U2360° TOUR

Jun 26 2011
East Lansing, MI, US / Spartan Stadium
with Florence and the Machine

Seems like only a few hours ago that the band came off stage at Glastonbury in the UK and they were still in the festival groove tonight opening up with four straight songs from Achtung Baby.

'C'mon East Lansing - go green... go white... go orange... where you going to take the Irish tonight?'

We had our own festival at Michigan State University's Spartan Stadium with an exuberant audience singing along at every note, the joint rocking from 'Real Thing' to Moment of Surrender'.

Let's shrink this place down to a little club, Bono told a 65,000-strong crowd, before adding, ' or a pub like Dooleys'.

'I Will Follow' went down just as well tonight as it did when they played it in that very pub Dooleys, in East Lansing, nearly thirty years ago in December 1981. 'Where is Mr. Dooley?' Bono asked. 'I believe he's still around.'

According to The Detroit News, if it wasn't quite that small pub tonight, it was certainly as cosy as a stadium can become. 'A smaller band would have buckled under the sheer enormity of it. But U2 stepped up to the plate with an ease and confidence that matches its ambitions, and somehow made the stadium setting feel intimate.'

'We're very glad to be here in MSU right now, ' said Bono. 'What makes this country so beautiful is not just landscape, your country is a beautiful idea...'

Special mention for people here and across the state who've worked for the ONE campaign, and for 'another great American idea - the Peace Corps.' This is not a band that made it to university - Edge managed six weeks, Bono two - but they were always learning.
'U2 became our university, Rolling Stone our textbook.
'We're still students, wouldn't you agree ?
'I still haven't found what I'm looking for...'

After 'Still', Bono was in reflective mood again, recalling an album which marks its twentieth birthday this year - and the long journey they took to find it. In Berlin, a wall coming down and one going up in the studio, the risks they took and the ones they'll continue to take. Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone gets special mention, along with all 'the people cheering us on when we were making some of our most experimental music... And we appreciate that.'

The night races past, carried on a wave of noise from a rockin' audience, and soon it's a Moment to Surrender, dedicated again to Clarence Clemons.

'Not just a man, more a force of nature - music just spilling out of him.
But you could hold anyone in your heart or mind right now...'
Were you transported back to Dooleys in East Lansing tonight ? Did the stadium shrink for you ? What was the moment you'll never surrender ? Write up your own review of the show and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in East Lancing!

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One day to go.
Have a safe trip back to the States guys, and see you tomorrow!
The pilgrims return to U2360 Tour. Every success to the U2 show in Spartan Stadium. East Lansing are hosting the greatest band on the planet. Best wishes Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam. Lisdoonvarna Archive
Please Play Breathe!
I cant wait for the concert! Can You Please Play BREATHE! We saw that song on the opening day for the U.S Tour at solider Field and we Loved It!
Spartans!!! My Alma Mater!!
Cant wait to see this!! Does anyone know if a digital camera is allowed?
I am so excited to see this show. My daughter ( Sara )and I always wanted to come you all together, but she was killed in 2005. I am bringing her best friend, but I know she will be there with us. So, if you see an Angel over section 16 .... it will be Sara... and she will be smiling .....
a year and half and the wait is almost finally over, Spartan Stadium, here I come
40 and Running to Stand Still
I love Running to Stand Still and would love to hear in in Michigan and love to see you close out with 40 again
One Tree Hill
I have see U2 no less than 10 times over the past 20 years, never to see One Tree Hill... hearing this would take the sting out of waiting for 20 months!
It would be amazing to see the fly live. Please bring it out again! I would also LOVE to see Bad, my favourite song.
The Fly...play it again boys!!!
PLEASE BRING IT OUT AGAIN. I see it was played in Anaheim...I so want to hear it again live. I replay the Vertigo tour version quite often.
U2 @ Sparty Stadium
Very excited! Looking forward to taking our boys ( 9 and 15 years old) to their first concert ever! Of coarse, only U2 can fit that bill as being their first! Would love to hear them play "End of the World!"
the Claw-when will it land?
Just wondering when the claw will go up? Hoping they play Gloria, it was a big song the last time (and I believe only time) they played in East Lansing in 81.
Aww man, no Unforgettable Fire? :(
Was a bit let down upon browsing the set lists to date, no sign of The Unforgettable Fire which in my opinion, is one of their absolute best! :) Looks like they dropped it this time around. Tons of other great songs though...23 days and counting!
bring it!!!
east lansing!!!! first of four for 2011 for me!!! booking the travel right now!!! so, so DAMN exciting!!! see you all there
Can't wait!!
I have been waiting a long time to see U2 live in concert. Hope the boys aren't too tired from the long trip back from Glastonbury!
east lansing show
I have been a fan since almost the beginning actually have general admission and have been waiting to see the band again. Six years is to long.
Worth the wait
Can't wait for the show. Now just trying to determine which out of town show we attend. Definitely looking forward to Florence and the Machine. She is a great artist, hardly known at all in the US. Thanks U2 for giving her the exposure.
Can't wait!!!
I will be there with my 7-year-old son. We are both very excited!! One week later, my wife and I will be at Chicago!
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