U2360° TOUR

Aug 6 2010
Turin, IT / Stadio Olimpico
with Kasabian
It was like they'd never been away. Opening up with a brand new song, one of three in the set, U2 returned to the stage in Torino tonight with a blistering 24-song set. 'It's very good to be back with you, 'said Bono. 'Bellissimo Torino...'

Arriving on stage to a new instrumental track titled 'Return of the Stingray Guitar', Bono was immediately racing the circumference of the huge 360° production, serenading every corner of the capacity audience: 'Torino, Torino...'

From the unmistakeable opening chords of Beautiful Day to the closing benediction of 'Moment of Surrender', two and a quarter hours later, the capacity Italian audience powered the show into orbit.

Mixing up the set list with songs from eight different albums, the band also debuted two more new songs: 'Glastonbury' a driving, guitar-led rock number inspired by the UK summer festival, and an acoustic version of a meditative ballad, 'North Star', described by Bono as ' a love song to the universe'.

Any U2 show is a celebration but this was a special night with the band back on stage and playing live for the first time in nine months. It was a bit of a family occasion.

'You care a lot about family in Italy, right?' asked Bono. 'This band is also a family: the black sheep of the family, Adam Clayton on bass guitar; on the drums, the baby of the band, Larry Mullen Jnr; and The Edge, our middle child... it's his birthday on Sunday.'

Cue 40,000 Italians singing Happy Birthday to Edge.

'And I'm the prodigal son,' continued Bono. 'And I want to thank you for all the love and letters you've sent me in recent months, thanks for that. That's in the past now and I'm very much fit for the future...'

It was a seriously fit performance from band and production tonight, with a dazzling creative makeover in the on-screen visuals complementing the surprises in the set list which also included the rarely performed 'Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me', theme tune of the Batman Forever movie and 'Miss Sarajevo', originally written for and performed with Luciano Pavarotti. No-one knows how to sing opera like these people.

That's a few highlights from us but your views are what we're looking for. Read them below and leave us yours...

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Any song from "the Unforgettable fire", "Achtung Baby", ATYCLB", "HTDAAB" is a treat. Any song from "Horizon" is a more than a treat. To me (a U2 fan for over 20 years)"Ultra Violet" in athens would be like a gift from God. I would be very sad to have missed out on that.
I will never, ever forget
At some point you were standing on the "bridge" and sang. To me, it seems there were just you and me, singing together. What a feeling! The best show I've seen. I will never, ever forget! Thank you guys
simply great!!
my highlight from torino is seeing the guys together on stage, looking like they were really happy to coming back. they were in a really good mood and enjoyed playing together. this is the most beautiful thing that could happen in a live show i think, and i was delighted for that. miss sarajevo and until the end of the world gave me shivers and a flood of tears on my smiling face...
Amazing show
Amazing show! Loved every minute of it... When Bono came out and danced whole circle we knew that it is going to be a very special night... Singing Edge "Happy Birthday" once again... Adam looking good in white from head to toe... Larry happy that he can hit things again... They were in the right mood and we could feel that! New songs sounding great Hearing Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me live for the first time Incredible night (and the night before - with pizzas - so sweet) See you in Rome if not before :*
Beautiful day
Terrific !
Last time I saw you was back in 1985 at Live Aid. Your show in Turin was simply brilliant! There'll be crack yet :-))) love Enrico
my first concert
BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!! My first u2's concert! I was in the first line out of the pit and I saw Bono dance in front of me!! It was a dream!!! The best day of this summer!! Next year Udine?? I hope... ;)
Hope to see you...
I've been waiting to see you in concert for 10 years...every time there's something that doesn't allow me to see you. I hope to see you in Rome and hope to stay in the field. Anyway...why don't you play Pride, new year's day, I will follow?? They're great song and I'm sure all the audience wants to hear them! The opening song and Glastonbury are very good! Keep on rocking!! Filo
Take OFF the Jacket
Please! Please! Please! You don't have to run around, just ROCK IT more!
Harmony and love...
... between 4 magnificent persons. Thank you! natasa
Bringing light into the darkness
I felt the most moving part of the show was when they sang Walk On, dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi, and the volunteers went on stage with the Amnesty International torches. It looked absolutely beautiful, and reminded me of the dignity and grace of the people in Burma have despite the hardship and suffering faced by Aung San Suu Kyi and so many other policitcal prisoners.
Awesome set list!
I hope they make another DVD with the new songs! PLEASE ! I love my 360 Rose Bowl Special Edition and I'd love another! Also, nice new look Bono, your as awesome as ever!
Take heed.....
So you guys asked us what we wanted to hear on the new "changed up" set lists and I put to you that you should check out our suggestions. I know it's the first show of the tour but "Hold Me, Thrill Me..." really? Look, you're playing stadiums! Rock these people out!! AND BRING BACK POP SONGS for feck sake!! A few slower, quieter songs are OK here and there but I fully expect that by next summer Bono will be back to full rock star form and the rest of the band will be dead familiar with the songs we have requested...specifically "Gone" and "Hawkmoon 269" for Seattle! Oh, and Adam, dashing and gorge as ever you are! Love the white **sigh**
Missing Breathe :-(
Great to see the guys back on top form! Can't wait until Seville :-) Disappointing to see that Breathe has been dropped as the show opener - i thought it was made to be played live and was an awesome rousing show opener last year! Even better than the Stones "Start Me Up" Steven
beautiful stage!!
bellissimo Bono..... bellissima Band... all was perfect yesterday evening.... I'm from Turin ... I l0ve my city and I love U2.... a perfect mix!!!! 2001- elevation tour (21-07) - 2005 vertigo (20-07 inMilan).... 2009- 360° tour (08-07 in Milan) .... yesterday evening... every time an example of real music, real artists and real mens. My child of 4 years sings "all the day" hallo hallo..... hola! and my baby of six month sleeps only with "original of the species"..... I'm still have to found what I'm looking for" is our song..... Bono.... yesterday you talk about family... we are a U2 family.... thanks for beeing part of our life! ..... grazie! please to the reader of my message.... support One....you are One... I'm One .... we are the future....
July 1993, my first concert, I was 17 and I realised my biggest dream by seeing U2 playing. I was a single high school student, lived with my family and had a lot of dreams. One month later, in another place, I met my soul sister and found out he was one of the 30.000 people watching the show. 17 years have passed, yesterday, half life later, I was in Turin, not a high school student anymore, with less dreams and illusion, but still with the same guy and the desire to create my own family. U2 have always been part of my life and what you said about family yesterday was the confirmation that I'm following the right path: life, love and family. Thank you for your words and thank you for being there.
New Songs
Bono: "this punk rocker seems to be getting a little hippie" A simple yet great scentence, lol, preceded by a great ballad (North Star) and folowed by a great rock song (Glastonbury)... Wow PS. The Return of the Stingray Guitar is also a great song, the best instrumental song I've heard in quite a while...
Dear U2
Dear U2, You have to work harder than that to have our love! The intro was awful, no lights games, all the lights on.. very strange with the possibility that you have with the claw. The music of the intro was very good... but please don't put Beautiful day after! That brakes all the "pathos". Maybe a more rock song like Glastonbury will works well. And please do some songs from Zooropa and Pop... don't forget them... their are greats works and we love them!! You can leave behind some song of Leave behind.. no problem... like elevation! And some other 80 songs that you don't like to play anymore... we won't miss them! And please do more songs from No Line On The Horizon.... a great album and probably your best album since the 90..... Best wishes for the rest of your world tour... I'll probably be there in south america! Marco Santini
Bono you look so sexy!
The first thing I want to say Oh Bono how you're looking great, sexy, strong, handsome Wow!...I really wish I was in this show but I'll be waiting for you in Brazil!...I love you!...and The Edge is still a child ;)
no good
where is best u2 songs ? Missing :pride, i will follow, gloria, mofo, discoteque, new years day, drowning man, staring at the sun, zooropa, lemon, the fly, acrobat, all i want is you, desire, like a song, 11 o clock tick tock.
Ultraviolet is a must
I can´t believe they didnt play it.....the song of the tour has to be in the set list every night boys. Can´t wait to see them in the US next summer. ultraviolet baby!
Finish On A High!
C'mon guys, the encore should leave us feeling elated but to finish with '..Without You' & 'Moment' gives the impression that you're worn out & ready to retire to your pipe & slippers in the dressing room! ROCK IT UP FOR FECK'S SAKE....... & put ULTRAVIOLET back in the set- what the heck are you thinking?!!!
No words...
I have no words to thank you for all the emotions you give me during your concerts..."Two hearts beat as one.." Yesterday thousand hearts beat as one and the magic evening I lived will stay with me till the next meeting with you... What you did for your fans is something unique (pizza included) and special... Thrills with Miss Sarajevo, One, All that you can't, MLK... Thanks for how you are and what you mean to me and all the people you help with your lives... Never stop follow you!!!!
Ultra Violet !!!!!!!!
Looking forward to the gigs in Paris and Brussels in September which I will attend ! I hope the guys will read those comments and realize that all the real U2-fans wants Ultra Violet back in the set which was last year one of the highlights of the show ! I also hope that they will keep Until the end of the world in the set as this is my personal favourite song !
Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
Dear U2, please play ''Ultraviolet (Light My Way)'' in Moscow! It's an amazing song and want to hear it...!
italy loves you
I was there I was there... thank you thank you! I can explain in words my emotions and the joy I felt yesterday night but I wanto to say to you that when Bono wasn singing Miss Sarajevo in italian I was cryng like most of the people around me.. only you can create these emotions year by year so, please, keep on writing and singing your music and going around the world with your incredible gigs.. 360° tour is incredible but more incredible for me is the way your music runs in my veins everytime I listen to it..sensational feeling! thank you!
Glastonbury sounds really amazing ! I just hope recorded version isn't over produced Mike
Until the end of...love :)
Incredible concert incredible bono...only one thing...i'm a collectors and a very u2 fan change the final encore with song liki i will follow or out of control or something of first three album...i dont' like hold me thrill me....but incredible concert and incredible soul :) i cry :) see in frankfurt
My best day EVER
It was my first U2's concert, I can't really describe how i feel yet..! Just..full of emotions, i can't almost sleep, it's been the most amazing performance i've ever seen! I though that Bono wouldn't have done all those athletics jumps and skips but..i was wrong, he's been spectacular, and i really loved everything they've done! Best track..? No way, i still can't choose only one track!! I just can say that Walk on, Sunday bloody Sunday and Elevation are been sooo full of emotions, powerful! But, anyway, the whole show was A M A Z I N G ! Oh yes, and the funniest, sweetest, nicest moment it's been when Bono have sang in italian! Oh God, I won't ever describe well how beautiful it's been, so i'll just let you imagine HOW i'm feeling, in peace with the universe after last night..!
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