U2360° TOUR

Mar 30 2011
Buenos Aires, AR / Estadio Unico de La Plata
with Muse

'Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied.
Give me two more chances, you won't be denied.'

Opening night of three at Estadio Unico de La Plata in Buenos Aires tonight and a big surprise right at the top of the show as the return of Space Oddity gave way to the unmistakable opening bars of Even Better Than The Real Thing. A huge response from this capacity crowd for a song that hasn't been in the live set for almost a decade, and the Argentinian volume levels didn't drop all night.

'What time is it in the world and where are we going?
Palermo... San Telmo... Canitas... Buenos Aires!'

Magnificent led into Mysterious Ways and before the return of the new and unreleased North Star we had a stadium-wide rendition of Happy Birthday led by Edge to Chanty, a good friend who's in town. Felt like there was a big Irish community in the house tonight.'Still Haven't Found' included a shout out to a special guest:'John Cusack in the house tonight.'

Bono wondered aloud why this place 'so far from where we live feels so much like home', before introducing his 'team-mates' with a suitably sporting theme for this soccer-crazy nation:'The youngest member of U2, with the feet of a dancer and a truly great dribbler.. Larry Mullen Jnr on drums'; also on stage tonight,'the handsome, El Pipita of U2 on bass guitar' and 'the omnipresent... Pupi Zanetti of our band, The Edge.'As for the singer? 'Not so sure but If I could be him I'd be Carlitos Apache...'

Great vibes all round, both celebratory and serious: felt like the entire stadium was clapping in unison during a moving instrumental version of Mothers of the Disappeared as Bono recited the names of the 'madres'. Special mention tonight also to so many fans who have been waiting outside, camping for days, ahead of this show.
'What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful night, we will not forget this, what a great country you have, what a great city, out in La Plata, where the streets really don't have names. This Grand Madness, this Space Station, let's take out your phones and make it disappear...'

And there was one other special reference before the close:'Think about Gustavo Cerati...we send love, love, love and respect and he will hear your voices tonight.' As Alexis in Buenos Aires added on Twitter:'Bono just sent a big kiss and hug to Gustavo Cerati,a huge Argentinian musician, that is in coma for almost an year, great moment for Argentinian fans...'
If you were at the show tonight add your own review and post your photos below.

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A dream come true.
I dont find words to describe waht was it! Only I can say that was AMAZING. All the moments were unforgettable. The best birthday gift. Thanks for every minute you stayed there. COME BACK!!!
Absolutely Even Better Than The Real Thi
This was my first U2 show in my life. I was 18 for the Vertigo Tour and I couldn\'t go. I was very, very sad for a time. I cried watching the show on TV because I couldn\'t be there. But I took my revenge this year and I went to 2 of the 3 shows... On Tuesday night i couldn\'t sleep, I was very nervous. Entering to the stadium and watching \"The Claw\" was a breathtaking moment. I went with my cousins, wich made the show even better. I sang all the songs, I felt I was in heaven. That was an unforgettable moment in my life, the best moment I\'ve ever lived until now. Thanks U2 for all the happiness you have given to me.
La Plata 30-03
the best ever
We love you so much!! I'll never forget you!!! My dream come true that night of march 30th!!! I can't believe that I was there!!! Almost 8 years past in 2 hours!!! Pam Hewson (Pamela Salinas) from Paraguay. LOVE YOU LARRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
It's a dream come true!!!
It was the best show ever! I hope you come back soon.
thanks god! this was the best night in my life! miss sarajevo was fantastic! i cried with this music! my dream was come true! thanks u2! PARAGUAY WAS PRESENT TOUR 360! 5000 PERSONS WERE TO ARGENTINA TO SEE THE MONSTER OF U2!! paraguay love u2!!
A show the greatest band in the world is always unforgettable. A show that really sent us in all phases of U2 since the 80's through today. I am Brazilian, and I loved to have gone to Argentina to have known the wonderful city of Buenos Aires and specially for hearing "With Or Without You, " "One " and "Moment Of Surrender"live. I LOVE YOU U2!
I can't say anything else, because there aren´t words to explain what I felt the last 2 weeks. PD: Adam's flag said present again! ;)
To my beloved U2
I went to see Wednesday and Sunday at the only stadium in La Plata, Buenos Aires ... I woke up in a sea of unforgettable sensations! so happy! :) I feel great admiration ... that good people so important as U2, has both social commitment .. VOS SOS LO MAS BONO! thanks so much ... I hope to return soon and do not delay so long in back!
Gracias...... totales!!
Thanks for all of you: it was breathtaking seeing Bono and The Edge with his guitar and Bono Solos...... Thank you for let us (Nico, Nelson and I) see you live. Thank you for trust in South America. Thank you for Muse and their spectacular opening.... And most of all, for you guys, always remember that in Colombia and thousands of fans are waiting for you.... Our country is the most closer description, for a "place called Vertigo"!!! Best track: Magnificent Most memorable moment: Mandela´s speech
Top Ten moment in my life.....
Last saturday was one of the best moments in my whole life.....I went to 7 shows in Argentina, but saturday´s show was the Best.......My heart Exploted!!!!I´m still smiling all day longgggg!!!!!!!! thanks for so much magic...!!! Je Drappo :-)
It was the best of the best, as usual with U2! Words can´t express the huge emotion Love u guys! Please come back soon! we´ll be waiting for you always...
Great show!
Thank you so much U2! It was great listening to I Will Follow and North Star. I had a great time, you rock!
This show was beyond words and I've been waiting for it since your last visit with Vertigo Tour anxiously! After a long day, my goal was accomplished: I got in the circle I saw you all walk right in front of me, so close like never before (I was inside the circle and in front of the stage on Vertigo Tour as well). Miss Sarajevo ALWAYS brings me to tears, and when Bono sings Pavarotti's part I'm always blown away by the tenor voice inside of him, it never fails; always gives me the goosbumps! Hearing North Star was beautiful; In a little While so unexpected! As it was the oh so sexy "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill me"... seeing Bono swinging from the badass microphone as he sang it was unbelievable, and the tribute to Cerati moved all of our hearts, we all went crazy when he mentioned him... Bono, you're the most beautiful human being that walks the earth, you blow me away every time! You all will be missed terribly, come back soon!!
The best night in my short life!
OMG! I can't believe I was there! it was awesome... ONE was one of the best songs of the night but sincerely I can't choose one... they were all unforgettble.. the stage, the music, the feelings, everything was amazing! it was just magnificent! thanks for such amazing night! thanks for coming to argentina! see you next time!
AWSOME! La Plata 30/03/2011
It was a great night!!! I am from ecuador and i travelled from my country to see the show :)
Even better than the real thing
The most amazing show ever!!!! I had a wonderful time. I sang, i laughed, i danced, i jumped, i even got moved. Thank you so much for such an awesome night!!!! Come back soon! Love you.
Fantastic and awesome!! U2fans PARAGUAY
A great and memorable night!! I cry when Bono sings the part of Pavarotti in Miss Sarajevo!!! I dream with that show for almost 10 years!!! From Paraguay we dream to see you again!!! http://www.facebook.com/U2paraguay
A great nigth
The best show that a see in Argentina. I go to all the U2 show but this is SPECTACULAR. The music, amazing. The show Even Better Than The Real Thing look Bono at the bridge!
Adam Clayton
Esta foto fue sacada el 30/03 en el estadio Unico de la Plata, desde la RED ZONE 1. picture take on March 30, at Estadio Unico de la Plata from RED ZONE 1
La Plata 30/03
Great irish night!!
Even better than the real thing
Thanks for the show,was amazing.Besides the right election of your companions on the stage:Muse! how sounds!! And the mention of a truly loved artist for all us, Gustavo Cerati, who is fighting for life since almost a year,maybe he could hear us someday. For me was the second time ,the first one was in 2006, but this was better!! not only for the effects or the technology, I Think is all together with the band performance. Unforgettable, in addition that I am getting older with you! since that day that a school friend lend to me a tape with songs like Party Girl and Gloria, I was 16, now 26 years later I enjoy your songs with the same emotion, where the streets have no name.
Where the streets have no name...
It was a beautiful night. All was amazing, the music, the stage, the sensations, the emotions, it was just MAGNIFICENT! Thanks for coming to Argentina again! We´ll see you next time!! You are the best band of the world!
It was the best show of U2!!!! All was amazing, the music, the stage, the emotions, the sensations, it was just MAGNIFICENT
A concert like no other :)
The show was splendid, amazing and thrilling at every moment you can think about it. The best track? It is a hard one... Most memorable moment? The intro without any doubt. I mean, don't get wrong, the whole show was from outer space, but when we were outside the stadium, you could slightly hear Even Better... and it was only that but still manages to raise expectations even higher. My first concert, back in 2006 was unfortunate in every possible way by several problems, but this time I enjoyed from beginning to end. I got my revenge now :)... Proud of the pain in my legs from all that time jumping around. U2, as always, ROCKS!
My english isn´t very good, but u have to thank all of you for that amazing night, it was my firts time and i won´t forget this ever. spectacular, there isn´t any words to describe the show it´s amazing! The best song hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me and the new song was really great, the song of the universe!
Thanks again for a Magnificent show!!! I started to cry an the first four songs, the intensity, the music, the people jumping and singing, was too much!!! THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, for the music, for your words and for being part of my life!!!
Incredible!. Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam, Thanks! I was in the first concert on 30 and today I'll be back! An incredible moment when they sang songs like "I Will Follow, ""Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Walk on " and do not forget the power of "Even Better Than The Real Things" at the beginning of the concert. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot!!
conor kavanagh
Brilliant. they played "Even Better Than The Real Thing" A real nice suprise
Much Cold, High Heat, the wait; injury,
An unforgettable experience, from Cordoba, the long wait, cold night, the heat of the afternoon, the test of "Even Better Than The Real Thing" while we waited to enter the ring, I sang on TV, my girlfriend stumbled when entering and seriously hurt, but she resisted until Sunday bloody sunday. In return, my bus crashed on my bus window, glass and blood all around. we are a couple that will never forget that day. The concert was awesome. My first concert was dreamed, U2 and people had a great day.
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