U2360° TOUR

Jun 22 2011
Baltimore, MD, US / M & T Bank Stadium
with Florence and the Machine
'What a beautiful midsummer nights dream' said Bono, towards the end of one of the hottest nights of the tour in Baltimore tonight. 'Unbelievable...'

Or as Max, one of our presenters on the live feed in Zootopia put it:'80s and humid - possibility of Shirtless Adam: mid to high...'

And so it was as the forecasts of thunder and rain failed to materialise and the storm clouds disappeared by the time the band took the stage at the home of The Ravens tonight. We were expecting 'Real Thing' to open the show but still a surprise to hear Edge wind up The Fly after that - hard to beat the 'Kraut Rock - circa 1991'.

Florence and The Machine were up earlier for their first night on the tour and Bono thanked them for taking a ride on the space ship.
'It's great to be back, it's so beautiful, Maryland.' The rolling hills reminded him of Wicklow - that went down well.

After introducing everyone else, first of several special mentions to Clarence Clemons as 'Still Haven't Found' featured snatches of Springsteen before we were all singing Stay (Faraway So Close).
'If I could stay, then the night would give you up.
Stay, and the day would keep its trust.
Stay, and the night would be enough....'

Was the night enough for you in Baltimore ? How hot did it get and what was the moment you'll never surrender ? Write up your own review of the show and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Baltimore

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A wonderful first time experience
I grew up listening to U2, often times being ridiculed by my friends for being a fan of an old band from the 80's. I started listening at age five to the album Joshua Tree and by age six knew every lyric to every song. At age ten I spent my summer saving up mowing lawns so I could buy the complete collection release on Itunes when it first came out. There I was, three months ago, walking in to a concert I had been dreaming of for years. They played every song I loved, from the echoing chords of Until the End of the World, all the way to the intimate moment of I still haven't found what I'm looking for. I have looked back on that concert every day, and at the sheer splendor of the most incredible band in the world at the moment. You can have your Coldplay, your Metallica, and your opera, I'm a kid U2 fan and couldn't be more proud I attended this concert
Best birthday present ever
I planned the trip to Baltimore to see U2 as a surprise birthday present for my wife, and she absolutely loved it. By far the best concert we\'ve been to, from the band opening with four \"Achtung Baby\" tracks to the soaring spiritualism of \"Still Haven\'t Found What I\'m Looking For\" and the eternal hopefulness of \"Beautiful Day.\" Bono appeared moved to the point of tears when the crowd continued singing \"Pride\" to the band after the last instrumental notes had faded, and he wasn\'t the only one. It was a truly an uplifting, once-in-a-lifetime experience. My intention was for the surprise trip and concert to be one of those things you look back on when you\'re older and think, \"Man, that was incredible.\" The concert fulfilled every wish and more. Every moment, every note, every sentiment, every sound (spoken, sung and otherwise) that came from the band was exactly right - nothing more and nothing less than was needed.
My First Concert.
I live in India and I was in Baltimore for an internship program. This was my first concert and i don\'t think it could have been any better. Words cant justify to what i felt with U2 and 75000 people. It felt that we all connected to create a mural. My best track was moment of surrender. and my moment of surrender was towards the end of \'Pride\' when Bono stopped singing but people continued and he expressed how grateful he was to the crowd for being their tonight. Might sound naive but felt as if he was saying that to me.I dont think i will ever forget that night. I can\'t wait to see them again. Hope that they play in India too.
Wish I could agree with the rest of you.
Since my wife has been a huge U2 fan for a few decades, I surprised her with tickets to the Baltimore show. Unfortunately, the acoustic distortion was so severe in our direction that we couldn\'t even recognize half of the songs. I\'m glad the rest of you had such an amazing time!
1st Time in GA
Awesome...Awesome...Awesome. It was my 1st time in GA section and I was inside circle. Unbelievable. Except for a few bozos who pushed, elbowed, and shoved their way into a prime spot, the crowd was very mature and polite. I got great photos and wish I could share more of them with you.
Pretty damn good
So this was my 16th U2 show and 5th of the 360 tour but certainly not my last. I got to the GA line at 10:30am and was number 234. Pretty good if you ask me. after waiting outside all day and meeting some great people we finally got organized at about 3:30 to get our wristbands. I have to say that the Security at M&T bank Stadium was the best I have seen at any show I have been to. they knew what they were doing, kept the piece and didnt take crap from nobody. they were also very friendly. As for the show it was not my favorite that I have seen but it was still very good. the band seemed excited to be there, I was alittle concerned because of the the upcoming Glastonbury performance. but they brought everything they had and even on this hot muggy night they hung in there. Bono slashed water on us a few times in the inner circle, OMG it felt great. Zooropa, the Fly and Even Better Than the Real Thing were my highlights. All in all a great day and night albeit HOT and sweaty but totally worth it. See you in Toronto boys. Cant wait.
Best U2 show to date!
The heat and humidity only added to the show! Hearing The Fly was such a treat! The woman standing next to me caught the rose Bono dropped into the pit. I was not prepared for him to drop it! LOL :) Looking forward to the show in Pittsburgh!!
Amazing show!
U2 in Baltimore
Thank you U2 for coming to Baltimore!! It was an incredible concert!! I have been a fan for 30 yrs and my last concert was in 1987 at RFK for the Joshua Tree Tour.
AMAZING!!! This being the third time seeing U2 in my life, I must confess it truly was the best. Not only was the air thick with humidity, the heat from the stage made it even hotter. Opening with a few from Achtung Baby - wow wow wow. The fact that the shows leading up to Baltimore all had "snippets" of songs made me worry I would be treated to bits and pieces of new material rather than the songs I love (relax, I always love new material but I have yet to have an emotional attachment to it to give it my full passionate fist pumping :)) Hearing the opening guitar on Zooropa turned me into a frenzied lunatic. I have always wanted to hear this live and there it was - blaring from the speakers - the blue light of the fully extended video screen soaking us all in its glow - I felt as one with the music. As I always say about seeing U2 live...I am an atheist but when I see U2, for those two hours, I am a believer!
My 3rd 360 show - this was the best of the 3! The band looked like they were having as much fun as we were in the audience. Thank you for a non-stop roller coaster ride. Wish I could get back in line and ride it again. Sadly, this was my last 360 show. Best of luck with the rest of the tour!
80K people at M&T stadium was quite the sight. The show was amazing. I think the most memorable moment was during CIty of Blinding lights when the arena lit up and you could see just how many people were rocking out to the show.
the best
thank you to my uncle for a night ill never forget the show was the best ever it was a one in a life time for me richard robinson is the best uncle in the worl thank you for a great night with the best band in the world u2 baby
Just WOW
This is the 2nd time I saw this tour. Saw them at Soldier Field in Chicago and now drove to Baltimore from Buffalo NY to see them with my brother who hadnt seen them since the Joshua Tree tour. All I have to say is WOW what a great set for Baltimore to see. I loved it even more the second time and now want to get tickets for the Toronto show. Great job guys I dont know how you had so much energy in that heat and humidity.
Beautiful Day-ONE Hot Baltimore
Great Show-Lost a few pounds on this my first show of Leg 3- Now on to Miami... Cant imagine it will be any hotter than it was in MARYland! Thanks for coming. Hope The Band cools off a little in Glastonbury before the rest of US summer..Love Love Love U2..
Thank You
Thank you for including Baltimore on your tour. It was a great concert and a great night for Baltimore and the Rock Music World !!
A Great Life
Thank you for providing the soundtrack to our great life, U2. Our 6th show and by far the best, as we made the inner circle and Bono sang Miss Sarajevo just to us--the perfect 10th anniversary gift! Hopefully there will be many more to come, so we can take our kids Paul and Grace (aptly named) next time. Thank you, love you, see you soon!
my first show and it was best thanks for the fly and ultraviolet
u2 Baltimore
Wow !!! thank you u2 for coming to Baltimore ...it was an amazing show... watching you performing live is unbelievable !! the band is really spectacular... i am very fortunate to be able to watch you live... i was born in a very remote place in the Philippines and never did i know that i can watch you live... again thank you.. and keep on making music ... more power.
One Hot Show!!!!
First show in the series of 3 for us and can`t say enough about how great it was. Great to hear a mix of old and new songs. Can`t play everthing. We`d still be there. Absolutely incredible stage. Congratulations Adam on the birth of your child. Looking forward to Philly and PIttsburgh. CUSOONU2. I am One.
Anyone else with "reserved field seats"
Great show, great night. Except for the fact our tickets had a section, row, seat number all on them but when we got to the field we were told there are no reserved seats and the inner circle was full. Did anyone else have this experience
Unbelieveable organization
I have to say this was THE best in terms of organazation between U2 security and venue security. i think in the past venue security is not prepared for the large crowd. The secuirty that works for Ravens secuirty has worked many superbowl events and knew what to expect. They were willing to work with U2 security and fans to make it the best possible. The GA line was ordely and kept in order. They brough us in 100 at a time....counting I know 1...2....3...4...etc (at least for the first 100). I was #53. They line the first 100 into 5 pens and we went in pen by pen. So the person who was #1 in line actually got front stage center...as it should be!! Kudos also to organaztion once in the gate. They had loads of security lining where we enetered the field keeping people from running and pushing. They also divided us up as we hit the floor so some enerteed stage ;eft and some stage right to the inner circle. Fantastic, is all I can say. Well done to everyone. Now, the band, well needless to say it was amazing. Adam was all smiles last night, unfortunately not shirtless. :) Thank you boys for filling my heart with so much joy, as always
Amazing and heartache
I was, as always, amazed by U2 - this is my third concert on this tour alone. I have to admit though I was heartsick that U2 did not at least acknowledge what happened in Northern Ireland the day before ... maybe before, after Bloody Sunday... Regardless of the politics, the show made me dance, scream, sing and weep, exactly right. Thank you, as always, for your music
CRAZY awesome!
I have now seen Crazy performed three times (DC, Rome and Baltimore). It was better each time!
Great Night in Baltimore
Absolutely thrilling to the core! 30 year fan but 1st show.... Thanks
Band of the Century
What really impressed my wife was all the political statements and unselfish love for humanity. What impressed me the most was Bono’s statement, “thanks for giving us a great life”.
Dream come true
Definitely a show I didn’t want to miss. Since I discovered U2 around 17 years old, I’ve had nothing but good vibes whenever I heard their music. Whether on the radio, record, tape, CD and now MP3, so many memories have been built on their lyrics and melody… over 25 years. Wow!
missed the show...
We had our tickets and a hotel room reserved... but ended up delivering our baby that evening instead! At least our tickets have her birthday on them.
Love it!
Please keep All I Want Is You in the set list!
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