May 4 2018
St. Louis, MO, US / Scottrade Center

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Not quite eight months after having to cancel the St. Louis stop on their Joshua Tree 2017 tour, on Friday U2 returned to America’s Gateway to the West for the rollicking second show of the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour. Cathleen Falsani was at the show for U2.com.

“So glad that we’re all still here,” Bono told the boisterous crowd inside the Scottrade Center. “Sorry about last year…We came a year late. Apologies.”

Last autumn, the band regrettably had to cancel their September 16 show in St. Louis when protests broke out across the city after a judge acquitted a former white St. Louis police officer in the 2011 death of a black suspect. When protests turned violent the day before the scheduled show, the St. Louis Police Department said it would not be able to provide standard protection for the concert - U2 and Live Nation made the difficult decision to cancel the show and issue refunds. None of that cast a pall over last night’s concertgoers who filled the arena with a crackling positive energy that was both palpable and contagious. Ashley Judd, who was in the audience, described the show on Twitter as ‘remarkable...fiery and touching.’

‘It was a healing experience,’ said Kelley Weber, a St. Louis high school teacher who’s been a U2 fan since she was in high school herself. ‘Throughout Friday’s show, the band reminded us about what unites us as a community, that, even in the midst of darkness, there can be joy, and that love really is bigger than anything in its way.’

The second stop on the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour, which heads next to California and Nevada, brought a few tweaks to the setlist from opening night in Tulsa. ‘New Year’s Day’ made its tour debut during the first act between a barn-burning rendition of ‘I Will Follow’ that had the arena jumping, and ‘All Because of You.’ ‘Song For Someone’, ‘Raised By Wolves’, and ‘Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses’ rotated out of the lineup. (See the complete setlist here.)

The audience clearly delighted in the resurrection of Bono’s macabre, top-hatted Mr. MacPhisto and the band’s performance of ‘Acrobat’ (a first for many in the room as it had made its live world debut in Tulsa, 27 years after it was released on the Achtung Baby album.)

In St. Louis, the band’s performance of ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’ — where Bono shouted ‘this is not America!’ through a red-white-and-blue loudhailer while images of neo-Nazis and white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, North Carolina and elsewhere played on the immense high-definition screens of the ‘barricage’ in the center of the arena — and ‘One’ felt even more poignant than usual.

‘You can only solve these problems if you reach out to the people who you don’t normally want to sit across from,’ Bono said, introducing ‘One’ during the encore. ‘So, forget the White House, left and right. Working together: that’s what we learned in the One Campaign. We can work together, whatever it is: budgets, gun violence, health care - it won’t be solved by half the country, that’s for sure. And you can disagree on almost everything if the one thing you agree on is important enough. Choose what that is.’

The emotional show drew to a close with two songs from Songs of Experience: the anthem ‘Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way’ and '13 (There Is A Light)', which ended with Bono making his exit through the crowd at the back of the arena as he sang the final words, ‘someone like … me.’

Next up: Monday, May 7, the SAP Center San Jose.

If you were at the show in St Louis, add your own review and upload your photos here.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Love this Band...
    13th time I've seen this Crew over the course of 5 tours...have enthusiastically spent thousands to see these guys over the last couple decades. And they have never disappointed...until recently. I know politics is going to head itself at some point during every show courtesy of Bono...it's what he does. He has his ideals and uses his platform to espouse them. I've accepted that. And a lot of times I may be in some form of agreement with his message. But honestly, at a concert I'd just like to rock. U2's show in STL took the political message over the top. It was in your face....shoved down your throat and overtook the music. I hate to say it and I know no one cares but I think I saw my last U2 show in St Louis. And it was a magnificent show. Cheers! and thank you for the memories!
    this was the first time I have heard this revised version of IRIS at the St. Louis show and I now LOVE THIS SONG even more!!!! Such a personal, heartfelt, touching song, I can't help myself shedding a few tears every time I hear it. I am so happy they are playing IRIS again on this tour. LOVE is all there is.
    Awesome Show!!!
    Fantastic show!!!!! Still reliving it three days later. These four still are the best in the game.
    the show in St. Louis was so excellent and the band was in great form! Bono had endless energy and stamina and was in top form! I loved ACROBAT and the return of macphisto! OVERALL a big WOW!
    Gift for Bono and Daddy
    Hello People, here is a picture which my daughter Arwen (7) painted as a present for Bono and me. It shows ma at the concert in the first line. I should absolutely send it to Bono. Thank you for the great time. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to New York. Greetings from Germany. Thomas.
    So much fun!!
    Had a great time at the show! Was sad about the cancellation of the JT tour in STL but U2 more than made up for it Friday night!
    Iris was the Perfect Tonic for Today
    Been loving U2 for 35+ years since I was in college and was so bummed when Sept. show was canceled. Had my tickets for tonight's show when my incredible, truly beautiful momma, Rose Kennedy, who was 90 and still vibrant in her own way, passed away this morning. We chose to honor her and her love of music by going to see the show tonight, even some of my siblings buying tickets last minute. When Bono talked about "Iris" could be for any of us, it felt just perfect and filled my heart again with certainty that this is where Rose would want us to be! Momma Rose: "I’ve got your life inside of me."
    Great experience at the experience tour
    My husband and I had a wonderful time! It was my first time seeing my favorite band. U2 put on a great show.
    set list
    Please dear U2. I understand your position of play no JT songs... strange for me as a fan do dont have streets best song live ever without being on concert :( :( My question is Beautiful Day don t need a time?? Or Elevation??? Red flag day and Glória should be there. Little things also. STREETS
    Sad for St. Louis
    Feeling sad for St. Louis today. 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses' dropped from setlist! After the sadness of the JT gig cancelled last year, now this? Please U2, re-instate this classic for all future gigs. ALL future gigs!
    Celebrate 50 with "40"?
    Feeling blessed to ring in my 50th year with several close friends and the boys from Ireland.
    NO Joshua Tree?
    Come on guys, please mix in a few of those tracks for us in St Louis who had tickets and got screwed over by the events of last September. We understand why safety first back then, but I'm bringing my teenagers for their first taste of your amazingness live and they deserve to experience the feeling of hearing Streets live with 15,000 people feeling as one. I'll keep hoping you will make an exception for this show...fingers crossed!!
    Attention Dalton Brothers
    Come visit the Zoo during your stop in the LOU! I can bring a sea lion out for you to meet and arrange some other amazing behind the scenes animal EXPERIENCES for you. fishboy
    May the Fourth Be With U2
    There is a strong connection between U2 fans and the Rebel Alliance. May the Fourth Be with U2!! = : O )
    The Countdown is On!!
    The Joshua Tree tour was AMAZING, but can't wait to come to St Louis to see my Irish boys again and hear the thought provoking and unique songs from the Experience album!
    Can't wait to go to church!!!
    I have been in tune with these beautiful, talented lads since they were a whisper in America, you have saved me a hundred times, and were like a bible for me to always be welcome to, with such melodic, innovative, cutin edge slam your soul licks, beating of those militant drums, to the driving force of a heavy bass bad ass, to the angelic voice of a pro of selling, and preaching the good word, you fill my soul, thank you, for every word, every beat, the always on top of the times and future, God Bless your souls, I love you all, see you in St. Louis, was part of the last mishap, but glad to have you back boys!!!
    St. Louis here we come...from Switzerlan
    Coming from Switzerland to see U2 ! Our 13th ever U2 Concert since 1985. This will be our first ever Concert in the United States, and it MUST BE U2 ! Can't wait !
    the anticipation is killing me!
    Saw the J'Tree show in Cleveland; totally blown away! Can't wait for May the 4th be with you!!! Any word (or rumors) on an opening act?
    New Album Is The Jam
    Loving the new album. In my daily rotation for the foreseeable future. Looking forward to the showing STL. I say since the Joe Tree show was cancelled last Sept, we skip the opening band and bring the guys out to play side 2!
    we are so excited that you didn't give up on STL! now trying to see if we can make to Dublin as well!!! LOVE LOVE the new album! XOXOXO Melanie Wahl (fan since age 5 :)
    New CD
    Love the new CD and can't wait to hear some of it live in STL. Favorite after the first few listens has to be Summer of Love. Oh yeah...I've been thinking about the west coast.... :)
    What do you guys have against Denver now? You didn't come here for the Joshua Tree anniversary tour and now you're not coming again?! You guys are killing me.
    STL Show
    Please don't forget about some of the deeper Joshua Tree tracks during this show! So many people were crushed to miss experiencing those songs after the September show was abruptly cancelled.
    Bring Beck Along for the Ride
    We missed show for the cnx Joshua Tree Tour. Any chance you can bring Beck with you?
    Cannot wait to see you guys!
    So excited you're coming back. It was such a disappointment when the September show was cancelled. Best of luck and safe travels to you and all those coming to see you!
    Flew in from Virginia for the cancelled
    Spent a boat load of cash to fly to St Louis for the show that was cancelled? Any chance you can play the Joshua Tree this time back? I'd fly in again for that!!!!!! John
    can't hardly wait
    Taking my best friend Alanna. Every time in the past when you have come to town she has had to work so we were excited that she could make it to the earlier show. Devastated is an understatement but thankful fan safety is a main focus. Luckily you are coming back and haven't given up on STL. I was hoping you would have a private priority presale for those who had bought tickets to the cancelled show like Ed Sheeran had but I am happy enough to have the fan club presale even though it made me renew my unexpired membership. I have seen you several times and cannot wait to share this with my very best friend who has literally waited a lifetime to see you!
    Was so disappointed when the Joshua Tree show was cancelled. Can't wait to see the new show in May.
    So glad U2 is coming back early on this tour. We really missed them in September.
    St. Louis revisit
    Thanks for the addition of St. Louis on the tour.....bring a little "Joshua Tree" with you as well......and Beck wouldn't be bad for a suprise as well......you know with the new album and all, a two for......OoooRah !!! Ready to rock in St. "lewy". Hope to see in Chi town as well. !
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