The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 16 2017
Louisville, KY, US / Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium
with OneRepublic

Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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Beautiful Day
We traveled from UT to attend this magnificent concert. We are still hoping to see U2 in our home state.
Loved Every Minute
No words - best band around, timeless music, and got to share it with my son. Perfect evening in the 'Ville.
First U2 concert. 30 year fan......and g
To commemorate this wonderful event I got to experience this year and after a 30yr musical journey (and this being the first U2 album I owned as an 8yr old), I present to you my Yucca Plant tattoo.
Great show
My first time seeing U2 live and getting to hear the Joshua tree album played in its entirety equals a great night.
35 year appoinment met
Waited 35yrs for this night and it was worth the wait feel blessed, glory
I saw his aura!
U2 Conquers Kentucky
Great crowd, great night, Greatest Band of All Time - Enough Said. See you in Cleveland Boys!!
A Spiritual Good Time
Came down from Indianapolis to see this show (my 2nd time seeing U2, wife's 1st). Show was fantastic (as always) and the crowd was quite pleasant. It always seems like a spiritual experience seeing U2 and especially that album being played in it's entirety (that's coming from an agnostic person). I don't know if it's because it's the soundtrack to my childhood or what. No other band gives me goosebumps. See you in Indianapolis...-Joshua
This was our fifth U2 concert and we finally got the nerve to go Red Zone! It was the best U2 show ever!! Our daughter and granddaughter are now super fans. Just as we thought it was winding down, they broke into Vertigo and the crowd around us went NUTS! Wow, that was AWESOME!
U2 in Louisville
Best concert EVER!
Unbelievable view of an unbelievable show! Thank you U2!
Thirty Years Later Still Rockin
I had the pleasure of seeing them at age 17 in Lexington for Joshua Tree Tour and then again last night with my 19 year old daughter. Surreal!
Words cannot do this show justice.
U2 in Louisville last night more than lived up to my expectations. In fact, I was completely unprepared for how awesome this experience was. These guys have redefined the stadium concert in all phases. If you have a chance to see this tour, by all means do whatever it takes. It will blow you away!
My happy place.
Great show!!
Awesome show in Louisville!! and am going to D.C. show as well....Cant wait!!! Saw them in 2009 on the No Line Tour. Still the worlds most relevant band!!
One More Time
Last time I saw a U2 concert was in '87 at the Hoosier Dome.....and got to see them open for themselves as the Daltons. I can't believe they are coming to my hometown and I get to see them 30 years later. Tomorrow can't come soon enough!!!
Welcome to Louisville!
Welcome to Louisville our Compassionate City! So grateful to have the opportunity to see you in my hometown. Would love to share a bourbon with the band and share how we as a city are working towards compassion! Cheers!
Seattle to Louisville
Round one in Seattle wasn't enough! Taking my sister to see the show in Louisville for her 50th. Can't wait to see the band and drink bourbon!
I Can't Wait!
The first and last time I saw U2 was during the Elevation Tour in Indianapolis on Bono's birthday. This time it is tickets as a gift for my birthday. Flying in from Tampa Bay, FL for the special occasion. It has been too long my friend.
first concert
Coming from Raleigh, NC. For my two boys 12 and 9, this is their first concert. If you've seen the show, how far back on field should we stand?
I had one band left to see on my concert bucket list and it was U2! Been waiting to see them since I was a kid. Can't wait till next Friday! Driving up from Nashville. Everyone have a blast!
from Maine to KY
10th U2 show and my Wife and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in Louisville! Can't wait to see U2 and check out the city!
Set List
Please, Please, Please make sure BAD is in the set list for Louisville!!!
By the way, I'm 64!!
Planning on attending my very first U2 show in Louisville. Been on my list for a long time and now I'm going to see them. Can't tell you how excited I am to be seeing them.
Can't wait!
Will be heading down from Michigan with my own Joshua tree named after that most special record. Please come back to Michigan soon, U2!
Ready to see the Boys from Ireland
Coming from South Carolina to listen, dance, sing along and rock and roll with U2.
Can't wait
Live in Georgetown about hour away...I had purchased Pittsburgh ticket but then when this date was announced quickly switched with Ticketmaster. Gonna be an awesome friday night!!!
Joshua Tree....Can't Wait
Can't wait to see the Joshua Tree in Louisville. Glad they added this one as it is close to Nashville...easy driving distance.
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