U2360° TOUR

May 29 2011
Winnipeg, MB, CA / CANAD Inns Stadium
with The Fray

'People have been saying it's cold? No, not at all!' mused Bono, as a huge Canadian audience cheered in agreement. ' I don't know what they're talking about. You're Canadians, we're Irish and we have some real men in the band, you know who you are...

'Fourteen years ago we played a show here we will never forget. It's a privilege for us to come and play for you. 'What are you going to play for us The Edge?

The Edge had prepared a number called All I Want Is You and with its opening bars, Winnipeg could hardly have been hotter. Earlier planes from the Canadian airforce aerial team The Snowbirds had offered us three dazzling fly-bys in the minutes before the show, including one which spectacularly circled the stadium, but it was Even Better than The Real Thing that signalled the arrival of the main space attraction of the evening.

'Hands in the air Winnipeg,' announced Bono, as the 360 space ship signalled take-off. 'That's Winnipeg with two 'n's' he added, referencing an earlier on-screen typo.

It's always good to be in Canada and although it was one of the coldest nights of the tour, the threatened rain never materialised and the warm reception of this capacity audience kept the temperature rising all night long.
'Winnipeg smells like Roses,' said Bono, holding up a bunch of flowers, handed to him towards the end of Until The End of the World. ' Flowers for Damascus, Flowers for Peace...'
Special mention to The Fray, who are playing support on these opening North American dates. 'Thanks to The Fray for coming on this adventure with us. They told us they'd take us out for dinner last night and stuck us with the bill. But its cool....'

Tonight will live long in the memory for being the fiftieth anniversary of Amnesty International and focussing on ' a beautiful spirit' who symbolizes the human longing for freedom.

'Aung San Suu Kyi is to Asia what Nelson Mandela is to Africa,' rapped Bono, after an elegiac version of Scarlet. 'She has lived without her freedom in Burma for most of the last twenty years, under house arrest.
'Her crime was to believe the election result that made her leader of that country. But she's out now and that is a very special thing for this band and for our audience who have campaigned for her release for the past ten years or more. And Amnesty International who campaigned for twenty years.'

'Walk on, walk on
What you got they can't steal it
No they can't even feel it
Walk on, walk on...
Stay safe tonight...'

As Walk On closed, Bono recalled the origins of Amnesty, half a century ago, before raising a pint of Guinness in tribute: 'Fifty years ago Amnesty was formed because two Portuguese students were imprisoned for seven years for raising a toast to freedom, so in their honour tonight we raise a toast to freedom and might you join us in singing Happy Birthday to Amnesty International...'

A rousing and moving birthday chorus for Amnesty gave way to 'another special message which was unbelievable to imagine even a year ago.'Onto the huge screens above the stage the iconic face of Aung San Suu Kyi herself appeared, bringing thanks from the people of Burma for the work of Amnesty and of U2 fans in campaigning for freedom in her country.

Only One could follow that and it did before 'Streets', 'Hold Me, Thrill Me...' and finally With or Without You when the cellphones of Winnipeg turned 'this place into the milky way.'

'What a wonderful night, thank you, thank you...'

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Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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First Concert
Perhaps U2 360° for their first show experience has set them up for a lifetime of unmet expectations. Perhaps. But, for one chilly May evening in 2011, they were the most excited 7 and 8 year olds in town! The memories are warm. Cheers!
Hot show on a cold night!
Loved the show. Me, my son , daughter, and her boyfriend went to the show. Bono waved to us while arriving as we waited in line at the Red Zone gate. Best song for me was Zoopora. Cold night, but a hot show! We were only about 30 feet from the stage in the center area and had a great view. Second time i have seen them in Winnipeg. Hope to see them again.
Amazing Winnipeg Concert
Was an absolutely amazing, inspiring, soulful moment in time that U2 made that much more special...looking forward to the future!
Dublin, Chicago, Los Angeles,Winnipeg, S
Our group has seen the tour in 5 venues beginning at Croke Park in Dublin. This time we brought 6 adults, 9 kids, 2 vans, 8 hours drive time, and a cavity search at the border. it was all worth it. Great job boys. Having fans read lyrics from BTO at just the right time added a special local touch to the show. See in you Minneapolis!
U2 AMAZING Concert for ALL
The concert exceeded expectations, even considering we were at the Elevation tour in Toronto. The bonus was having the Canadian Snow Birds buzz the stadium just before the show began. We have been fans since the early days of U2 and introduced our 10 year old son to the music. I think we ruined him for future concerts since it will be hard to compare anything else to this concert. Fabulous job!!! Look forward to future concerts and to being inspired to be better citizens of the world. U2 ROCKS
Thanks fellas!
Outstanding show last night in "WINE-PEG". Thanks for coming and keep healthy for your good work in this world.
U2 Rocked the Peg!!!
It was a great night. The claw, huge video screen and production were all top notch but best of all was listening to the band rock the house all night long. I have been a fan for many years but to see them live was such an unforgettable experience. Set list was great and I was so pumped that they played Miss Sarajevo (one of my all time favorites). Thanks for including Winnipeg in the U2360 tour!
Amazing show! Loved all the songs you played!! Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me; With or Without you, Elevation, All I want is you, Mysterious Ways...shall I go on?? Lol. The Milky way was amazing! Had a blast!!!
WOW, even better than the real thing! Great show as usual, thanks for the memories...
Even Better than Before
I saw the 360 show in Chicago in Sept. of 09, it was amazing. So good in fact I had to go to it again. Winnipeg was my choosen location. Last nights show in Winnipeg was amazing. Even better than the first time in Chicago. Thanks for the wonderful time. All I heard leaving last night was how amazing it was. I agree.
I wish I could met you guys! Im going to the Winnipeg concert on Sunday. Would be a dream if I could meet you!
Have a great night in Winnipeg, I know you will.. Have a blast..
Bullet the blue
Surprise even the fullest fan with something not yet played. Show these kids in the peg why you are the best band in the world.
The time is coming
There are less than 10 days ... The Fly was a big surprise, as they did with Zooropa and Out of Control in Sao Paulo. The sound of guitar music taken from this is unique. The Unforgettable Fire would also be welcome again. Gilson Felizardo - Curitiba -Brazil
From Brazil to Winnipeg
Two concerts in Sao Paulo not sufficed me. I am already with tickets for Winnipeg on 5 / 29. Please play Ultraviolet and Out f Control. It is Brazil in Winnipeg ... See you later U2..Gil Felizardo - Curitiba - Brazil
Please play Zooropa and Scarlet in Winnipeg! Two of my all time faves that I NEVER expected to be played live. Keep them in the set please!
Welcome back mates
My Name is Mark Souce I like to think I am Winnipeg Manitoba's biggest u2 fan here is why. it was June 12th 1997 when Isaw U2 for the first time I was not a big fan but after the show I had to make room for a 2nd fav band of mine with the Cure being the other band i saw U2 a second time in Miniapolis on the Vertigo Tour in 2005 and a 3rd time in Chicago on there current 360 tour in 2009 was interveiwed by the Chicago tribune and I am seeing U2 3 times in 2011 first show will be Denver Colorado the 2nd show will be in my hoem town of Winnipeg I was also interveiwd by CTV Winnipeg for the upcoming Winnipeg U2 show on May 29th 2011 I hope who in the u2 managment who read this that maybe they can set up a meeting so I can meet the band.See you all on May 29th welcome back Larrry Adam,Edge and Bono.
Flood prayers
In 1997, when the band graced the stage at CanadInns Stadium, Bono referenced the "mighty red" as communities around the province battled the infamous 'flood of the century'. On May 29th this year, as U2 takes the same stage, the very same river will once again be testing the strength of all communities it passes through. I look forward to the concert...will be a spiritual boost in troubled times. Thanks to the band and management for choosing Winnipeg as a stop.
Finally back in the PEG! It's been toooo..long since POP MART? Can't wait!
Greener Pastures and Warmer Climates
I bought my tickets this morning for the Winnipeg, Canada show and am already anticipating the event - even if it is 7 months away. Hoping though that the lads do indeed extend the tour past July 2011, and book shows in my home town of Belfast, Northern Ireland (Greener Pastures) or where my brother has lived for the past ten years, Honolulu, Hawaii (Warmer Climate). Best of both worlds really - visiting home, visiting family and seeing a U2 Concert. Cuir do lámh i mo láimh, agus ná féach siar go deo (Put your hand in my hand, and never look back). Sláinte, Greg.
U2 coming to Winnipeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier. This is going to be my moment. I have loved the band since I was a teenager...and will never stop loving them.
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