U2360° TOUR

Jul 9 2011
Montreal, QC, CA / Montreal Hippodrome
with Interpol

Zooropa, Scarlet, Ultraviolet - who'd have guessed these would be in the set list before this tour began more than two years ago?

All I Want is You, Stuck In A Moment, New Year's Day - who'd have guessed these would be in the set list before this show began a few hours ago ?

Or that by the time With Or Without You arrived, 'SHINE LIKE STARS' was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Plenty of surprises on a memorable evening in Montreal when another capacity audience at the Hippodrome, was joined by a global audience listening online.

'Tonight we want to give you as a gift to the world,' Bono announced. 'So tonight this show is being broadcast all over the world on U2.com, all over the world...'
'This has one extra benefit,' he added, 'you don't have to listen to me mangle your beautiful language.'

'Its a beautiful dawn in Germany, ' commented petrajohnk, in our live commentary running with the audio stream.
'Everybody hearing the amazing show!' said Wilson Oliveira in Brazil.
'Hi from Thailand' tweeted Norasate.
'Beautiful morning here in Denmark,' chimed Baron_Frederik, 'Sun is coming up and Montreal in my ears!'
'Sounds great and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in Australia' added Dexter.
'I connect my BOSE sound,' said Omar in Mexico 'And it sounds like having the claw at home, just perfect, hell yesssss.'

Whether you were in the stadium or in your bedroom, this show took off again tonight - and it's hard to believe there are only seven flights left.

'We've taken our space station around the world,' reflected Bono. 'We're nearly home, we're going to have to find something else to do.
'When we were kids joining U2 was like running away with the circus, maybe we need to find another circus...'
In the home city of Cirque du Soleil, 'maybe there are a few jobs going'. After all, Larry is a 'fire-eater, a sword-swallower, the world's strongest man.' Adam? 'The bearded lady...' Edge? 'Trapeze artist, high-wire act... and I will play the clown.'

It's also the home city of another friend of the band, Leonard Cohen and his 'Hallelujah' found a beautiful home in 'Streets'. 'Word of the night.' tweeted BigWaveU2, one of our Zoo Mods. 'Hallelujah #U2360MTL Streaming to the universe. Where the streets have no name. Future, pucker up.'

By the time With or Without You wherever we were in the world we were 'shining like stars in the summer night...'

Were you at the show tonight ? Add your photos or reviews below. Were you listening online - tell us what time it was in the world for you, where you were and how was the show?

U2360° FANCAM in Montreal!

Stay in Moncton
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UV In Australia
Thanks U2.com for audiostreaming this amazing show.Mid Sunday morning what better way to bring in a "Beautiful Day" than hearing the boys bring down the "Claw" all the way from Montreal to my own 360 Spaceship in Adelaide! Saw the show in Melbourne 2010 and I love how no 2 u2 concert experience is the same. Once again well done to everyone involved.
just for the camara
Its my 4th time I have the chance to see U2, wow!!!! the show is amazing, the enviroment is so nice everyone is happy!!!! The one on Satudarday here in Montreal wow we were shinning stars with the rest of the world, and Friday it was amazing as soon as they finished the last song, is like mother nature was waiting for them to be finish, as soon as they said bye, pouring rain started!!!!! but even 80000 poeple wet all worth it!!!
Saw the show on Friday July 8th - spectacular! Listened to the live stream on Saturday - awesome!
Listening on U2.com - Ideas for the Futu
Although it was a rocky start technology-wise for U2.com, it was well worth the wait and I am grateful for the privilege of being able to stream your show live from my home in Seattle, while at the same time sharing the experience with other new friends around the world. It was by far the best (and my first) virtual concert ever! Thank you! I am now hoping that one day in the near future you will take it to the next level. That is, where fans will have the opportunity not just to listen to live audio, but will have the ability to view live video from a concert of their choice. I strongly now believe that there is a market for this type of technology. For example, imagine if one had a U2 application running on Xbox Live through their TV, smartphone, or even a PC. One could then login, pay a fee, and enjoy the show! This type of service would especially come in handy if you plan on performing exclusively in arenas as it will be much more difficult for us fans to obtain tickets due to limited availability. The other alternative, as you have done in the past, could simply be to partner with YouTube. Sometime later this year YouTube will be added as an application to the Xbox dashboard. Therefore, YouTube running on Xbox would also allow users to view the show directly through their TV. Of course, YouTube apps are also available on smartphones and PC’s so your viewing audience would be maximized either way. As a fan, I would prefer the more personable approach and would like to see a U2 app developed. However, I realize that overhead costs may come into play so whichever method makes the most financial sense I would fully support! Bono, please have a chat with your friend Bill Gates about this exciting possibility as I am sure he and his fellow tech wizards will make it happen! :) Cheers, JP, a U2 fan for 30 years!
Incredible! Incroyable
The show july 9th in Montreal was unbelievable. It was my 7th one and it was the best! And it worth every penny. The sound was fantastic and what about the stage and the stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this magical night. Merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiii et à bientôt!
The wait was long
But every minute of this experience is a tick-box on the bucket list. From start to end was a moment that will not be forgotten. How many bands do you know that can bring tears to the one you love as a song touches so deeply inside? Bravo, and bravo again for entertaining us all. We hope you go on and on ...
U2 Saturday July 9th
excellent on all points ; sound, stage presence, set list and encore choices of songs, visuals, organization, weather, crowd..... everything ! but then again what else was to be expected ? another memorable U2 performance - already looking forward for the next show :) tks U2 xxx
My favourite part of the show was when they sang Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen right before Where the streets have no name. It was magical! I also loved when Space Oddity was playing and we saw them on the big screen walking to get on stage. I have no voice this morning. I will remember this show forever. Thanks U2!
Unique show
What an incredible and unique show! Such an amazing and varied set list. Just loved every aspect about this show....well except for the crowd all hitting the metro at once after it was over. Thanks for the great show U2!
U2 Montreal
Thank you U2
HALLELUJAH....says it all!
Hats off to the greatest show on earth!! My 6th show this tour and the sound quality in Montreal has been outstanding. I was front row friday night and in the back last night which was a great way to really see it all unfold. A visually epic and insanely fun night. Crazy&Streets just blew me away! Thanks U2 for rocking my world....again!
U2 a Montreal: Ground control, the U2 sp
U2 a Montreal: Ground control, the U2 spaceship has landed and LIFTOFF of this great Charismatic Celebration! More than a concert, U2 is an event, everytime, a Spiriyual experience beyond reason, you have to listen from the hearth and saoul cause that is where U2 songs come from!
i cried with pure joy x
Awesome show.
Heartshaped sigh
Just joined in at "beautiful day", but was immediately drawn into the atmosphere by the again superb audio quality of the streaming. When aung san suu kyi spoke about what U2 and their audience meant to her, I melted away in tears as all around the globe people sent the word "one" in their respective languages because at that moment it felt like being part of one giant heart. Throughout all the encores it was like sharing a religous experience of hearts going out into the world. With or without you has always been very dear to me and last night it sent me overflowing with emotions once more. And all the while I repeatedly was shaking my head in awe at the fact that these guys still manage to send goosebumps all the way to the people farthest away to the stage. Every. Single. Night. Thank you so much for sharing with us. x
Worth the trip from New Zealand
This is my 8th U2 show and 3rd 360 Tour... Auckland last year, and last night in Montreal as well. Auckland was amazing, last night in Montreal was great but tonight is definitely one to remember. Well worth traveling to Montreal to see them. The most memorable part of tonight was dancing with 80,000 fans to my favourite songs. Had a great crowd around me, who have the same love for the band as I do. Thanks U2 for bringing your music to the world.
Hippodrome Show July 9
Unbelievable show. The stage made this show great from any point of view. Being a long time U2 fan, it was great to see them perform most of their hits. I sang my heart out . The only thing that bothered me was the swaying of the stands. A couple of times, I nearly fell over. My wife was scare it was going to topple over.
U2 and Montréal a luv stories
thank you u2 wow what a amzing show to bad i`m working tonite i would have gone for the second one
Will be there in spirit!
Cannot make the show but i will be able to watch the show from my work, right across the street from the site. DUNNS FAMOUS, home of the worlds BEST SMOKED MEAT sandwich! P.S. play BAD.
ALL I WANT IS BAD!! The mix of these two songs together is nothing less then genius!!
Eddie Anderson
THE FLY !!!!
Hope Nt. 2 in Montreal is...
as FIERCE as Nt. 2 in Anaheim was!!! Was @ both nights in Anaheim, but will only be @ Nt. 2 in Montreal. Hoping the lads bring it and ROCK da House like I know they know how to do!!! See you all in Montreal! Can.Not.Wait.
looking forward to the show
Hoping they will play stuck in a moment. A beautiful song.
Bono u guys should come to Moncton New B
hey U2 u guys should come down to Moncton New Brunswick Canada for your 360o world tour cause Moncton hosted the stones, Bon jovi, and a host of other events BTW the Stones brought 84000 at the hill and AC DC brought clost to 75-85000 to a concert.... but looking forward to the show in Montreal..
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