Oct 5 2015
Barcelona, ES / Palau Sant Jordi

'October' in October
'Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall...' Opening night in Spain.

'October and the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear.
What do I care...

First of four shows in Barcelona, and the atmosphere was rocking by showtime. Here's some of our highlights. If you were at the show tell us yours.

Three songs in and no language barrier here: was that the loudest ever opening to Vertigo? 'Uno, Dos, Trez…Catorze!' High praise from @peterostreicher: 'Absolutely the best crowd of the tour so far!' He had a point - they can turn up the volume in this city.

The energy in the house moved from floor to stage and the band were delighted to be back in Barcelona, as Bono noted before introducing Iris.
'Look at you! You look great - haven't changed a bit!
'Even as we circled over your great city today, got this feeling that this is a city that serves beauty and loves artists.
'That's why artists love Barcelona because Barcelona loves artists. 
Painters, architects, rock stars... we are here in your city  for the next week and at the end of the week we'll give it back to you.
'And now we want to take you to our hometown, to the northside of Dublin where myself and my bandmates are from…'

On opening night in a city, always plenty of people noticing Adam's choice of T-Shirt. It was @wolfgang_willms who read the clues tonight: '#U2ieTour Adam wearing a shirt with the date 13th Sept 1997, #U2 played in Barcelona Popmart' Find out more about these shirts here - own one yourself, come along to a show

The whole house singing 'Ole'  after 'Elevation' and then the whole house singing 'The Sweetest Thing', making only it's third appearance on this European leg. 'Not being able to play the guitar has given me a great opportunity to play the piano…' joked Bono, before Edge took over the keyboard for 'Every Breaking Wave'.

Did we mention 'October' in October? The first time this evergreen track has been played during the month of October since 1989 and Memorial Drive Park in Adelaide, Australia. (Thanks @U2gigs). No-one could have predicted how this song could find a new meaning all these years later?

Shoutouts tonight for Paul McGuinness and also for Shakira, who told her huge social media audience just where she was at: 'At U2's awesome concert! Shak.'

Was the opening night in Barcelona awesome for you? Post your photos and tell us what it was like here.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Barcelona 1

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Barcelona 1

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One live, two loves forever.
One concert more, but fisrt with my girl. Thanks U2.
Heaven on earth Unforgettable
Simply perfect! I was in Barcelona with my wife since Oct-2nd. We simply love Barcelona and adore U2. We have simply enjoyed the best four days of our lives! As a bonus... Adam's autograph.
My memories of Barcelona, Adam signed my vinyls and Bono´s glasses
Thanks Bono for give me your glasses
At the end of the ONE on the 1st show,Bono saw my placard and gives me his glasses, Thank you so much,you makes me a unforgettable night
In the Name of Love
Special day for us
Barcelona 05/10/2015
I see the concert in the "E"stage with no tv no effects, just U2. It was perfect....
I've been to every tour since Popmart and without a doubt this was the best experience so far. The storyline this time was fabulous. The opening part rocked the place, the tour through the North Side gave me complete new access to the last Album and the October/Bullet the Blue Sky/Zooropa part left almost everybody speechless. It took a while to get me back on where the streets have no Name. Thank you for this experience! I wish I had more time to see more Shows.
Mayte & Carlos
People have the power
U2 in Barcelona
Flew form Perú to these Concert, Awesome! The Best!
Great concert
Fifth concert of our favourit group. This time in Barcelona. After seen twice the 360°-tour (once in Amsterdam en once in Brussels) almost 5 years ago we looked forward to a amazing evening. And amazing it was. Still a little bit blow away. Hope to see you soon again !!!! We keep following !!!!
Since Zoo TV in 1992 in Barcelona I've never missed the appointment. With Vertigo should have missed the concert because it was out of Spain (NYC studying) and was to be my mother who were there. Two weeks before the concert my mother died of a brain aneurysm (something like Iris, Bono's mother). As I had abruptly comeback to Barcelona, I decided to go to the concert; it was very exciting; there were people who did not understand my decission after all what had happened. On the roof of the Camp Nou appeared projected the image of an angel; I knew that I did the right thing. Since then I never miss a U2 concert and I always think about my mother especially while I'm listening "With or Without You", she was a follower of U2 listen to me singing U2 songs at home and always she said that the lyrics of that song loved a lot. The Edge affinity with Barcelona and how much this city represents for him, Bono's activism, the goodness that is in-depth eyes of Adam and the strength of Larry drums are priceless; the discretion and traditionality of their lives make me feel closer to them but I know our lifes are light years ahead of theirs. I'll wait for the new tour of "Experience" in a few years in Barcelona ("city of artists" as Bono said last monday); I will take my son with me (who is now eight years old) to experience his first concert of his life, his first concert of U2. Javier Pueyo Langa from Montgat (Barcelona)
Fabulous show
Seen U2 so many times over the decades, this was one of the best ones I've been to. Great set, intertwined very well with the use of video and media so that it wasn't intrusive. The show flowed really well, there was an excellent rhythm to the set list. Shame about the GA floor being half empty down to rules and regulations. But U2 are always better in an indoor intimate setting. Looking forward to the O2 later this month.
An amazing, unforgettable night!
Getting ready for an unforgettable night! and so it was! Even better than the real thing! By the end of the show I could only say u2, wherever you walk away, I will follow!
Bono dance with the same girl again in B
We are all the same, so we all deserve to dance with you, Bono.
Beyond words...
Without a doubt one of the best concerts of my life!! And I've been to many! The intimacy, the excitement and the feeling of communion and love was beyond words... We love you!! Thank you for such an incredible night!
Best Concert ever!
It was just awesome! I am still walking on clouds since yesterday. I have seen them so many times and every time is just fantastic, but yesterday was even better than that! Thanks for that music that is accompanying me for 35 years now : ) Can't wait for the next tour!
Sábado 10
Estoy bastante pasarela se ve más corta y hay muchísimo hueco hasta las gradas del fondo. Cuando cogimos las entradas no ponía nada de visión reducida. Por eso esperó q lo solucionen de aquí al viernes y se alargue la pasarela. Ya se q no voy a ver la pantalla pero si ahora le sumamos esto
With U2 again!
Today was a great show, much better than last gig in Barcelona. Still loving the band after 9 concerts from different tours.
Tomorrow is the day ONE
after 17 years yearning, finally my wife decided to make a step, surprise me, and buy us tickets to the show. see you there, can't wait!! :)
Coming from USA
Saved our $ to make a trip to beautiful Barça to U2 and Catalonia! Can not wait! PS - Amazing to see Bono (on TV) in Central Park tonight with First Lady and Malala! ONE!
Ready for the first u2 concert in Barcelona! Amazing I had to travel 36 hours by bus from La Paz to Santiago de Chile to see them for the first time back in 2006. In a few days, I will have U2 giving a great concert just a few streets from my place... unbelievable! Can't hardly wait!
U2 Forever
Since the very first concert of U2 in Barcelona (1992), my brother and I never have lost any of them. And this year either. Thanks very much, U2, for every musical note. See you on October 5th.
first U2 concert
really looking forward to it..... hope you play Bad!
I will be there
I'm counting down... Please Bono, call me to the stage :)!!! I am looking forward to see and hear you guys!! Too much love!!!
A very noce bithday!!!!
The clock is ticking...:) This year I'm specially waiting for my birhday.... October the 5th... ;) Anxious to meet Barcelona and wishing a new date for Portugal! Vamos lá U2!!!
U2 back to home: BARCELONA,
les meilleurs
U2 Sevilla
Excelente, ESPECTACULAR!!!!!
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