Oct 25 2015
London, GB / O2 Arena

'The Most Beautiful Sound...' in London
Opening night at the O2 with 'The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)’

'I woke up at the moment when the miracle occurred
Heard a song that made some sense out of the world
Everything I ever lost, now has been returned
In the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard...'

'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)' opening up the first of six nights at the O2 in London. Here’s some of the stand-out tracks captured on social media.

Electric Co. 
'Would have gladly paid the money I did to see my 2 #U2ieTour shows just for The Electric. Co.: timeless!' (@MariangelaVcc)

'This London audience is ready to GO! I love it when people know the words to Electric Co.!' (@Born4Bliss)

Cedarwood Road
'Audible gasp of "wow" from the people around me when Bono was inside screens for CR #U2ietour visually stunning!' (@hjwallace1)

Sunday Bloody Sunday
'I love Adam's baseline in this version of SBS.' (@jamesamurray)

'I think that's the best version of Sunday Bloody Sunday I’ve seen U2 perform.' (@CandyBoatman)

Bullet The Blue Sky
'Larry hits so hard on drums in "Bullet", like a bombing...amazing. #U2ieTour' (@U2Memes)

'Here comes the feels... You say One Love, One Life... #U2ietour' (@madfl3a)

'One, and a brilliant end to U2's 1st night at London O2. Classic U2. #U2ieTour #u2Juat audience singing - sending shivers up your spine.' (@Ivanobe)

Were you at the show tonight? Tell us what it was like and add your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream London 1

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream London 1

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My first U2 concert
An amazing show. Every second was amazing and the band seemed to be on top form, a very surreal yet brilliant experience!
First night at the O2
U2 perform a stripped down version of Sunday Bloody Sunday.
First night at the O2
Adam during Sunday Bloody Sunday
U2, One, and Matt Damon
U2 never fail. The opening night in London was just another example of why they are the best live act in the world. Hungrier, angrier and more alive than I've seen them for many years - they make other bands look so ordinary. The stage show was awesome, the songs and the band sounded amazing and my wife and I loved ever minute of it....RED ZONE tickets were worth every penny. Not to mention we finished the night singing One, shoulder to shoulder with Matt Damon!! A night to remember for sure...thanks U2.
U2 at the O2 - First night
During Cedarwood Road - Bono appears above The Edge.
U2 at the O2 - First night
Cedarwood Road
U2 at the O2
On your knees, boy!
U2 at the O2
Up on the Catwalk
Wish Granted
Thank you U2, the first night and you played One at the end of an incredible amazing show - thought my heart would burst xx
jeff sparks
U2 for the price of ONE
First night in London and I dont think anyone went home disappointed. Just as good live now as they were in '78', playing 3rd Support at Manchester Poly.
jeff sparks
Hey Joe.......
Taken at the first London show on the 25th October
Ellie Johnson
Wow an amazing concert again, after the 360 tour in the Red Zone was not sure if this could be as good but they get better and better, thank you Bono, Larry, The Edge and Adam. Loved you since 1982 and still going strong until next time. It was a beautiful day.
First night in London
Sunday night at the O2.
U2 at the O2
Sunday night at the O2. What a superb show.
U2 O2 X2
They were superb shows. The highlight for me was being on the South Side on the first night, and getting some get pictures of The Edge...
Awesome show
Fantastic show at a fantastic venue..... Well done to all the team for putting together such a show
Fifth time I have seen them and I think this may be the best yet, they seem to be really enjoying themselves. Track list was almost perfect, sound was also spot on.
I've never cried at a gig before. That is, until the band played With Or Without You. Last night was the first time I've seen U2...Best. Gig. Ever. Looking forward to doing it all again on night 6!
Sunday O2 arena
Another simply epic U2 night never EVER been disappointed, ever even on the opening night in Barcelona some 6 years ago on the 360 tour when Bono stopped the band and they started a number again. STILL the greatest band in the world, many have tried but no one comes even close. Our seats were pure bliss first row in the middle of the lower tear at the end of the runway. Where Bono entered the arena, the best seat I have ever had, one of those times when being in the fan club, and getting pre sales counts! I only hope we don't have to wait another 6 years before they are back again! Thank you Bono, Larry, Adam and Mr The Edge!
Fantastic Concert
It was a great night, two regrets I have about the concert was I wished that I had taken my 5yrs old son to experience his first concert (He was on half term so could of taken him) and Big Regret Number Two: I had a great seat but at the back of the stage and Bono never ventured round the back (I took loads of Pictures and bit of Vid which I have showed my son to educate him in what is amazing heart & soul inspirational music). Adam thank you for managing to come round the back of the stage and I have loads of great pics and good memories to show my little boy. Thank you for the great concert
London O2 - Sunday 25 October
I took my 13 year old daughter to her first U2 concert (a bit different to One Direction!!) and she loved it. Particularly poignant night for us when they played Iris. I lost my Mum (also called Iris like Bono's) about 2 weeks after the album came out and was wondering what her reaction was going to be when U2 played it but it was nice and very touching and couldn't help thinking of her as the song was being played. Can't wait for Thursday night when I go for round 2.
U2 @ O2 - 25th Oct
What a journey of lyrical memories and raw emotion. A technical and musical masterpiece. Innocence replaced by wisdom, experience with expertise. See you for more at O2 closing show.
Amazing Show
Wow last night at the O2 was amazing, the attention to detail and the huge scale of this show was epic, so carefully planned and so perfect. My GA ticket made me feel like part of the show, thank you U2 and all the production team and everyone involved, last night was truly magical.
Perfect Gig
What an incredible, amazing night! They get better and better!
awesome night last night . electric co. cobl, fantastic but song of the night " OCTOBER "
An emotional evening
It took all my strength not to cry last night, the whole show took my breath away but Pride was particularly emotional. It was incredible!!!!
Great show loved it. Best band on the planet .. still. Miracle, sweetest thing, sunday, wolves were highlights for me. See u tonite ...
U2 25/10/15
My dad has been a fan since the 'BOY' album was first realised and thankfully I've taken after his love for U2. Myself and my dad came to the 360 tour back in 2009, I was 14, my first proper gig! We were sat at the top of Wembely Stadium, I was blown away by the whole experience but wished we had gone when I heard that you were touring again I couldn't wait to buy tickets...and they were standing!! We were stood on the North side right up at the front of the isle where we had the four of you standing right in front of us giving the best performance. I loved the set layout, you always love to include all of the audience, nobody is left out, the screen that came down with the four of you performing inside was wicked!! Never seen anything like it before so cool!! Amazing night, will defiantly be going to the next tour! See you soon :)
U2/02!! Bring it on!!
Went to last show in Barcelona and everyone waiting for London shows are in for a treat. The show is fantastic very slick! Going to first night at O2 which will be a bit different to a last night as got bad/40..should be one tomorrow I think.
Absolutely agree with some of the comments here. 40 is a great track to finish with and should end all U2 gigs.
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