U2360° TOUR

May 14 2011
Mexico City, MX / Azteca Stadium
with Snow Patrol

Another remarkable show tonight with a record-breaking Mexican audience totally pumped, a swathe of unexpected changes in the set list and the spirit of Frank Sinatra in the house.

'Where's Frank?' asked Bono during Until The End of the World. 'Thirteen years ago we said goodbye to Frank Sinatra...' At which point he broke into Strangers in the Night and before you knew it 100,000 Mexicans were also 'spreading the news'.

'Peace...peace... We need it all over the world and here in Mexico. I woke up this morning - drums in my head - even the car horns were playing a tune. I realised it wasn't a dream it was Mexico City.
'And it's Saturday night...there's magic in the air... we are Irish Latinos.'
Adam was introduced as Rafa Marquez, while 'behind me, he never changes, he still looks 24, the chicharito of the band, Larry Mullen' and Edge was christened Hugo Sanchez.

No two shows on this tour are the same and no-one could have predicted the set list for this second of three shows in Mexico City tonight.'With a red guitar, on fire...' Desire was back for its first appearance of 2011, followed by a beautiful version of Stay, which hasn't been performed since September 2009.Both songs got a rapturous response and with the umbrellas on the stage taken down we knew we were going to make it through without rain.

'Amazing,' said Bono, taking a breath. 'Incredible people, incredible country...'

Felt like everyone's breath had been taken away by this audience who now broke into spontaneous, stadium-wide chanting, then into singing the chorus of 'With or Without You'.
It became a chance to remember 'all those who have lost their loved ones'.
'You are not defined by this, you are defined by your humility, your generosity of spirit, your love of life. Thank you for letting us into your life...'

Another stand-out moment came with the dedication of a special track to Mexico.
'I wanna sing a song for Mexico. It's a message to the world from Mexico. And especially it's a message across the border to the United States of America.'
The band broke into Stand By Me with Bono customising the lyric: 'We don't need your love, We want your respect across the border... Stand by Me...Whenever you're in trouble wont you stand by me...'
As a powerful and moving tribute came to an end, he added, 'Let's close 9,000 gun stores, the other side of the border. Close them down.'

('Footnote:The day before he had learned that 85% of all the murders in Mexico have been committed by guns smuggled across the border from the US. Not hunting rifles, not even pistols, automatic weapons like AK47s. The ban on such weapons was lifted in 2004.)What did you make of the set list on this second night in Mexico City ? How was the show for you ? If you were in the Azteca tonight add your own review and upload your photos below.

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Bella Scarlet
Scarlet Moment of surrender
U2 is my life
Amazing concert! The best place in the world is a U2 concert! Thanks for the most beautiful moments in my life!
How could I forget to mention the amazing Scarlet? A great and charming piece of music that certainly deserved a comeback in the greatest tour ever.
Best Show Ever
Yep, this show was amazing, all the scenario, all the lights, i just missed the lighters at the rhythm of the sound, but instead of that, the claw was incredible.
Perfect night
It was my third U2 concert, the best by far. I can´t describe the feeling, so many moments when all Aztec Stadium became one voice and one huge heart. Love U2! Greatest band on Earth!
U2 GOD bless you!!
It was my 1st U2 concert... everything, from entering the Azteca Stadium, the Claw, the crowd, the lights, and, of course, the music was awesome... the best moment, when everything turned red to start playing Where the streets have no name... ufff..... what a moment... thank you..and God bless you all.
The best day of my life
It was just perfect, when I remember, it chills me to the bones, I don\'t have words to explain how wonderful it was.
oh my!
thank you for being who you are, for giving us love, faith, peace and a great example of how life should be, and of course thanks for your music! hope yo come back soon LOVE U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks U2 for this magical nigth, the best concert ever, I never forget, It was the best day of my life, Mexico is a great country i hope so come back very soon, thanks again bono, larry, adam, and the edge
It took me some time to write but....
The may 14th was fantastic, enoguh to say. I was looking for somre great songs, and U2 delivered. The best songs were: Even Better, Out Of Control, Stay, Zooropa and Ultraviolet. It worth every single penny! And I gotta tell you my U2 friends, I won´t ever witness the energy we the public and the band created that night. U2 and Bono knew it, and he said it. I do not know how many "thank yous" he said that night. He and U2 really enjoyed that special night. One more final thing: I would like to buy the audio of that concert. If you come out with that I will pay the price. Thanks guys, for one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. Keep rocking!!
spactacular show, full of colors and energy!!!
Thanks for the magical night!
The combination of the best band of the world that is U2 and the majestic Aztec Stage did that outside one night special by several situations: to break the record of attendance in its presentations during tour 360°, the technology of first (lights, audio and the great screen), unisonous of all the fans in each song that we sang, we jumped, we danced, moved and joy crying to us; and that to say of setlist of the concert of the 14 of May, uhaaa! All of luxury and most were of my the favorites two songs that wished especially sang in this presentation: Stay and Ultraviolet. All this has caused that is the best concert of my life and all the life remembers since it has been the ZooTV !!! U2 thanks for that by this great experience and that communion between the band and the 100.000 Mexican souls congregated that magical Saturday..... Viva U2 the Irish Latinos!!!!!
The best band ever!!!!!!
It was great, I could´t believe that I was there in the same place with my favorite band and the love of my life. Everything was spectacular sound, lights, performance... The best song magnificent and the memorable moment when all the azteca was singing at the same time with or without you. Thanks U2 for your music and social compromise. WE LOVE YOU!!!! LOS QUEREMOS. TE AMO AMORCIANO!!!!!!!
It was even better than the real thing
Even one of the biggest stadiums in the world, get short next to U2. It was a night with "magic in the air". It was the best day of my life. The concert reminded me, how much I love U2. I cried, I sang, I jumped so many time. Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry are awesome. Mexico always be there for the greatest band in the world.
Gracias U2 un concierto maravilloso, unico, increible, todo un sueño, gracias por venir a México y por su espectaculo tan grandioso. regresen pronto...
I loved hearing live STAY and ULTRAVIOLET, I think my favorite songs ever!! Simply, amazing!! We were there the most sick fans of the band and it really felt that way...
Thank you for everything, it was great !!! I attended the 3 concerts, the 3 memorable. I love U2. Greetings from Sexico
Thebest concert ever! El mejor de mi vida!!! Felicidades a U2 por el mejor show, y por la entrega de Bono en el escenario. I still singing all the songs from de concert, maybe this great sensation will last for a couple of months haha. My sister and I were in the inner circle, and was awesome!!! I was so happy! Fue el premio justo a más de un año de planear asistir a este concierto. Gracias
U2 awesome Show
Many thanks for the great night last saturday, It was the best day in my life, thanks for sharing with us your music!! really appreciated
1 week campign on the Azteca Stadium meeting great fans there, waiting by the rain and sun, all that I live there was the result of the best day of my life Just to few steps closer to Bono and the rest of the band thank u U2 for be part of my life the best concert of the all U2 360 Tour!!!
I love U2 . . .Atte. MAYE
Thanks for making my dream come true, for wrapping me in a capsule of magic that will never end, as their songs I will keep myself in it forever, i love, thanks for coming to Mexico, bon voyage! :D
Bono Flying over Me
Arrive to the Stadium at 6:00 of the morning ant enter to the Elipse at 3:00 pm.. The Claw...just Amazing, The Show just was perfect. Best Track, Im not parcial because Where The Streets HNN is my favorite of all time, Ultraviolet is the second best..all of them just perfect, Zooropa was a great surprise, Miss Sarajevo still shoking, Out of Control is a Great song, always cheers me up The must memorable moment: When Bono passed me by in Miss Sarajevo Song, exactly over me
Closing was amazing!!!!
During the second concert, closing was amazing, With or Without you, my favorite song of alls, the claw, the lights turning all around, was absolutely amazing!!!! And then, Moment of Surrender, my second favorite was increidible!!! I will never forget that, with my husbad hugging, was wonderful!!!!! Thank you Bono, Adam, Larry and The Edge for that eclectic concert!!!!
You are so bad !
You thrilled my soul and make me cry of joy like never before. Hope you can imagine how you got thousands of us tamed with that joyful noise. Please come back very soon, we need you so bad. You are our miracle drug for this hard days in our country.. We feel you like that next door friend who understand and support us with that plain and direct lyrics. Don´t need tons of stage for make us leave the ground again, only two cords and your truth =)
Great show
The show was amazing, but it could be perfect only they would play Pride, unfortunatly it didn´t happen, but come on, I don´t have any complain, I hope to see them again, and th comment of Irish Latinos was amazing
I Remember
Marcos is a Mexican U2 fan who died in a car crash 3 years ago, he came with me to the Vertigo tour and Pop Mart tour in Mexico City. Last Saturday I really miss him. but I´m sure he was viewing the show from the sky.
Memorable Moment
Inner Circle mood
We love you Irish Latinos!!!
Finally, the wait was over. After 18 months, one broken hip, multiple concerts cancelled and no signs for the 360° tour in Mexico, the day has come. And it was absolutely A BEAUTIFUL DAY. The best part... all of it!!! See you soon in Anaheim!!!
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