Sep 12 2015
Amsterdam, NL / Ziggo Dome

In Amsterdam on night three, John Noble, who looks after our community site zootopia, was in the house. His review is just up in the Zoo - here’s some edited highlights.

'Got lost in the cold universe surrounding ‘Iris’ - maybe the song I had wanted to witness live, most. It being the first use of the giant screen (so hard to describe the screen... to do it justice), old cine images mixed with the latest tech-created fabulous-yet-tenderly used LED’s, the next show within a show begins. You may have seen it a hundred times on Youtube. Nothing will stop your jaw from dropping when you see, in person, Bono walk down Cedarwood Road….'

'There is this blinding flash of reality early into Act 2, near the end of ‘Invisible’ when Bono shouts ‘I am HERE’ that fuses every person present in the room. You need to be there to experience it to appreciate it full effect (of course that pretty much applies to all the show, but there are moments like this you must be present in to ‘feel’)

Even Better Than The Real Thing - who’s bright idea was it to put that next? Nothing else in this spot would work any better. The band are in the screen. On the screen. Twirling and swirling, larger than life, real time.. another headspin time… And the crowd really got into EBTTRT at Amsterdam 3...'

'High energy moments, twist & turns, at least a half a dozen completely different segments of the show so far, then things mellow down… a piano emerges through (yes, through) the e-stage.. Every Breaking Wave begins the part of the show that has been totally reworked from the North America leg. October, Zooropa, Streets, Pride, With Or Without You…’

Read John’s review in full here

Were you in the house for night three in Amsterdam? Add your own photos and reviews below.

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U2 and I and my son
This was the first time to a concert of U2, for my son (Thierry, 11 years). It was a fantastic experience, he and I really enjoyed it. Waiting in GA line, standing in front of the band, everything was suburb. Next time he can join me again... and we really hope there will be a next time. Thierry did his presentation at school about U2. After giving the class information about the history of the band, greatest hits etc. etc. he showed the class a little film ( ) about our fantastic experience of the 12th of september. A day we'll always remember... Thank you very much U2 and we hope to see you very soon!!! Thierry and Charlotte
Amsterdam & U2
I travelled to beautiful Amsterdam to see U2. Great show, great old songs that I enjoyed the most.
Fantastic show
It was my second concert after Wednesday. It was fantastic. Me and my wife were standing in front on the southside close to The Edge. What an amazing show. So intence. The first 4 songs, including “The Electric Co.” Just like the old days, went straight down. Wow. (Wednesday “Gloria” I went crazy). Beautiful was the wall, Bono seen on “Cedarwood Road” etc. What an invention that is. The new songs became better songs. Bono’s voice was great, I think better than wednesday. “Bullet” is as always a great song what a power. “Elevation” the whole Ziggo Dome stood up. And “One” Bono sung the first 2 lines after that the crowd took over, chicken skin. So beautiful. U2 made it happen again. Maybe the best concert I’ve ever seen from the best live band in the world.
Great concert in Amsterdam!
Great concert in Amsterdam 12th of september. I enjoyed it very much! Cool that advanced videowall! ;-) Many beautiful songs! I heard october for the first time live. Great variety of songs. Thank you U2!! Hopefully i see you soon in the Netherlands! Good luck with the world Tour! I will follow! ;-)
Ziggodome 12-09-2015
Thanks U2 for the great and grandioos evening, I'm so happy I was there!! Some-thing that also may be said....thanks also to the people who have some-thing to do with the organisation of this tour, without them it isn't possible!!
Just a few hours to my second show in Am
Wednesday I went to the show in the Ziggo Dome. For the first time with my son, who also bought us the tickets as a present for Christmas, Mothers day and my birthday :). It was a unique experience. My son was not to keen on the punk rock part, but enjoyed the rest of the setlist very much. Completely brainwashed by his mother, obviously! I was so happy to see the boys again, since I last saw them in Rome in 2010. U2 playing in my backyard. What more could you ask for? Looking forward to Saturday evening. Sadly enough the invitation for the presale of tickets in Ireland ended up in my spam..... So, missed that chance. What a bummer!
Many thanks for an amazing night U2! Love you! #ziggodome #amsterdam xxxx
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