Oct 26 2015
London, GB / O2 Arena

'Saturday Night' in London

What an atmosphere at the second show in London: 'This is not a Monday night, this is Saturday night.' 

And this 'Saturday' finished up with Noel Gallagher on stage for 'Still Haven't Found' and 'All You Need Is Love'. 

Some great reviews coming in for the arrival of #U2IE in the UK.

'Always exhilarating, occasionally unsettling and overwhelmingly inspiring,' reported John Aizlewood in The Evening Standard. 'U2 convincingly re-stated their case for greatness...'

'This show showed that U2's mojo is back, and perhaps stronger than ever.' said James Hall in The Daily Telegraph.

'Even in minimalist (for them), stripped-down mode,' wrote Ian Gittins in The Guardian, 'U2's defiantly ambitious, meticulously choreographed live productions put virtually every other rock band to shame.

More coming up on night two at the O2 but if you were there, tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

First time tonight or seen the show again and again? What did you see that you never noticed before? As @AllyahsWorld put it on Twitter, '#U2ieTour is so creative and innovative that you can catch it again and again and experience it differently.'

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream London 2

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream London 2

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26 October 2015 O2 Arena Walking from the car park the sense of a near full moon was imminent in the evening sky. On finding my seat, a side on view of the stage parallel to the singer’s walkway in row P which was surprisingly close to the stage which resembled a mini runway with its yellow markings. As the house lights dimmed too Patti Smith’s, People Have The Power over the air waves the band materialised and the transition to The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) with accompanied leather jackets worn by the band. Then whisked off to another time as Out Of Control blasted the perception, followed by the countdown to Vertigo and then to another place as I Will Follow completed the up tempo quartet of songs. The bands interactive screens are a blaze and shines like stars in the winter light along with family members in reminiscence to Iris (Hold Me Close). On climbing the ladder in too the screens walkway Bono takes a stroll along an animated Cedarwood Road as images pass on by, which will then blend into a Song For Someone, all glancing back within and without one’s self? A stripped back and slowed pace of Sunday Bloody Sunday is distinguished which then leads into Raised By Wolves with accompanying imagery and representations. Drinking the wine, breaking the bread for Until The End Of The World with further images of an open swirling continuous sea in motion. The Berlin wall moved in on the hanging screens as a remixed electronic version of The Fly buzzes around the arena. The band are between the images of the wall on the walkway, which slowly pixelates, breaks up and disperses as the song Invisible starts to take shape. On the E stage the band prepares for a jazzy and funky version of She Moves In Mysterious Ways while an acoustic Desire and Angel Of Harlem are sublime. A mellow light level ensues and a piano materialises for a beautiful sounding Every Breaking Wave with a blissful and effortless progression into October. Bullet The Blue Sky awakens while a superb transition to Zooropa then Where The Streets Have No Name is remarkable. Pride In The Name Of Love changing to the intimate With Or Without You is also incomparable. The encore of City Of Blinding Lights and the static of Beautiful Day came to a close with an excellent I Still Have Not Found What I am Looking For. In one word the show was transcendental.
Party Night in London
Just got my senses together after that first night and there is no let up with the second! Bono said it was not Monday but a Saturday night and it was another take your breath away show, yet another night when I cried (with joy no sadness!!) at the finish - One on 25th and Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For on 26th. So much energy and passion radiates into the crowd from these four you get picked up in it and carried away and you don't ever want it to end............
London 2 best show ever
Amazing show at London 2 - best show ever cant wait for Dublin 1 & 4 Rock n Roll Stops The Traffic - it does in our world MISTER
Not Monday night at the O2
Amazing night and awesome performance by the band. It felt so full of energy and the lads seemed to be enjoying it as much as us. My daughter loved it said it was amazing, it was the first time she'd seen U2. Nice to see Noel up there at the end. Let's hope this isn't a swansong tour.
Thanks for a great day
My wife Tracey and I were there last night for my 30th u2 concert,we went on the experience bus which was unbelievable but the best thing ever happened to us as we met Adam and the edge,the show itself was just amazing and helped cap of a perfect weekend of memories to take back to Barnsley with us that we will never forget.
Raising the bar - while hitting in the g
You tend to spot the differences when you go to two nights on the trot. Different selection from Boy. Two brothers playing guitar on the 'e' stage. Swopping coats with a punter after getting him onstage to sing. Noel Gallagher arriving right at the end and riffing with Bono on the Beatles. Immensely innovative stage show coupled with characteristic U2 honesty and integrity. #welcome refugees indeed. Raising the bar - while hitting in the gut. Unbeatable combination.
U2 Thank you for fantastic night night at O2 Arena 26/10/15 you were outstanding.
26.10: My birthday party!
I spend my birthday night out in company of U2! And I loved it! I have 't seen them on stage since 2005, in Holland! Ten years have passed and the energy and the feeling is the same: they always touch my soul. Innovative, inspiring. I loved the version of "Until the end of the world" and the young Bono writing songs in his bedroom. Amazing. Thanks U2 for my party!
gig to end all gigs
u2 have made a perfect gig. they have taken it to another level and made it an all encompassing amazing experience. do i have to go back to the ordinary world now?
U2 and the London crowd what great energy another great night U2 you are the best. Maria Diorio Montreal
Tell you what ...
... that was probably the best U2 gig I have ever been to. Totally buzzing not going to sleep tonite. How can you top that. Thanks for a great great nite ... wont ever forget that show Ps that virtual reality bus was something else ... check it out. See you Thursday
Please play
Hi could you please play wild horses for my son it's is 1st concert he's been to and my 27 concert over the years would be great if you could play this song Cheers
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