May 11 2018
Las Vegas, NV, US / T-Mobile Arena

Opening Night in Las Vegas

'Turning this next song into a prayer...'

When & Where
Friday, May 11, 2018, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. The first of a two-night stand and night 5 of the #U2eiTour.  

It was the U2's first full concert in Las Vegas since the U2360° tour in 2009, and the packed arena (where the band played an eight-song set when they headlined the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September 2016), gave them an exuberant welcome. During the super-energized show—Vegas, baby!—many in the crowd stood, dancing and singing enthusiastically to classics, deep cuts, and the new material from 'Songs of Experience', particularly 'Red Flag Day', which continues to be a new live fan favorite.

Social Posts 
@AnitaUtami (via Twitter)
'You guys ROCKED! Loved, loved, loved this emotional show. Thank you for sharing your talent and your social messages with us! #U2eiTour'

@sjhanley (via Twitter)
'I avoided spoilers, so I squealed like a girl when I heard the beginning of Acrobat AMAZING #U2eiTour'
@a_joyfulnoise (via Twitter)
'Wishes the guys in @u2 could have heard the crowd walking though #theparkvegas singing Streets post-Friday's spectacular #U2eiTour show. Do they know what their music means to all of us? Can we ever show enough gratitude? #U2LasVegas'

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'Pride (In The Name Of Love)'

@mich40U2 (via Twitter)
'Adam's cranked up bass at the beginning of Pride has brought new love to this song for me. #U2eiTour'

@HerzensSonne22 (via Twitter)
'Pride always and in all ways will be one of the SONGS when I feel this overwhelming love we share and the gift they are for the world the most. #U2 @U2 #U2eiTour'

What did Bono Say?
“Jojo and Evie, right in front of you!' 

Bono gave a couple of shouts out to his daughters, Jordan and Eve, who were in the house tonight. During the intro to 'One', he said: 'It's our daughter Jordan's birthday here. She and her sister are in the house. I would say her whole generation are the kind of women we need to take over the world. Smart, extraordinary women, who aren't taking shit.' 

The band dedicated 'One' to the victims of the massacre in Las Vegas last October that claimed the lives of 58 people, injuring 851 more (422 of them with gunshot wounds), when a gunman opened fire on the crowd during the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

 'We want to dedicate this song to the families who lost someone here in Las Vegas on October 1 last year…People say this country is broken and divided but deep down you're Americans and that's still so strong to us. And I think at points of crisis, you become even more American and that's what we saw here last year in the city, with people queuing up to give blood, queuing up to take care of their neighbours here in Las Vegas. That's the America we know. 

'So tonight, if we might, we're going to turn this next song into a prayer. That said, thoughts and prayers are not enough.'

Review on U2.com / Zootopia 
noriluche on U2.com: 'Made my day! Nothing better than hear a powerfull Viva Mexico from u!! What an amazing night full of energy and emotions with a key message around: LOVE IS BiGGER THAN ANYTHING IN ITS WAY!!'

And if you were at the show in Las Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    #lasVegas at @tmobilearena
    Different night for everyone. Men Women, Child, Hockey, Money, Plastic glasses, ONE RED, My wife&I
    My account of the #U2e+iTour at Las Vega
    You can find my account of the #U2e+iTour at Las Vegas (in Spanish) at my blog: http://blog.gutierrezruiz.com/2018/05/mi-cobertura-del-u2-experienceinnocence.html
    Staring at the sun in Las Vegas!!
    With a powerful Viva Mexico! at the opening night that almost made my heart get out of my chest!! An amazing night full of love and #’s to make viral all over the world! #loveisallwehaveleft #thisisnotimenottobealive #loveisbiggerthananythinginthisway
    5/11/18 LV
    This band is everything to me. They restore my faith in humanity. They never cease to amaze me and move me to tears. U24EVR!!!
    It's a Beautiful Day... Vegas!
    Awestruck is an understatement! To be so up close to witness such an iconic band and watch history unfold before your very own eyes is a privilege only a few elite fans get to ever boast about -and we were part of those elite last evening. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your story. Mauro e Andreana
    good show
    think there was a problem with the PA system for at least the first 4 or 5 songs. It sounded off to me . Enjoyed the second half of the show better. American Soul was a standout. Really good live. Enjoyed Red Flag day and Gloria too. Doesn't make sense not to utilize the screen when they're on the e stage The other end can't see much. Also think they should finish the show on an uptempo number. Appreciate the way the story is told but would be nice to finish on a high note.
    The best way to get the bands attention would be to have a flag with 40 written on it. Enjoy the show
    tomorrow night..
    I haven't been able to sing "40" live since the vertigo tour....What are the chances the band will close with it Friday night? How do I get the bands attention to do this? It's my 7th time seeing them since 2001 (twice for the Joshua Tree) and I am excited. ~Chris
    See you on Friday - any chance Landlady makes it on the setlist?
    See you Soon Vegas.. with or without Str
    Excited to travel in from Texas for the show. I just realized, if the set lists hold, this will be the first show in 31 years with hearing Streets. Not sure if I am mentally or emotionally prepared for this right now. Nonetheless, should be a special night in that town. Gonzo
    The miracle of modern medicine
    I want you to know there's a very special guest in attendance Friday night . Her name is Dr. Hendrickson . About a month ago I rescued a three month old puppy from a sketchy situation on the streets . When I got him in my car , SOI was playing and the pup sang along , hitting all the high notes and as i talked him through the car ride with his new life in front of him , I complimented his ability to hit all those high notes and announced , you shalll be called Bonovox, or little B . Little B had a rough start in life and every morning after that first car ride I let him up in the bed to cuddle and play U2 music for him . I wanted him to have a sense of something familiar and since we started with this music in the car , that's what we carried on with . Turns out little B was sick with parvo and wasn't given great odds of making it . He ended up in the equivalent of the intensive care unit at a local animal hospital where I could only see him through glass . I asked his doctors and animal hospital staff if it would be possible to pipe U2 music into his kennel because it was the only thing that had been consistently familiar to him . They indulged us with an iPad and a U2 playlist . Dr Hendrickson told me she was a big u2 fan herself but when they came to sun devil stadium in 1987 she was only 15 and her mom wouldn't let her go . Well let's right that wrong . She's coming to Vegas! Big thank you to U2 for the inspiration and the good doctor who gave little B his life back . Through the miracle of modern medicine and the Mirxale is Joey Raimone , the puppy i thought I lost has been returned ! He pulled through and made it !
    7 sleeps and counting! Cant wait ! two nights in a row makes 25 & 26 U2 shows for oh ya!
    Happy Birthday.... Mr.
    Oh let's not sing Happy Birthday Mr.President, how about Happy Birthday St. Bono. But the St. thing is a little cheeky so how about let's just make it a good party! ;-)
    Las Vegas
    Last time I saw U2 inLas Vegas was in 2005! We got sect 209 for the first show and FLOOR for the 2nd! We also got a great place to stay at with airbnb! CANT WAIT FOR THIS TRIP!!!
    Where is everyone staying? Are most of you locals? I'm coming in from out of town. For all you locals, where would YOU recommend someone to stay? I already my reservation but curious about opinions. Thanks guys!
    But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looki
    But I am sure that I will find it in Vegas when we see U2 in May!!!!!!
    Las Vegas Baby!
    I live here so anytime they're playing here we go! This is a good venue to see them in. New facility. Saw the last year the same time except @ the Rose Bowl for JT shows! U2 ROCKS!!!
    U2 in SIN CITY
    Never been to Las Vegas... can't wait.. this will be my first time... and oh look.... my favourite band is PLAYING! See you all there!
    RZ in LV
    Friday night will be Running to Stand Still in RZ2 while Saturday morning will be running in The Red Rock Canyon 21.1 k Friday night will involve enjoying multiple cold ones while Saturday morning will likely involve donating all that moisture back to the NV desert. Friday night will be more fun ! Hiccup.
    Fingers Crossed for Vegas!
    I've seen two Vertigo shows and one 360 show in Las Vegas. Hoping to get tix to see the 2018 Experience tour at this brand new arena!
    Vegas Baby!
    Live here, so no brainer... T-Mobile/u2 Here I Come!!! Every show we've ever seen here starting with Pop Tour (opened their tour with performance at Sam Boyd Stadium).
    Discgolfchick65 Canada
    This will be my first trip to Vegas! But I've seen every single U2 concert since 1987 in Vancouver, BC!!
    VEGAS BABY!!!!
    Hope to get my tickets cause hotel is booked before they go outta control.....
    Already booked my hotel for Vegas
    What a way to start a weekend than with the boys.
    T-Mobile is a beautiful Arena, can't wait to be there again!
    Well this should be fun,
    VEGAS on a Friday !!!!!!
    T-Mobile new venue in Vegas, AWESOME SAUCE !!!!!!!!!
    I'm in! VEGAS!!!
    Can't wait. LA and Vegas for sure. Hopefully San Francisco or San Diego as well (fingers crossed)
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