U2360° TOUR

Feb 18 2011
Cape Town, ZA / Cape Town Stadium

'What time is in the world... and where are we going?' asked Bono, as U2360° took off again in Africa. 'Egypt, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa...'

And we went to those places and we went to others like Burma and Libya but tonight the show itself didn't stay in Cape Town. It went out live on radio stations right across the continent of Africa - and live online through U2.com to fans on every other continent. Tonight felt like a truly global event.

Don't take our word for it - here's a sample from our live text stream as people tuned in from all over.

'Ireland hearing Cape Town now - Yeeessss'; 'Streaming at Japan, Now I hear, thank you sharing us.' 'Working Well@Buenos Aires, Argentina.'; 'Loud and clear in New Zealand - thanks U2!'; 'Finnish lapland. Close to -30 degrees outside. Me in my warm apartment listening U2:)'; 'The sun is shining here in Brazil, but its already a night to go crazy!'

The voices of The Soweto Gospel Choir on the 'Rainbow People' remix gave way to Beautiful Day and as the band arrived on stage the Cape Town Stadium exploded with anticipation. 'The world just seems to have shrunk,' said Yardie, listening in to the crystal clear audio feed. Or to put it another way, as Ricardo in Brazil chimed in, 'Tonight we are all Africans...'

It was one particularly iconic African, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, who made a surprise appearance for 'Still Haven't Found' performing a powerful duet with Bono - staying on stage as the song ran into Stand By Me. Bono followed that with one of the more surreal band introductions in a sequence on this tour which has tested the bounds of the surreal several times. Tonight it featured 'the Llama of U2' (Adam), 'the meerkat of U2', (Larry), the 'ring tailed lemur and spider-monkey of U2' (that'll be Edge then) and finally, 'feet barely touching the ground, elegant, graceful...' Edge was invited to name this exotic creature. 'The Wildebeest,' he suggested.

For two years U2360 has featured one of this country's most famous sons, Archbishop Tutu, up on the screens every night as One arrives. But tonight, as in Johannesburg, Pride (In The Name of Love) focussed on another South African living legend, Nelson Mandela. The audience reaction was spine-tingling.

'February 13th, nineteen-ninety
words ring out under a southern sky
Free at last, to live your life
The lion of Africa and his pride...'

'In the name of love,' tweeted ncamerondavies, 'rededicated to dada Madiba - the father of this nation South Africa! God bless you Madiba.

'For Madiba, Nelson Mandela,' added Bono. 'In our thoughts and prayers this evening...'

Sunday Bloody Sunday went out 'to our brothers and sisters in Libya' before Scarlet provided the musical bed for a rap celebrating the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, passing on her thanks to those who campaigned for her freedom - and asking one more thing.
''Don't forget about my sisters and brothers,' she says, '2300 political prisoners still in the jails of Burma for the crime of believing an election result.' So we will not forget...''

Walk On, One, Streets... we followed the band to Africa tonight and it was like no other show.

'Thank you for listening in from all over the continent, listening online, listening in to the mother city Cape Town...' said Bono. 'Thanks to everyone who has signed up to the One Campaign.

'I don't want to go home... take out your phones, let's do a little magic trick, you'll have to picture this on the radio, online, across the continent, we're turning this beautiful stadium into the milky way right now, all the lights are out, just the spirit of Africa lighting up the sky...'

And with that everyone gave in to A Moment of Surrender...

Were you at the show tonight? Add your own review below and upload your photos.

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AnnSants - 18 Feb 2011-CRAZY UNDER THE C
What a beautiful Day, worth waiting for for 13 years! How do I express this? Magnificent?Crazy? Whichever way, Seeing U2 live again after so long, was like meeting long last family members! This memory will be ignited Until the end of the World!. I personally think that the entrance song was The Best on the whole U2360 tour, and My absolute favorite was CRAZY. I want to thank U2 for making Cape Town part of this tour, for making my biggest dream come true, and for making their Musical Journey, My Miracle Drug.!
Wow, this is awasome
U2 under a Capetonian sun
Flew from Canada to South Africa to watch this show. Thank you so much to the band for another magical experience and to the beautful city of Cape Town for an incredible time. I have been a massive fan of U2 for the past twenty years; fell in love with the music in my teens and the love is still going just as strong today in my mid-thirties. This music is an integral part of my life and I can't live without it. So look forward to seeing them again in July in Toronto, Montreal and Moncton.
A dream come true
I have been a huge U2 fan for the last 10+ years and have always said that I want to see them live at least once in my life even if it meant flying to the States or Europe. So seeing them live in Cape Town was a real dream come true. I battled to sleep the whole week leading up to the show. My wife and I got up at the crack of dawn and spent the day in the GA que. In the end all the sleepless nights and waiting where totally worth it! Its hard to put into words what happens when these four guys get onto stage and play music together. The whole becomes much more than the sum of the parts. If I had to pick a few highlights I'd have to say the Mandela dedicated Pride, Still Haven't Found/Stand by Me with Yvonne Chaka Chaka and of course Amazing Grace/Streets. I really hope that I will have the opportunity to see them live again, but for now I will cherish this experience..
What a phenomenal evening - had goosebumps when the whole stadium sang to several songs - will never forget it, come back U2 - Cape Town is missing you already!
Out of this World
The goal was soul!!! These guys have it and the crowd played along. What magical performances, long after the craziness is dark and silent the memory of it will remain ignited in our memories. The most memorable moment before the concert was the level of excitement in our household when we suspected that this überband would be performing in SA. I now have so many cherished memories they are difficult to process. Hugh Masekla and Yvonne Chaka Chaka were fabulous surprises. Historical February Freedom was met by those expecting a liberated future in Egypt as the images attested. In our house, we’re still making a joyful noise. Magnificent – Thank you U2!!!
You said you'd wait 'till the end of the
Well, we waited and waited, and FINALLY, U2 came back to South Africa! After travelling to Dublin and New York on the last 2 tours to see them, it was so nice to watch them perform in South Africa. Went to both epic shows and was blown away by the band's high quality performances! They did not falter once! And I don't think they were expecting the response they got from the SA crowds. Most memorable moments were when Bono put on the horns - a little impromptu throwback to Zoo TV? And Miss Sarajevo is always a special song to see live. Cannot wait for the next tour!!!
4 Irishman & 75 000 Capetonians
This was my 2nd U2 concert , have been a fan since 1980 and went to see the show with 20 of my mates , after Popmart in 1998 only the 360° tour rocked this city to bits....thanks to U2 for been part of my life and for touring this awesome city , i know you guys are gonna be back in Cape Town again...and to the 75 000 Capetonians ,it was awesome rockin with you in the greates city in the world to the best band on the planet.
U2 360 - Cape Town
U2 360 was the best experience I have ever experienced. Everything about it made it special, the awesome light effects, the sound, the crowd, the atmosphere and most of all, the band! Before the concert, we walked on the fan walk and on one of the street's sign board, someone had stuck another sign on top of it saying " Where The Streets Have No Name"! Some of my favourite songs from the evening, had to be Vertigo, With or Without You and Sunday Bloody Sunday. Thanks so much to U2, I will never forget this experience.
Good support acts
I had my doubts about Mariam & Amadou - I was wrong! They were brilliant. Amadou plays a mean guitar solo, and Mariam sings with gusto! The other musos were all virtuosos! Fantastic! They really put Springbok Nude Girls to shame. Thanks, U2!
After being a U2 fan for many years, it was a dream come true to finally see them live in my home town. Bono singing Amazing Grace and the duet with our very own Yvonne Chaka Chaka singing Stand By Me - too beautiful. Thanks to all of you for a truely memorable night! Peace and love x
Thanks U2
Cape Town won't forget that show in a hurry !
Moved To Tears..
Didn't expect to react the way I did seeing U2 walk onto stage, I was moved to tears. So very grateful to have had this once in a lifetime experience. Cannot thank the band enough for coming to SA and for a world class mindblowing experience. Most memorable moment? Bono and Yvonne Chaka Chaka singing Stand by Me. Best track? Bono crooning Hold Me Thrill me, and then swinging from the microphone. What a band... Best birthday present I could have asked for!
Cape Town
U2 you rocked Cape Town to the core! "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" was sung back to you and I still get goosebumps thinking of it! You're legends and I look forward to your next concert but please make it soon!
i seriously don't think words will do any justice in trying to describe what an experience it was and as such i will keep it short. What a spiritual experience! Best "gospel" concert ever! Magnificent, End of the world, Still haven't found what I'm looking for, Vertigo, Walk on, One, Amazing Grace, With or Without you, Moment of Surrender...Nuff said! i fear many people will perhaps frown upon or not understand what I'm on about however.
M A G N I F I C E N T ! ! !
A dream come true! My boyfriend and I wanted to see the 360 tour but we saw that South-Africa was not on the list..So we wrote it on our fridge that we should go overseas to see them perform (we have a list of all the places we want to go to...) After ten months U2 announced that they would tour South Africa! We were thrilled! We went to see them at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg! Phew! They are the best rock band in the world! Thanks U2! You guys ROCK! The memory will linger forever...They played most of my favourite tracks. I enjoyed "With or without you" and the beautiful lights that lit up the stadium as if in space floating..
What a high to be able to see U2 Live. It was the first time in my life I understood the girls that went HYSTERICAL when seeing the Beatles. I was bursting with hysteria when they made it the most Beatutiful day of my life.The crowd was rocking together as One and it was a dream come true to sign and join all the campaignes U2 stand for.I can't say i have a favorite song or a highlight as every precious minute with them were all that and more.
What Time Is It -? Still U2 o'clock In C
I attended the Cape Town show on the 18th of Feb - and it was like walking on the moon! In fact I think I have yet to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. What really struck me was the relationship between the band members, that was awesome to see after being a fan for so many years. The heart of U2 beats as mighty as a lion's, I have never seen that in any other performance by any other band. The vibe of the crowd and the spirit of the band moved me on every level. THANK YOU U2 FOR AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE!! It truly was The Greatest Show On Earth, if not the universe! And please come back - SOUTH AFRICA LOVES YOU! Now if only my friends can get me to stop U2logising - lol!
U2 at the Cape Town stadium was magical. From the pure genius of the Claw, to the lights and the giant moving screen - not to mention the guys themselves. Loved Bono's sense of humour, saying that South Africa has the Big Five but that they (U2) are the small-to-medium four! How touching that the references in Pride to the Rev. Luther King Jr. were changed to the release of Mandela. Yvonne Chaka Chaka's duet with Bono was gorgeous. Check out this photo by my seatmate, Charnell Timms (and go to her Charnell Timms Photography facebook site for more). Only a fisheye lens could capture the entire scene! Thanks U2 for gracing the Mother City with your presence.
Rocking out in the Mother City
Once in a lifetime show!!
Great show guys. This was our second concert of the tour, and after the transport problems in Istanbul, this was so well organized. Loved the Red Zone...must do it again : )
Best Show In The World
Last night was absolutely fantastic! In 30 years on this earth I have loved and adored U2 for 16 and I am totally honoured to have been at this concert. Not only did South Africa make me proud but I feel like the vibe in the stadium really struck a chord with the band - we are not the biggest crowd but we show the most love. Thanks Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam for making my dreams come true and showing me that sometimes there are bands out there who do not differ in any way from their albums.... Cape Town, you did this country proud! The infrastructure and visible policing was exceptional.Big Concerts, you did a great job at sorting out any technical issues. A W E S O M E!!!!!!
U2 rocks!! A beautiful day in all senses of the word!! To be an arm's length away from Bono - no words can describe the emotion. We waited 12 years for this awesome event. U2 - please may it not be another 12 years before we see you again!!
From Beautifull day to Moment of surrender, the show absolutely rocked!! The stage, the vibe, the screen, the sound, the vibe... everything was absolutely amazing!! "I'll go crazy" was awesome. Obviously "Streets have no name" was pretty special too! Thanks U2... hope you guys come back very soon...
Even better
Fantastic day in Cape Town. Trip to Robben Island in the morning, then off to the stadium and a show which included 'Pride' with a tribute to Mr Mandela. Priceless! Also appreciated 'I will follow' and the "new" videos from a time when we were all younger. Only "problem" with inner circle is that I forget to watch the screens as the band is RIGHT in front of you. Great show - and at least to me, it was even better than the show in Johannesburg last Sunday. Even managed to get a bit of a tan (burn, actually) while waiting outside the stadium. Will hopefully make the snow at home easier to handle. See you in North America in a few months - will look out for the watering holes.
Ultraviolet and Unforgettable Fire (from the other 360 shows). And a surprise of New Years Day & Bullet the Blue Sky won't go amiss either...:-). The Jhb show was awesome, but I'll think of it as just a warm-up for Cape Town. Let's get this show of the ground!!!!
Our house
Cape Town, here we come, the Irish are in the house!!!
Jules can't wait
I just can't wait for Friday night when U2 will be rocking Cape Town. On the other hand I wish this anticipation will never end. I can't believe my life long dream of seeing U2 live is upon me. The only other highlight and most likely the road to a total heart explosion would be to meet the band. U2 forever!
Field of dreams
They said it in the movie "if you build it they will come". Well, we built it and U2 are coming to Green Point! Let's rock the mountain!
Phoenix Park Dublin on a glorious Sunday afternoon in Aug 1983 to Cape Town in Feb 2011 - 28year wait is coming to an end. Let's Rock and Roll!
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