U2360° TOUR

May 14 2011
Mexico City, MX / Azteca Stadium
with Snow Patrol

Another remarkable show tonight with a record-breaking Mexican audience totally pumped, a swathe of unexpected changes in the set list and the spirit of Frank Sinatra in the house.

'Where's Frank?' asked Bono during Until The End of the World. 'Thirteen years ago we said goodbye to Frank Sinatra...' At which point he broke into Strangers in the Night and before you knew it 100,000 Mexicans were also 'spreading the news'.

'Peace...peace... We need it all over the world and here in Mexico. I woke up this morning - drums in my head - even the car horns were playing a tune. I realised it wasn't a dream it was Mexico City.
'And it's Saturday night...there's magic in the air... we are Irish Latinos.'
Adam was introduced as Rafa Marquez, while 'behind me, he never changes, he still looks 24, the chicharito of the band, Larry Mullen' and Edge was christened Hugo Sanchez.

No two shows on this tour are the same and no-one could have predicted the set list for this second of three shows in Mexico City tonight.'With a red guitar, on fire...' Desire was back for its first appearance of 2011, followed by a beautiful version of Stay, which hasn't been performed since September 2009.Both songs got a rapturous response and with the umbrellas on the stage taken down we knew we were going to make it through without rain.

'Amazing,' said Bono, taking a breath. 'Incredible people, incredible country...'

Felt like everyone's breath had been taken away by this audience who now broke into spontaneous, stadium-wide chanting, then into singing the chorus of 'With or Without You'.
It became a chance to remember 'all those who have lost their loved ones'.
'You are not defined by this, you are defined by your humility, your generosity of spirit, your love of life. Thank you for letting us into your life...'

Another stand-out moment came with the dedication of a special track to Mexico.
'I wanna sing a song for Mexico. It's a message to the world from Mexico. And especially it's a message across the border to the United States of America.'
The band broke into Stand By Me with Bono customising the lyric: 'We don't need your love, We want your respect across the border... Stand by Me...Whenever you're in trouble wont you stand by me...'
As a powerful and moving tribute came to an end, he added, 'Let's close 9,000 gun stores, the other side of the border. Close them down.'

('Footnote:The day before he had learned that 85% of all the murders in Mexico have been committed by guns smuggled across the border from the US. Not hunting rifles, not even pistols, automatic weapons like AK47s. The ban on such weapons was lifted in 2004.)What did you make of the set list on this second night in Mexico City ? How was the show for you ? If you were in the Azteca tonight add your own review and upload your photos below.

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Magnificent Concert!!!!
The best concert of my life......thanks U2 for your music, your lyrics.....never forget this day!!!
Best U2 show EVER!!! Thank you for playing Ultraviolet!! Make it a DVD.
baby baby baby!!!
i just can´t believe... one dream became reality last night, two years ago listen ultraviolet was just a dream, i used to sing it the loudest i could on my car, and now i sang it with my girl and 100 000 mexicans more... what a magical night!
U2 feelings!!!!
Why was this show (mex 2) different then the first one (mex 1)?? There was Something special!!! Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam can you share your feelings?
Super Ulta Concert !!
#U2360MX @u2mexico @u2_mx It is simply the best concert ever of U2 in Mexico City!! I love them!!!
All i wat is you, Ultraviolet and Bad!!
Please play those songs and we promise to sing as loud as you´ve never heard! we luv u2! welcome to Mexico, your home!
All I ask...
Hello Hello............hola am in a plac
good to know that we are about less than 7 days to be in the concert. I must want to know if anyone knows if cameras are allowed, I just want to bring my regular camera not a paparazzi kind, a regular and simple camera with flash and zoom less than 8X. regards
Please sing runinr to stand still and faroway (so close). DVD of U230
Please on May 14th show KITE will be the greatest song you can perform...PLEASE...love you...I´ve been in Boston with you at Gillette stadium en 2009....Can´t wait to see you again
México Estadio Azteca
I love U2!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t believe... Welcome to Mexico
Miracle Drug!
Please I know everybody it's making their request, you have no idea how your music makes me feel everytime i listen to it! please play Miracle drug, it wil mean the world to me!
Don´t forget play the best song "BAD"
My life is the best when I listen BaD, StUcK iN A MoMeNt, OuT of ConTroL, BabYFaCe, PrIdE, OrIGiNaL SpEcIeS, WhErE tHe StReEt HaVe nO NaMe, UlTrAVioLeT, Unknown CALLER on the AZTECA STADIUM.... See you soon and W E L C O M E U2... Under a grey smog SKy but with all your friends...
from Cancun!!!
Hi guys!! I´ve been on Vertigo tour on azteca stadium on 2006. I´m so pleased to be again on your show. It brings, for the 110 000 fans that will be there, a moment to be happy and singing, just to forget some horrible things happening in this beautiful country ! Please play on of these songs Numb, Bad, Zooropa, October or Spanish eyes :) :)
U2 in Aztec Land!
I cannot describe the joy of seeing U2 again in the best scenario possible with the more passionate fans in the world!! I am a long time fan and the thrill of a U2 concert in Mexico is the best feeling in the world!! I saw the tour in Sydney two times and it was the best concert of my life. Funny...in Sydney my wife was pregnant and the little one jumped all night long...now baby listens to any U2 song and smiles! Anyway, see you guys there...would be nice to ear All I want is you. Also, please remember the difficult situation Mexico is going through...we need some love! make us feel we still are "Magnificent"
Please keep Zooropa in the setlist for Mexico City!!!!!!!!!! It was a big surprise to hear this song again and in full...
In the name of El Salvador
my request for this concert is to hear Bullet the blue sky and kite... it will be AWSOME!!!!!!! please!!!! i'm doing this trip from El Salvador to mexico just to hear my favorite band and ask to come to EL SALVADOR ... someday...
I have not heard that you play KITE at any other show, being a father of two children as I am, this is a song that will make think more than one fan at the Estadio Azteca on May the 14th.
Estadio Azteca Tailgate !!
Cant wait !!! SODA MAN with free beer !!!
If you can find time for it
I see that you have a gazillion requests for songs already, and it will be impossible to please everyone, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to root for my own favorite. I would really love it if on the Saturday show you could play "Sometimes you can't make it on your own", because it always brings be strong memories of my mother, who passed away recently (and, to a lesser extent, of my father, who passed away some years ago). Thanks in advance. The fact that you're returning to Mexico is by itself already a fantastic treat!
im gonna be writting until my comment is published.!!! please for the 3 shows in mexico keep in the set list ULTRAVIOLET., and it would be awesome if you play ALWAYS!!!!!!.. for the true fans... please keep Ultraviolet and play ALWAYS too. thanks and have a beautiful day.
In 2005, I had an online request for ORIGINAL OF THE SPECIES to be played at Atlanta and while at stage you said "This is for you, sir". Now my request is for STAND UP COMEDY for the Saturday concert. Thanks.
Please bring back Unknown caller and Ultraviolet to the set list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a few changes would be nice too from the older tracks, like say Running to stand still, or please, or the fly, instead of maybe vertigo, or until the end.
Another special request
I'm a Costa Rican and if God will, I am going with my 3 brothers to finally see a U2 concert, we are long term fans, we all have every CD, DVD live and in studio produced by the band, and also lots of unofficial material gathered thoughout the years, while we have 100 songs we would love for you to play, it will truly make the wait worth it, if you can play Bad and The Unforgettable Fire, for the first time in a few years you were playing the "unforgettable" in the first leg, we originally had tickets for the July concert in Miami last year, but that got cancelled, now it seems you stop playing it, hopefully you can re consider for this one night, and Bad, well, there is always a 50-50 chance you will play it! Look for our glorious Costarican flag on the field that nigth!
A special request
Hello boys I would like to request touched to them "SO CRUEL", since it is a very special song for my wife and my, and although I have had the fortune to enjoy to the band in each one its tours by Mexico, this is the first time that I take so good company as my wife and because it would serve to propose a renovation to him of my love by her…. Truely one would thank for them ...... Jorge…
track list
i hope the band plays the next song, ultraviolet, unforgettable fire, running to stand still and stay (far away so close) those song Ive never hear at live, so wish i have the chance to hear. we waiting for you guys. Mexico love you
Over 100,000 Souls United 2nd Bigest Sta
Don´t forget to play One, a wonderful song, can´t way to fly over a 1000 miles to see the show, seems like a huge world wide event, one of the kind, awesome stage, looks like a big mother ship waiting to be play to the limit, Estadio Azteca Here I Come, U2 u salute you.
THX 4 the 2nd Show
Great show, can't wait to fly from TJ to D.F. MX Estadio Azteca awaits over a 100,000 united souls singing ONE, and the classics of course... awesome stage by the way, looks like a Big Mothership, like some one said this is a thing out of this world, congrats U2 for such a great felling... Can´t wait to see the show and the crow is already very exited... Cheers.
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