Sep 9 2015
Amsterdam, NL / Ziggo Dome

'I try to sing this song
I, I try to stand up
But I can't find my feet.
I, I try to speak up
But only in you I'm complete…’

Like 'Two Hearts’ last night, Gloria got only its second performance in Europe in a quarter century tonight - and it sounded like it was made yesterday.
The same was true for another, even older song.
'Can you believe it?’ asked @U2tour on Twitter,’ I Will Follow has been played at 779 shows before tonight, and it still is so fresh..’

And then there were seven songs which were celebrating their first anniversary tonight - all of them from Songs of Innocence, released a year ago tonight.
None was more powerful than Iris.

'So many attachments to this city…so many wonderful nights I remember walking these streets with Hermann Brood on his birthday …
In this great city, the port of Amsterdam
I remember the night Larry Mullen turned 21 when we were playing in the Paradiso Club, not so far from here
So many of us are still the people who grew up on the streets of our childhood...
All shaped by first experiences
because all of us are formed by our first experiences…our first love… our first fights in the playground..first losses…'



Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Amsterdam 2



Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Amsterdam 2

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'Bad4 at the end
I loved the subtle intro of Bad when The Edge walked of stage.
martin van der veen
Amsterdam 2015
Visiting all Amsterdam shows; for me the most special one will be Saturday September 12! For the first my whole family will be there with me: so, with my wife and my three daughters (15, 13 and 10 years old). 34 years after my first concert at the 28th October 1981 Stadsgehoorzaal gig in Leiden, Holland still very excited to see their shows!
Why didn't you end the show with "ONE"? Was there a special reason not to sing "One" yesterday? Please promise me that on 13 September you will end your show and Dutch tour with "One". Thanks in advance from a ONE volunteer (who will try and recruit loads of new ONE members on Sunday). We could also make a deal: I will recruit .... (you fill out the number) new ONE members and if I succeed (no doubt I will) you will sing "One".
'One' misging piece
Dear U2, tonight I visites your Concert in Amsterdam. What a night! Six years ago I had an amazing night in Berlin during your 360 Tour. I actually cried when you guys started playing 'One'. It has always been an amazing song to me and it's just so beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast tonight, but I realy missed 'One'. I thought it would be one of the main songs and I was excited to be touched and overwhelmed like six years ago.
Miriam Jonker
Whoot! What a terrific show
At long last and after a long journey to Holland, finally September 8th arrived. The show was a blast, the band was in excellent form, a few throaty croaks besides. A great mix of the new albums with older material. This time a simple but effective stage set up which I enjoyed within 2 m. distance (thanks to Willy Williams). The band was effective in this simpler set up and the music as powerful as ever. Thanks for showing how it's done, thanks for making still it work, thanks for the inspiration. My only peeve were those would had to wave their cameras in front of everubody else. Live in the moment folks.
In memory
5 years since the last tour 5 years since my husband died On september 9th The circle will close in amsterdam LOVE IS BLINDNESS
9 September 2014 Exclusively for iTune
One Year a go that U2 Relase "Songs of Innocence" for iTunes Store Customers Biggest Album Release Ever in History Please take time at this show to remeber ! I love to hear that the band love to share a moment with us fan,s Please play Ultra violet , sleep like a baby ,the crystal ballroom ,zoo station All dutch fans are real fan,s xxx Greets Milo van bork.
It's only U2
I just celebrates me and my wife's 50th birthday party last Saturday. It was a succes. From now on it's only U2 in Amsterdam and that's the next party on the 9th and 12th (with my wife). I can't wait to see the boys playing again better than every band will do in the beautiful Ziggodome. Because a U2 concert is a real happening, so it was in the U.S.A. as in Canada. They will conquer Europe again as every tour. And please surprise us with "Gloria" "October" "Drowning Man" (acoustic) "Yahweh" (acoustic) or "Running To Stand Still"
Get Ready Cause Here I come...
Enjoyed tours since Unforgettable Fire. Traveling from San Francisco to Amsterdam to see you guys again. Great show in San Jose. This will be my first Euro show. I bet it will be very loud. Safe Travels. #BAD
I can't wait to hear them again. This party girl is ready voor Amsterdam. Running to stand still best song ever.
Richie B
Coming to Amsterdam from Detroit just to see the boys rock the city!!!!
Amsterdam Will be Bonotown for a week. Hope you guys enjoy iT as kuch as i will you der on stage. Looping forward to iT. 3 weeks to go.
So Cruel, please!
Please play So Cruel or Acrobat on the 9th or the 12th.
Two Hearts, October or Gloria?
What will it be any more surprises, Amsterdam is ready it & for the shows, it will be my 19th U2 concert!! Can not wait!!
U2ieTour phone
Can't wait, by the way if you are still looking for someone with a phone to film on stage, I have got the perfect one !!! ;)
First U2 show for my daughter, twelth for me! Can't wait.
Best live band
The best live band in the world. Best song ever where the streets name.
The greatest
great band ever, One best song
Best Band Ever
best show ever AGAIN!!!! Best song.... one
best show ever
great, amazing, with or without you
(RED) Zone
(RED) Zone tickets in the pocket!
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