May 8 2018
San Jose, CA, US / SAP Center at San Jose

'Red Flag Day' in San Jose

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'Let’s try this for the first time…'

When & Where
Tuesday 8th May 2018. Night 2 for #U2eiTour at the SAP Centre San Jose, California.

Set List
Live debut for 'Red Flag Day' in San Jose, four shows into this leg of the tour. Gloria keeps its place in the set after its tour debut last night (first time since the Vertigo tour it has featured in back to back shows).
Check out the complete set list.

Social Posts 
@bijans (via Twitter) ‘Most artistic storytelling they’ve ever done on stage’.

@WilsonKPIX (via Twitter) ‘Deliberate and frustrating, personal and human. U2’s #U2eiTour is going to piss a lot of people off, while also being pretty incredible’.

@U2Baja (following along online via Twitter) ‘I have to say this #U2eiTour has got me really excited. The energy the band is showing, the willingness to take risks and shelve iconic songs, even the darker aspects of the shows. Truly impressed and excited for my turn’.

Fansite Coverage 
Remy from @U2Start has been travelling around the first part of this tour, and is using social media to cover the shows and interview fellow fans along the way. He caught up with Ignacio from Chile & Harry from fellow fansite @U2Songs - both have actually played guitar on the e-stage with the band in the past (back on the Innocence version of this production). Here’s a few of their thoughts about tonight’s show.
Ignacio : ‘It was great, great energy’.
Harry : ‘I thought it was the best night of the tour so far, the band was on top form.. performance-wise, everything was top notch’.
Remy : ‘Bono’s voice… its like.. better than ever!’
Ignacio : ‘They are giving us a different angle.. more playful and dynamic’
Remy : ‘Do you miss Streets?’
Harry : ‘I always miss Streets .. but this whole experience thing its about taking risks…and that's a part of it… and that's a good thing’.
They went on to discuss the evolution of the Macphisto character, Red Flag day debut, Larry’s drums in Desire and more… you can watch the full 10 minute chat here

 If You Had To Pick One Song 
'Lets try this for the first time'. The singer announces Red Flag Day for its worldwide live debut…

What did Bono Say?
'Waking up...what a wonderful feeling...16,000 reasons to get out of bed…' (and later) 'Tim Berners-Lee right in front of you' during Beautiful Day.

'I desire to be in the room with the greatest drummer on the planet... I desire to be in the room with the most elegant bass player... I desire to be with The Edge… but it's impossible, because he's untouchable!'

'I remember a time when money couldn't buy an election, do you remember that? Yeah, innocence. One man, one woman, one vote, they were the days. Do you think we can get them back?! This is America, you can do anything.' (During Desire)

Review on U2.com / Zootopia 
(Zootopian shooboxx was there for second night in a row)
‘Another super stellar show. These damn direct calls to actions are very convincing. Coming out with a bullhorn to literally rally us...  It's important stuff, it's scary times, this is exactly the type of gatherings we need. The energy was so strong and positive. A second night I felt privileged to be part of this with other fans’.

And if you were at the show, add your own review and upload your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Always Magical
    Loved it!
    Loved it!
    Screwtape and Wormwood
    I caught a few pages Bono tore out from the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis during wolves. Though I haven’t cross checked to be sure, Macphistos comment that he does his best work when no one believes he exists is taken from that book.
    I will ALWAYS follow!
    As a long time fan and fan-club member, these shows were like being in the presence of my old friends! I haven't purchased floor access since 360Tour, which was tough on old bones! However, these shows with the all around and up close access was fantastic. I didn't need to arrive early, either day, to get the best spot in the house. Plus other awesome fans always made made moving and dancing around super pleasant! New music rocked! American Soul and Red Flag Day were highlights, along with old FAV's like Acrobat and Staring at the Sun. Maybe just a little more merchandise for women! Respect Existence or Expect Resistance! Much love!
    Adam in the Red Zone.
    San Jose.. second night.
    Bono (as seen through Old Glory)
    Incredible show! This photo I captured seemed to capture the evening in a perfect way for me.
    MacPhisto- San Jose May 8 2018
    Truly amazing to see them up close an personal. I love being able to see the powerful bond between the band. Rockstars.
    Julie Karbo
    A life's journey
    I've attended every U2 tour appearance in the SF Bay Area since the early 80s-so yes-I'm about the same age as the guys. Although I'm not the same person I was in my early 20s, the live experience always speaks to me very personally--to see, think, and feel things differently. Seeing U2 perform live is always a life-enhancing experience. I was blessed to be in the front row on the 5/7 show in San Jose. The show had a different tone. And no, I wasn't heartbroken they didn't play some of the older songs. It was a carefully woven performance and it was beautiful. I danced the whole time. Some things never change. Love you guys! Keep making music and changes 'til the end! And thank you for being such a strong voice for women.
    Red Flag Day!!
    Yes!! 2 awesome shows in SJ! Will be in LA Wed for another!
    Red Flag Day.
    Absolutely amazing show!!!!!
    What a night! What a band! Thank you so much for a breathtaking performance! Amazing!
    Boring San Jose Audience
    Band sounded excellent. This was my third Rock concert at Sapp Center in San Jose and once again the audience was the dullest rock audience I have ever experienced. The San Jose-silicone valley crowd has obviously spent too much time sitting looking at screens and thinking they are experiencing life. Not!
    10 year old perspective
    My 10 y old son first ever concert. I asked him which part he enjoyed the most. Nathan said he enjoyed watching the concert while the flag was down and the band was playing behind it. I knew it was not the view intended to show the best of the band and we were with the backstage view. But I thought to share the pic and the perspective of a kid wanna be drummer. I guess the concert could be enjoyable from every angle as long as we are open minded ;) Cheers
    I've got lots of friends in San Jose.
    Do you know the way to San Jose? Can't wait to get back to San Jose.
    One more eXperience
    After Joshua Tree in Brazil last October, May 8th and my daughter Vitoria will be in San Jose, for another great experience with the biggest band in history! See you there ... Gil Felizardo, Curitiba-Brazil
    Can believe I scored tickets for SJ2!!!
    This will be the first time I've gotten GA tickets since 360 back in '11. I feel like I won the Lotto. It's a "Beautiful Day".
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