U2360° TOUR

Dec 3 2010
Melbourne, VIC, AU / Etihad Stadium
with Jay-Z

Another rocking night in Melbourne tonight with Bono leading everyone in a chorus of Happy Birthday to Jay-Z and guests in the house including The Pretenders and Blondie.

Adam Clayton, explained Bono, was 'getting even better looking - the international man of mystery' while Larry has been 'staying up very late and seeing the town of Melbourne.' This city, said Edge, was even better than he remembered it.

Lots of highlights but maybe the stand-out moment came with the opening bars of 'Stuck In A Moment', the first time it's been played in 2010, and dedicated to the man it was originally written for, ' a friend we really miss.'

'We miss Michael Hutchence and this is a song we wrote for him...'

'I'm not afraid of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard
I'm just trying to find a decent melody
A song that I can sing in my own company...'

Were you at tonight's second show in Melbourne? Add your own review and post your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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This was my first ever U2 concert and I definitely hope it isn't the last. A terrific evening of spectacle and rock & roll in Australia's finest city. My only gripe is that they replaced Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me with Ultraviolet Light. Other than that, just briliant! Vertigo, Beautiful Day, Stuck in a Moment and With or Without you just rocked!
Melbourne Shows
Thanks U2 for two wonderfull nights in Melbourne. Both shows fantastic. The walk out to the stage to Space Oddity was awesome. Ultra Violet, Moment Of Surrender, Hold Me, Thrill Me... were my faves.
Wed & Fri Concerts
Went 2 both concerts with my wife and we had a great time. Have to say that Friday's concert was better, I think the playlist was the difference. Only complaint is that I signed up months back for pre-release sale and thought had the best seats available for the first concert. Then my wife goes and buys tickets on Thursday evening and we get better tickets for the same price for Fridays concert. Bloody Ticketek!! U2 still rocks and hope the tour again. Thanks for 2 great shows guys!!
Thanks guys you ROCKED IT AGAIN for another great night!! Loved Stuck In a Moment and again Miss Sarajevo (hits my heart every time).... From all the U2 concerts I've been to NOTHING compares to celebrating the BEST band in the world but to be amongst other hardcore fans to feel the raw energy! Always come back and if ever you start to feel weary we'll help keep you going xo
Walked into the arena. Gob-smacked by the stage. Jay-Z opened the show. I wasn't really interested. He polarised the crowd - some were into him and some were not. I thought it was funny that he required a golf buggy ride (with a presidential entourage) to and from backstage. U2 came out. The crowd went bananas. Return Of The Stingray guitar was awesome. Beautiful Day, fantastic. Bono's dedication of Stuck In A Moment to Michael Hutchence was heartfelt as he remembered his friend. Miss Sarajevo (particularly the Italian section) was truly gorgeous, as was One. Achtung's album tracks (Until The End Of The World & Ultraviolet) took me back to the Zoo TV days. From the red zone, we'd hoped to see more of the band - we had a couple of token visits from Bone and Edge. Adam stayed with us for most of I'll Go Crazy, he was clearly enjoying himself (and what a gorgeous machine that sparkling purple bass is!) Being 360, I expected a lot more use of the surrounding stage. For most of the gig, the band were very central and forward-facing. Streets was my favourite song of the night. Moment Of Surrender, although a great song, left the crowd puzzled and expecting more as U2 left the stage. Overall, I loved it. Amazed at U2's energy. It will stay with me forever!
Blown Away
I have been to every U2 concert in Melbourne... every show and some extra interstate... but this concert was by far THE BEST that I have ever been too!!! You guys just get better and better and I was overwhelmed by the whole performance... I am still reeling from last night!! Red Zone access was amazing too, and Bono... operatic Miss Sarejevo... WOW.. you were right in front of me and I was blown away! Please come back again soon... one day I hope to shake your hand. Great show everyone, dont miss out!!!!!
2nd concert Melbourne
Brilliant & IOIT (I'm on Irish time) But please Bono... for future concerts show The Edge opening guitar solo on the Claw when he plays The streets have no name as we were at the back of stage and all we had to look at was the red. Boo Hoo I so wanted to see The Edge for real playing this opener.
The greatest
Bigger and better. How do they do. From the stunning operatic vocals of Mr Hewson to the crowd slaying Streets. This group of 4 amazingly talented individuals playing like its there last night night on earth. Thanks guys for the time of my life, see you in Sydney :-)
Been to both of the Melbourne shows on Dec 1st and 3rd, bloody outstanding...close to the stage and perfect view of my idols......fave moment Acoustic Stuck In A Moment at the second show.......brilliant.....old faves new creations and overall one big adventure, thanks boys from every fibre of my being, thanks for the music, the inspiration, and the liveliness!! xxxx
Age shall not weary them
Its hard to believe the passion and energy these guys can put into a show and still give the impression they are having the time of there lives. Stunning and vibrant. Better than Popmart.
Up there with the best
What an experience. I thought the Zooropa tour in 1993 was the best actual 'show' I'd ever seen, but this one topped that, and that's even before we discuss the music. It took 3 songs for the mixing desk to get the sound right but after that it was excellent. I'd warned my wife that Pride was often not in the set for this tour so she was rapt when they played it. And wasn't it great the way the audience refused to stop singing the fadeout even after they'd stopped playing. Other major plusses were killer versions of Mysterious Ways and Elevation, and a very moving Stuck in the Moment. I first saw the band at the Christchurch Town Hall in NZ in 1984, and haven't missed a tour since moving to Australia 21 years ago. This was up there with the best and the wife and I are thinking of going to Buenos Aires at the end of March to experience it again in a different environment. Thank you guys - it was exhilarating....and for someone who's not much of a hip-hop fan I have to say that Jay-Z was an inspired choice as an opening act. His band rock too!
Wow last nite was so amazing, I loved Stuck in a moment, played the best set, it totally rocked, been to every concert in last 20 years, and tonite u guys blew me away!
Richo- Melbourne Dec 3, 2010
I haven't seen U2 since Popmart. Really enjoyed the show. My highlights- 1/ Bono's work on the third verse of miss Sarajevo was amazing. 2/ I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight, love this live version. 3/ Scarlett, October was my first U2 album way back in '81 and any song from it is special to me. 4/ Sunday Bloody Sunday, Seen U2 in '89, '93, '98 but this is the first time for me to hear this song. My Lowlights (at the risk of offending u2 fans, please take this as positive feedback) 1/ Was it just me or was the bass distorted and merky for the first few songs? return of the Stingray Guitar was a blur of noise, I couldn't really hear the great bass line in New Years Day. Thankfully the sound was fixed by the time Magnificent was played and stayed great for the rest of the night. 2/ Get On Your Boots? I don't get this song. I'm not sure why the band keep playing it. If the band reads this stuff Please rework it, or drop it. 3/ No songs from Boy, Rattle and Hum, Zooropa, and Pop. Come on guys how about Gone, Lemon, Angel of Harlem, or An Cat Dubt.
U2 surely are Gods amongst men. They 60,000 odd people on a musical journey of wonderment. Ignore the comment trolls on other sites, they were brilliant!
Rockin Melbourne
Wednesdays 1st show was brilliant but being on the arena floor for Friday was even better!Danced,sang,jumped around like a schoolboy.Ive seen the boys on every tour.Thought nothing would top "lovetown"in 89 on my 21st birthday until "ZooTV"which was topped by "Popmart" until the "Vertigo"shows but nothing surpasses Friday night in Melbourne.As we left we were wondering how do they top that?
Sensational U2
The concert was amazing. Magnifficent atmosphere all night. Music was sensational and the special effects were just breathetaking. Cant wait till U2 come back to Melbourne next tour.
Was very disappointed with Wednesdays show. The sound was terrible up in level 3 and the crowd looked bored. BUT Fridays show, WOW!! WOW WOW !! did they listen to the fans or what. The show rocked. The sound was fixed and the crowd was pumped! Come back soon boys!
What' s better than seeing U2 once? Seeing them twice! Super show!
SHOW 1 & 2
My sister and I have been U2 fans since 1981! WOW and they still have us hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations Bono,Edge,Larry and Adam for pumping out great songs for the fans. We have been to all of your tours in Oz. . The 360 Tour was FANTASTIC, THANK YOU for 2 FAB shows. We had RED ZONE tickets on Wednesday night, OMG, we were in the 2nd row from the barrier and saw the band when they walked past ,screaming and waving, felt like teenagers again! Friday night we had seat on the 3rd level and saw the show from a different perspective, the visual effects and lighting FANTASTIC. My sisters hubby came with us. My hubby didn't miss out, got to see the shows too, he works there. Highlights would have to be BAD and WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME. The shows were so intimate, just like the early tours. PLEASE come back SOON and I can bring my 3 yr old son next time!!!!, we love you guys,Eileen,Maria,Mick and John
Background Music
Does anyone have a listing of the background music that was played before U2 came on? Some of the songs were incredible and set a near spiritual tone to what was an absolutely staggering performance by the band. It's almost impossible to believe how they continue to play with such passion and freshness after performing these songs so many times. Still buzzing from the show and will continue to do so for quite some time.
Thanks U2 and your crew for all the work you do to make so many people so happy. You're still the best live band in the world and last night was awesome!! Thank you thank you
This is a rock show
Don't know what to say, my second show of the week and the place went off, I think even more than it did on Wednesday night. The expression on Bono's face at times said it all especially with the crowd involvement during I'm still haven't found and Pride. Highlights for me Return of the Stingray Guitar, Mysterious Ways, Boots and Vertigo. U2 still rocks and it seems like only yesterday when I first saw them at the Sports and Entertainment arena back in about 84. Thank you and U2 still rock
Two hours plus of singing and dancing to the greatest band in the world. Red zone 100% worth it. Favourite song? Well . . at least three. Stuck in the Moment was beautiful and had to crowd singing along, City of Blinding light got me jumping and then . . toss up between If I don't Crazy or Ultraviolet (which is a personal fav). Bono was in the best voice I have heard him in all the times I have seen them (over the last 20years) no exageration, he sounded wonderful. I even enjoyed Miss Sarajevo which I don't love just because of the Bono's heart felt delivery of the 'Luciano' section. The rest of the band was in great form; they are all looking great and sounding better. Jay Z rocked the house and got the early crowd whipped up. Jay's band was funkin' out. Very cool. Only disappointment? Forgot the camera so only have bad IPhone photos.
$300 v $40
I went to the first show on Wednesday night and was in a $300 seat, the view was fantastic and the atmosphere was electric. I danced and sang my heart out with Bono - it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. On Friday night I went again and had a $40 seat - the view was fantastic once again and a different perspective. The show was truly awesome and the boys delivered once again. I have been to every tour in Melbourne and this was the best by far - keep up the good work boys and make sure you come back again (soon).
Its hard to find the words to express the joy of tonight! The first show on Wednesday night was nothing short of great but tonight... Tonight the band was on fire, tight as a fist, Bono worked the stage as if it was his own to own and the crowd responded by turning it up to 11. Being my 17th time seeing U2 live, this was easily up there with the best....
Amazing !
tonight U2 was my first concert ever and it was amazing, i was so happy i was nearly in tears. Im so happy i went and if they ever come back out i am most positively going again !!!!!!!
tonight really blew Wednesday night out of the water, so much more energy around tonight, simply AMAZING!!!
Wow'd again
If the first concert wasn't good enough, this one was even better. I thought to myself after the first one, "If God says heaven is better than anything on this earth then i cant wait to get there cause i felt like i was in heaven tonight." Thank you guys for a sensational time. I had a ball being part of the show, dancing and singing for over 2 hours. It was also great to see you all having fun too! Please come back to Melbourne soon!
u2 own melbourne!
what a night! what a show!! amazing, brilliant, overwhelming, unforgettable!! i have been to every u2 melb.show since 89' and this was by far the best of the best , by the best!! this band age like a fine wine, they just keep getting better and better!! i hope thei can find the bands fountain of youthand take a dip in it so as i get older i can perform as outstanding as they do!! really, f****** awesome show, a show i will never forget. thanks for coming all the way to melbourne boys.u were absolute amazing.
what bono said last thursday
can any one tell me what bono said to the other band members as they were saying good bye last thursday night in auckland it went somthing like this ,,, he did not wont me to tell you all that , then the all walked off stage would love to know cheers rory
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