The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 14 2017
Tampa, FL, US / Raymond James Stadium
with OneRepublic

Coming to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 at Tampa?

Take photos, post your comments, snap selfies, upload video. We’ll add them to our rolling live coverage during the show day. Folllow this coverage below, from the build up to the end of the show for the entire day the show is happening.

Just use #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 when uploading to the social networks and watch the feed below as we highlight the great content coming direct from fans at the show – on show day.

After the show, post your own reviews and your own comments below.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    From Colombia with love
    Vinimos, vimos y vencimos
    Fantastic Night
    I saw them 30 years ago during the first Joshua Tree tour...amazing then, amazing now.
    It Was Divine
    So... About the only way to describe how much this wonderful experience means to me is to say that I held out on having a critical surgery just so I could attend. Now, as I lay here at the beginning of my recovery I truly get how thankful I am for having just enough health remaining in my body to attend this concert with my brother before my surgery; as well as how thankful I am for my medical team for, not only saving the day again with another successful surgery, but also for their compassion in understanding how much joy this concert would give me forever; and, how such joy would benefit me in my recovery. So, from seeing Onerepublic deliver an amazing performance in the middle of a storm, to the beautiful rainbow that glowed over the stadium as they closed their impressive set, to the last drop of rain that cleared the way for U2 to deliver this eternal joy with such atmospheric depth, meaning, and beauty, the experience was divine. I'm thankful beyond words for this experience, and that my brother was alongside me for every second of it. While I face a challenging recovery, I now do so with the blessing of this divine peace and warmth lighting my way.
    Wonderful Rainbow
    It´s great day
    Amazing Show
    The first time I saw U2 live was the first Joshua Tree tour when I was 30 years younger. Since then I have seen every tour, some multiple times, and even a surprise show under the Brooklyn Bridge. This one was truly the most memorable, though, not only because I was a few feet from the band but because they really celebrated their amazing history as a band through countless classics.
    Rainbow to the rescue in Tampa
    Amazing Night, we survived heat, humidity, thunder, lightening and rain... But was all worth the blissful music in the end
    Two days later....
    I'm still watching my videos and looking at my pics from the Tampa show. Still smiling, still getting chills, still welling up at the beautiful imagery. Perfect show.
    Dreams can come true
    I don't have a photo yet, but as soon as I get them I will be posting them up. What I do have is a short story and a dream. For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to see U2 in Dublin, but if you would have asked me 5 years ago, if I ever would have imagined that dream coming true, I would have probably had said no with tears in my eyes. U2 has been my most beloved band, probably since I was a baby. My mom would play your music all the time, so I think I got to hear you even from within he womb. By the time that Joshua tree came out, I was 5 and I remember singing or moving to every song that came out from that Album. It was by far my favorite one. When I heard you were doing a 30th Anniversary tour, I about fell over. I ran to the computer and started desperately searching for tickets. I was originally looking for either tickets in my hometown of Miami, but something made me check to see where you would be for my birthday in July. And then I saw it. You guys were going to be playing in your hometown 2 days before my birthday! The prices were way higher than what I would have paid in Miami (thanks to 2nd party price gauging), but there was a little voice inside of me that asked, when will you get this chance again? So I did it!! I used up a chunk of my student loan money back in January to buy the tickets, lol. (I know, please don't judge me) But how could I put a price tag on that experience?! To make the matters even more interesting and endearing for me, I have also recently found out that I will be a first time mom. I will be roughly around 4 months pregnant for this concerns! At first I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to go, but then my doctor reassured me that everything should be fine. So, not only will I be living my dream of seeing you play in your hometown of Dublin, Ireland, but I will also be continuing a family tradition of introducing my little one to your music, while they are still my my womb... Dreams most certainly do come true...
    First U2 Concert <3
    This was my first ever U2 show and it was a night to remember forever! I loved the set with all the beautiful effects, especially the rainbow colored Joshua Tree. It was a gorgeous, incredible way to remember the album that changed my life at age 5 in 1988. Pride was the first song I heard and I have been hooked ever since! I love U2 and am a die-hard, devoted fan! I cried when Bono talked about the Pulse nightclub shooting-after a year it still hurts very much to think about it. He was wonderful and so sweet! It was flaming hot in the early afternoon then it rained heavily. Though I got very wet it was so worth the wait and after the flood all the colors came out! It was definitely the most beautiful day I've ever had! <3
    Amazing Nght
    My buddy and I drove from Atlanta to the concert! Amazing show! Words cannot do it justice! Incredible night! Mothers of the Disappeared was so powerful! Please add a show in Atlanta!
    IN TO THE HEART (of Syria)
    I cried through this set of imagery. Such a powerful show. I feel proud when I'm part of a U2 show because of the activism they try to instill. My heart is full after each and every show knowing the message is out there... ❤️
    Full circle
    My daughter was born the day Joshua Tree was released. I went to the 12/5/87 concert in Tampa in 30 degree weather. It was such a magical night no one cared. Last night it was raining and my daughter came with me. It was a magical night and no one cared if they got wet. The music is as fresh and relevant as it was 30 years ago!
    Amazing show, amazing double rainbow.
    Wonderful show! Beautiful artistry! What a gift!
    Poetry list!
    It's great having the set list posted-while we recognized some of the poems shown preshow there are many that touched our hearts that we didn't know. Can you post the poetry list?
    New Year's Day
    Tampa 2017
    What a show! So glad I was able to bring my son to this show, his first concert, to see a great band that has always meant so much to me personally. Your music has always been so positive in spirit and message. Many blessings to you and your families.
    Me and my boys
    What a great night in tampa.worth every penny.
    25th anniversary
    Ti celebrate here with U2 from Bologna ITALY.Antonio & Francesca
    U2 Virgins
    I finally get to bring my daughter to a U2 show!!! I have been a fan for 40 years and as she would tell it-she has been hearing U2 her entire life and now she gets to see them! In addition to my daughter I have recruited 3 others to see them for the first time - we are a Party of 8 on the field and will be rocking out in the back! Thanks U2 for giving me so many special moments to reflect on with others. PS - This will be my 105th show - I like be you!!!
    Great night
    CAN...NOT.... WAIT! Yessss!!!! It's going to be a great night.
    lifetime fan, first time at U2 show
    will be at tampa show in section 132, next to the stage. very happy to be going with my sister. just taking a look at the encore songs from the past few shows. would like to see more song writing gems and maybe a fewer of the f.m. radio hits. my perfect encore gems in no particular order? 1. all i want is you 2. sometimes you can't make it on your own 3. magnificient 4. every breaking wave 5. electrical storm 6. song for someone 7. ultraviolet.
    Cant wait, excitement, building up
    love the end with vertigo last night. Can we have a repeat on Tampa of that beautiful ending? Can you consider Until the end of the World? Invisible? Song for someone? we will love it, Sorry , guys cant get enough of you. Thanks a Million
    From baby
    Dear U2, I watched the Perioscope of Miami. I was there, for JT, in '87, in Atl. I want to end with LThings, or even better, ASOH, or best, 40. Like in '87. I want to leave with, How long...ringing in my head. Like in '87. Driving to Tampa from Atl in a few hours to be with you. Love you guys
    My first U2 concert!
    So excited to go see my favorite band for the first time! Coming from Orlando and going with my uncle who introduced me to U2's music back in 2009. Didn't think I could make it, but I found tickets just about a week ago and now I'm going!
    This is going to be a very special tour
    This will be my forth time (1992,2001,2011). I missed seeing you guys in 1987. I believe this tour is going to be something very special and magical through out. My hope is that this tour is being recorded and will be released on Blu-ray and some of the B-sides of Joshua Tree get some love in the set lists. I just figure if we don't get a chance to hear the B-sides and Heartland on this tour we will never get to hear them. Also, we in Tampa would love to hear A Sort Of Homecoming & Bad. Thank You, for making this tour happen !
    Awesome Birthday Present To Me!!.. U2 co
    Thanks guys for making the concert in Tampa,Fl on my birthday.. Here's hoping Bono or Edge reads this and will get band and crowd singing Happy Birthday- or at least say an Irish birthday toast or blessing at the show
    Travelling from Brazil just for the conc
    Great opportunity and high expectation. See you soon.
    Last time was 2009 @ Chicago
    Can´t wait to see you guys! Last time we saw you was on Soldier Field during 360° Tour... It really hurts to miss ieTour... Things has been a little hard over the past 3 years or so... I feel numb right many things on my head! I can't find my way... I'm talking like is the end of the world.... See you soon guys!
    Please close the show with "40"!!!! It would be the perfect ending!
    Great Expectations!
    I'm traveling from Lima-Peru just for the show. I'm pretty sure it will fulfill my expectations. Dudes, please do not disappoint me!!!...sing the oldies!!!
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