May 7 2018
San Jose, CA, US / SAP Center at San Jose

Beautiful Night in San Jose

When & Where
A beautiful night began early on this beautiful day in San Jose, Monday 7th May 2018. As morning light broke, local fans got busy firing up a home-made kitchen right in there in the street outside the SAP Centre and proceeded to rustle up hundreds of pancakes for fellow early birds in the GA line. (Even local news were there.) A homely welcome to this home away from home for the band and fans on the #U2eiTour, night one of two in the city.

Set List
Delight from the crowd as Gloria makes its first appearance in the tour, and a welcome return to the set for Raised By Wolves, check out the full set set list :

Social Posts 
@AstriusCatfox (via Twitter)
‘Shoutout to #Bono and #U2 for throwing up the #NeverAgain hashtag, calling out the Charlottesville NeoNazis, and calling on the US to #resist. Y'all fuckin' rock and that was the best concert of my life’.

@echojustice (via Twitter)
‘Tonight was a perfect hope storm of deep creativity, bearing witness, and truth telling @U2. #JOY A much needed set list for such a time as this. #loveisbigger #healing’

In The Press 
For some, like Jim Harrington for the Bay Area News Group, it's not just what the band played at the show, its what they left out, that stood out…
‘Could a U2 show that didn’t include such favorites as "Where the Streets Have No Name," "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For," "With or Without You" and "Bullet the Blue Sky" — all celebrated staples of the U2 setlist for decades — be satisfying to behold? If you answered anything short of "yes" then, clearly, you weren’t at SAP Center on May 7, as Bono and the boys left all things "Joshua Tree" in the desert and still managed to deliver a brilliant outing for the packed house in San Jose. Say what you want about U2. But this band, which also performs at the same venue on May 8, has guts to spare. Try talking Bon Jovi, the Stones, Journey or basically any other classic rock band into hitting the arena trail without packing their best-known songs. It’s not going to happen. But U2 is a different kind of a classic rock act, one that is wary of being pigeonholed as a nostalgia act. Thus, after embracing its past like never before with last year’s "Joshua Tree" celebration, it makes total sense for the band to go the exact opposite way and fashion one of the most challenging and refreshing road shows of its career…
…The pacing was superb throughout the night, as the group mixed old and new, familiar and fresh, anthems and ballads to near perfection. Nothing ever felt stale. Nothing ever felt out of place’.

If You Had To Pick One Song 
It's Acrobat that is still drawing new emotion from long time fans, at the show and online, first time ever on a tour, third time ever payed live.

@U2Baja (via Twitter) ‘I could listen to Acrobat live over and over again. That song means so much to me, there are truly no words for me to let someone know how deeply it touches my heart and soul’

@corianderstem (via Twitter) ‘I have a bunch of mixed thoughts on the show, but holy shit, Acrobat. Acrobat is worth the price of admission’.

@explorativewoman (via Instagram) ‘Brought to tears thanks to @u2 playing a song that has gotten me through many hard moments in my life. Absolutely overwhelmed to have finally heard this song live. I won’t ever forget this’

What did Bono Say?
"Tonight's show is a very personal story. Could be Larry's, could be Adam's. Could be Edge's. ... I have very few memories of childhood. My mother especially. I wrote to remember." (The Ocean / Iris intro)

"This is a song about stubbornness" `(Staring At The Sun intro)

"Desire, Greed, Lust, Deceit, Vanity… All essentials to the showman in all his forms… And of course a license to just look in the mirror… haven’t seen you in quite a while" (Desire fades into intro to Acrobat.)

Review on U2.com / Zootopia 
shooboxx (via Zootopia): ‘The show was fantastic! Amazing! Powerful and I am fortunate I got to be in the building.’ 

And if you were at the show in San Jose, add your own review and upload your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    San Jose 05/07/2018
    They were in top form and gave us a great show!
    They're just freaking amazing. Greatest show may 7 the in San José
    Is this The Edge or Walter White?
    Got this unintentionally awesome art shot trying to get a pic with Edge with my phone zoomed in. A fellow GA line fan said it made him look like Walter White from Breaking Bad. You decide!
    First GA eXPERIENCE!
    My first GA eXPERIENCE this show. From a pancake breakfast to a spot on the rail to the worshipful experience of hearing Gloria live, it was an epic day. Oh, and thanks to The Edge for stopping by to patiently greet a couple hundred people on the street before sound check. That was a dream fulfilled!
    Great 1st night in San Jose!
    Our boys brought the bang & clatter to the South Bay!
    That Expression.... "Not a bad seat in t
    With most concerts the band is anchored to the stage and unless you're lucky enough to score promo seats you spend the night wishing why didn't I pay those bastard secondary marketers... As a member of the U2 Fan Club I was able to score side of the stage view seats at the Ticketmaster price and they were winners. Do not be afraid to buy side view seats as the band will be all over the arena and you will be very happy with your view.
    My son's first show
    I took my son on Monday night and it was EPIC - something we will share for all time. His favorite songs are Vertigo, American Soul, and The Blackout...all of which they played. Thanks, U2!
    Amazing & Epic!!!
    May 7 2018 came so did U2 the Experience & Innocence Tour stop at the SAP Center in San Jose. t U2 show was Amazing & Epic playing new songs and old songs. We had great seats the best view of U2.of seeing the 100ft screen. #U2 rocks
    The Little Things...
    Why is the band playing The Little Things? It's one of the best, if not the best, songs on the new record. I'm really hoping to see it live.
    Wild Horses!
    Can´t believe they dropped Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses after one date. I've been waiting forever to hear that song live, and now that it looked likely, seem like I'm out of luck again....
    Rock n Roll at its purest
    U2 offered a blistering setlist that’s had the audience jumping up and down the entire night. The highlights were the new songs that proved they belong with U2’s classics. And the artistry of the big screen and how the band used it was phenomenal.
    Spectacular night
    I had such a blast tonight which was made even better when "I Will Follow" was played. Such great energy from U2 and the fans. Thank you for another great and memorable concert.
    It's Cold Outside it gets so Hot in here
    Tonight, there's Ice on the floor for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Tomorrow night, once the ice melts on the floor, there will be Ice on the LED screen above the floor....and soon the boys and girls collide to the music in their ears....
    San Jose
    Love is Bigger than Anything, San Jose
    No access to tickets
    I've been a fan for over 15 years and got nothing... no access to code ... nothing!
    Great seats
    I hope with verified fan I can finally get a great seat.
    I can't wait!!! Best band ever!!!
    Can't wait!!
    Let's hope the new ticket method really works and let's the real fans get tickets.
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