U2360° TOUR

Jul 26 2011
Pittsburgh, PA, US / Heinz Field
with Interpol

'Real Thing', The Fly, Mysterious Ways, Until The End of the World... what an unexpected set list U2360° has developed over two years and four continents. Twenty years after release the opening quartet of tracks from Achtung Baby lead us to the 1970's (I Will Follow),  back to now (Get On Your Boots),  to 1987 ('Still Haven't Found') and we're in 1993 (Stay) before we've even noticed the trip.

'If I could stay, then the night would give you up.
Stay, and the day would keep its trust.
Stay, and the night would be enough....'

Nobody else can do this, nobody else has the songs and the staying power and tonight, as Bono put it, on a beautiful evening in Pittsburgh,  'there's no place we'd rather be'.

The penultimate show of the tour, the last one in the US and at Heinz Field, on the site of the old Three Rivers Stadium,  Pittsburgh was up to the challenge. 'Hot summer night in the burgh, come on now champions, where you gonna take us?'

There's so many great people associated with this city that the band might feel intimidated, suggests Bono, but... actually they weren't! Pittsburgh may have introduced Charles Bronson to the world 'but we have our very own movie star, Larry Mullen Jnr.' Pittsburgh may be associated with that 'paragon of style and comfort Perry Como.. but I give you Adam Clayton!' The world would not be the same without the great Andy Warhol 'but could not the same be said of the man on my right... The Edge?'
As for the vocalist, he'll take comparisons with that blue-eyed soul singer Christina Aguilera: 'I'm in touch with my inner chick'.

Special guests  tonight included a little boy who received a tour of the stage during City Of Blinding Lights and 'Matt and Melissa', serious about the band and about each other, who slow-danced their way through With Or Without You as if they were the only couple in the house. 'I never thought of our band as a smoochin thing... '

We thought it was the beginning of the end when the lights went down, the cellphones came on and the milky way arrived 'for all the people who are trying to hang on' but Moment of Surrender from 2009 led into another song about surrender. This one came from 1984 and it arrives in the show like a miracle on special occasions, tonight complete with some Van Morrison and Lou Reed and a final benediction in '40'.
'This is a special song for a special city. This is for a very special man who grew up on Cedarwood Road. We wrote this song about him, we play it for him tonight...'

'If you twist and turn away.
It you tear yourself in two again.
If I could, yes I would
If I could, I would let it go.
Surrender, dislocate....'

Were you smoochin' or wide awake at the show in Pittsburgh tonight? What was the moment you thought you'd died and gone to heaven?  Post your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Pittsburgh!

Stay in Moncton
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my 4th 360 tour show
chicago tampa 09 and miami pitt 11 it seemed in miami they were done but tonight u2 pulled out all the stops even ended with bad amnesty one in house. Bono seemed so energized not even close the best show on tour. Thanks soooo much dont be gone to long. my 11th u2 show and first alone was simply awesome
great show, guys, rock on
from houston to chicago
Loved U2! Flew from Houston to the Windy City and had an amazing time! Thank you guys. Have fun in Burgh...wish i was there!
from chicago to pittsburg
We live in the Cleveland area, and we were just at the Chicago show which was completely out of control! And we decided we have to go to the Pittsburg show also! How could we not? Only 2 hours away! So pumped! Thanks for adding this show to the tour guys!!!!!!
Stayed UP all night in Oakland to get U2
Have really liked U2 since hearing Live From Red Rock. Also War and Unforgettable Fire! Really U2 is the most talented band in the World. Went to the the Joshua Tree tour almost 20 years. I am really phsyched they are Coming to Heinz field.. Pittsburgh hold down Fort Pitt.. That 360 Tour is going to be heard and felt all the way up to mount washington....
rewind and replay
i am just a fan another pixel on the screen. A line on a page, that gets lost in between. Just wanted to say Thank you, for your words and melodies; they often give me hope, in this world of extremities. Our eyes may never meet, and our paths may never cross; but our spirits become one, and one is never lost. Ill see you in Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks,Ill be close enough to see you but not enough to speak.One more night to shine in my tiny little world, before the tour is over, i needed to get my fill. After the show ill want to stay, and do absolutely nothing but rewind and replay.
flying to pittsburgh
i am flying to pittsburgh from florida to see them again. i saw the miami show and want more fun!!!!!!! Pittsburgh is where i grew up and went to high school. it will be cool seeing U2 there
does U2 know that Bob marley played his last concert in pittsburgh before he died? Was sept 23, 1977. I hope they mention this. maybe even play a Bob Marley tribute????????
oh i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
open mic
I invite U2 to the best open mic night in Pittsburgh. The night before your final US show, come on in to Club Cafe on the S Side and join in the mix. Dublin natives Mark Dignam(north sider) and Glenn Hansard have played here, so drop on by 7pm-11pm!
cant say goodbye 2
i to was in miami on 6-29 and this will b my 4th and last 360 show never been to pitt goin alone from fla looking for a 36 hr girlfriend to lift off with. utopian
Ohio Girl coming to PA
CANT WAIT! Hope to hear BAD and PARTY GIRL- <3 Bono
Coming from Australia to see my Boys!!
This will be my 5th U2 360 concert and I am coming from Sydney, Australia for the last US date. VERY EXCITED!!
I will see U2 two years and one day after seeing them in Dublin. Deadly! the countdown is on!
I will FOLLOW!
This over "40" year old "PARTY GIRL" is "ONE" of Bonos "Magnificant" fans who will follow him "Until the end of the World", because she loves him "BAD" and is "Out of Control" for "The Fly" Its gonna be a "Beautiful Day" and I will be "Stuck in a moment" when I hear him sing with such "DESIRE" that I may move in "MYSTERIOUS WAYS" after I "GET ON MY BOOTS" and "STAY" with "Pride" I just wish He would play "Bullet the blue sky".....Oh Bono, If only I could get pulled on stage! my dreams would all be met! your biggest fan scince 1985. and by the way, If your not busy, I am hiring a U2 tribute band called "one" to play at my house for the one year anniversary of my moms death (a celebration of life party) and would LOVE for you to crash it- just sayin ;)
22 days!!!
so looking forward to this show!! :D
cant say goodbye
just saw them in miami on wednesday and i just cant say gooddbye yet! just bought two tickets for the show in pittsburgh..i might be crazy but theres no better gift i could give myself!
I heard Ultraviolet for the first time in Chicago and Raleigh, NC, in 2009. I have been looking forward to this show since last year. This song is very meaningful to me...my wife is my light and she has always been there for me. I hope you make it part of your set list that night. I want to sing this with you and dedicate this song to my beautiful wife Anca! Allin Vesa MD Charlotte, NC
Hi from Honduras
I love U2!!!
I go crazy if I dont go crazy this night
Ohhh looking so fwd to the show........
Hi from Honduras
Hi...It will be my first time at show like this, with my favorite band...I love U2...The show it will be two days after my 33th birthday...the best form to celebrate for me. I am going to travel from my country, Honduras in Central America to United States only for this magnificent show...It will be great if you only say a few words for my country or only say hi "HONDURAS"...thank you! ;)
All the way from Denmark
My birthday was at the 11th (turned 16), and at 2am (gmt+1) U2 was on in Brasil, so I sat back and enjoyed my present, if you will ;) I am really looking forward to the REDZONE tickets at the Pittsburgh show - i am coming all the way from Denmark - the saddest country on earth. If you will sing Original of the species as you did during vertigo tour or/and Electrical Storm I would be very happy!! even if you dont - a day with U2 is still the best day ever!
so fun when the irish come round. whats to wear?
I am on my way
I will be there all the way from sydney all flights booked and ticket s paid for cant wait. How lucky am I. The two Sydney shows were Magnificent and to be in the red zone for the second was fantastic at all the shows I have been to I have never been that close.
anxious for U2!!
just got my tickets and can't wait! it's gonna be a blast!
U2 in the Burgh
Soooo psyched! My favorite band in my favorite city, and with any luck watching from in the pit! As long as Moment of Surrender graces the setlist, it should be beyond incredible!
Cannot wait, was at the Chicago Sep 14th show in 09 and so anxious to see the show again....magnificent!! I will be on the floor trying to get as close as I can..Please sing Bad!!!! xxoo Gina
we will be there again
After the great shows in Milan (2009) and Brussels (2010) we will be there in Pittsburgh in 2011! All the way from Europe!
I would love for them to play either "Stay" or "Bad" or both!
From Richmond VA
I will be driving to Pittsburgh to see the show. Want some tips about being close by the stage. I got GA admission and want to be at Bono's butt LoL Well, I would sleep in line if necessary! JM
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