on me if you would want to shake hands in Munich Tamara & Cataldo
New Songs
I think it's great that the band added Ultra Violet back in (it's just such a hit!), but most of the songs are music we've been hearing for the entire 2009-2010 tour. The boys should bring back more songs like Drowning Man, Mofo, Discotheque, Zooropa, and, well, you get the picture. Basically songs they haven't played for a long time, but would work great with the show. Also LOVE the addition of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me!
Fantastic show
This was the best concert in my life. I have never been a great U2 fan but now I understand what Bono and U2 are doing. It´s not only a concert. It is human and nearly religious. Everybody was having great fun and it did´t matter where in Stadion. Everybody go intim contact with this huge scene and the group U2.....amazing.
Thanks for a splended evening
Again U2 did it... it turned into a beautiful day indeed. The rain stayed away and the warm summer evening were a great partner to this fantastic show. There were really a lot of memorable moments - to me I have to salute the crowed too - the sing-a-long on "Still haven't found" was terrific, and when "With or without you" ended the crowd just kept on singing. When the chorus was at it's end Bono went to the microphone to say thanks - but before he managed, the crown just stated again - very loud and very beautiful - and only in the fourth attend Bono was allowed to say thanks - it was SO cool Thanks guys for a magnificent evening
Thanks from Malmö/Sweden
A marvelous night for us all at Horsens yesterday. Me and my 7 friends came all the way from Sweden :-) and no one was disappointed. My second 360-stop. Somethings better, some not. The sound was not the best in the pit yesterday!! The band more tight than ever - fantastic. Would be happy if you coul´d go outside the planned box some more... Loved Glastonbury, Hold me kiss me..., Elevation and as always Moment of surrender. Such a great mix of songs (but it would be cool with some more surpise in the set-list). Missed some more talking from Bono...love your passion for changing the world, don´t compromise on that!!! That is one of the reason that makes you so great. God bless you and thanks for being Gods voice to our souls! One more 360 to go for me, in Athens in some weeks. See you then!
Thanks for a funky, rocking, shining nig
...10 meters from the stage and just loving the fact that you´d preferred to let some of the best rocking and funky songs shine in the concert monday...No offense, I love The Unforgettable Fire etc. and look forward hearing them another time. Thought the night was splendid, thanks for Ultraviolet and the I´ll Go Crazy If I Don´t Go Crazy remix. Absolutely magnificent :-) Just missed Unknown Caller, would really have liked to hear it live....It´s an amazing song!! Ulla / Denmark
has u2 gone mad?
u2 drop the unforgettable fire and until the end of the world and play ultraviolet...has u2 gone mad? setlist is goining down =( and where is pride, i will follow, ,gloria, desire, the fly , all i want i you...
I feel truly blessed everytime I attend a U2 show. This was my 9th overall, and my 4th 360 show. When you attend a U2 show, you are truly in the presence of greatness, and I cannot think of any band that comes even close to delivering on such a high level everytime! Horsens 1 and 2 were no exceptions. Very energetic, the band looked relaxed and loose and the performance was solid. My highlight was Until the End of the World on the first night. Love the energy of that song, and the full use of the stage lights when Edge punished his guitar. Awesome! So obvious that he enjoys playing that song. Too bad they dropped it on the second night. THANK YOU FOR BEING U2 AND FOR BEING IN MY LIFE!
UV BACK!!! Great!
was in Frankfut a week ago, was my 5th 360 gig and UV was the MOST MISSED from last year tour, being a fan for 20years and agree with Francesco bellow that 360 tour has been build on "No Line" "Magnificent" magic triple combination of "Unknown caller"+"Unforgetable fire"+"Citi" and probably most impressive live song from U2 I have ever seen - the UV return in 2009. "Until the end" was a sweet cherry. What about "Fez" as an opener instead of "BD"? too cheeky? Anyway every show is a breath taker, For me You will stay the Best Band Ever :-) Thank You Guys! CU in Vienna!
You are the best!
Just returned to Copenhagen this morning after 2 amazing concerts in Horsens - you are without a doubt the best live band EVER, and with the number of songs to choose from it is impossible to please all! I personally loved "Hold me, thrill me..." it is a great song for a live performance, but can also feel a strong love for "Glastonbury" growing inside me. See you again on 18th of Sept in Paris where i will turn 30 with the 4 best lads in the world (please play Sweetest Thing for just one night).
Peter Nordsmark
Thanks guys for two great shows i Horsens and one great in Hannover. Did red zone one and two in the pit with all my luv to the band. See you all in Wien and San Sebastian. Anyway...words can´t tell what a feeling...
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