The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Dec 8 2019
Seoul, KR / Gocheok Sky Dome

'Take us to love…'

'It's been a long, long road that has bought us to Seoul and Korea and you but it doesn't matter how long it takes... as long as you get there in the end.'
And as long as you can play 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'.
'Take us to church now
Take us to the temple
Take us to the shrine, take us to the synagogue, take us to the mosque… take us to love.'

'Pride (In the Name of Love)' became a tribute to John Lennon, on the thirty ninth anniversary of his death. Bono recalled the band being in New York City on that night and hearing the news.
 '… can still feel it… great peacemaker, great soul….sing with us.
Blessed are the peacemakers
Peacemakers in our neighbourhood
Peacemakers in this country, north and south
We pray for the peacemakers, will you sing with us…'

The full house at the Gocheok Sky Dome gave the band a huge reception for their debut appearance in South Korea and the appreciation was mutual.
'What an incredible view I have of you all,' said Larry when Bono asked him about being in the country, before 'Trip Through Your Wires'. 'Feels like we've known each other for a long, long time…'
'Two days is not enough,' added Edge. 'We've got to come back…'
That went down well…

C. Hong for (link : :
'During the performance of their song “Ultraviolet (Light My Way),” the screens at the concert showed the word “HERSTORY” before switching to photos of famous Korean women of history. This included Sulli, the singer-actress who passed away earlier this fall. Written in Korean with these photos were the words, “Until we are all equal, none of us are equal.” Others photos onscreen included female divers from Jeju Island, who have been designated part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO; Kim Jung Sook, current first lady of South Korea who was also in attendance at the concert; painter Na Hye Sok, a pioneering feminist and one of the New Women in the 1920s; Park Kyung Won, South Korea's first female civilian pilot; prosecutor Seo Ji Hyun, who brought attention to South Korea's “Me Too” movement; Hong Eun Ah, South Korea's youngest international referee in soccer and currently Ewha University professor; Jung Kyung Hwa, a violinist; Lee Soo Jung, a forensic psychologist and professor at Kyonggi University; and Lee Tae Young, South Korea's first female lawyer. One media outlet described these women as people who have changed Korean society or sowed the seeds for future change.'

The Goal WAS Seoul with a bouncing version of 'Elevation' & Beatles song snippets threaded through the set tonight, the spirit of John Lennon and the Beatles remembered in lines from 'Stand by Me' (in ISHFWILF), 'She Loves You' and 'Love Me Do' (during Vertigo) and 'Love Is All You Need' (in LIBTAIIW)

'It's a lot to take in… I'm gonna have to come back to make a closer inspection…' (when asked what he loved about being in Seoul for the first time)

Tyler from U2 Fan Podcast Site @Rev_U2 (link : flew in from Manchester just for this show, we caught up with him on his way out of the stadium and he gave us a few words about tonights debut Korean show : 'a very cold baseball stadium… absolutely packed out and the coats came off when the music came on. I'd heard that Western artists sometimes get a cool response from the crowd so I had some trepidations but it was not the case at all. Seoul showed U2 what they have been missing tonight. The setlist threw a lot of surprises at me. I had avoided all spoilers and I really enjoyed how JT2019 is a hybrid of E+I and JT2017. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and the boys certainly did that. U2 did not seem like they'd been around for 40 years tonight. They were fresh, youthful and new. Well worth the trip”.
And on that point, we asked him why pick this show on this Tour, ahead of the more exotic and warmer places! : “because it was the place I knew least about… to quote a line from 'The Wanderer' 'I went out searching…'

Coldest show of the Tour so far, -4 degrees according to fans leaving the show.

Here's the complete set list and if you were at second show in Tokyo tonight, tell us all about it. 

Add your own review and photos below.




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    Bad in Mumbai - Give Peace A Chance...
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    I always wanted to make sure that this i
    I've waited for this day for 9 years, which makes about one third of my life. Not quite long, huh? Well, this time, this is not an online live stream. I am here! Whatever happened to the introduction, they were fully ready. Was I? Not sure, but as I heard Bono's voice, and saw Larry walking down the stage, I went mad. For the Joshua Tree Tour, I've seen a few photos and very short video clips, but no full video. Because back in 2017, I was really sure that U2 could come to Korea on this tour so I tried to stay spoiler-free. They didn't make it then, but finally did in 2019! It's U2 right in front of you, for real! The massive 8K screen made me a little dizzy (not in a bad way) and the amazing real time video on screen with real time visual effects... How far technology and art can go? This is definitely beyond imagination. Watching from a YouTube video or Periscope and actually being at the scene is totally different. A show, a performance is all about experience. When I was chanting 'No more, no war' I really meant it... (You know this country is still technically at war-) They definitely wanted to impress us, and so did we. Thank you so much for coming to this country. Adam's gentle, sweet smile, the sweetest (and the wonderful sound of bass, of course - didn't knew it was possible at Gocheok); Larry's every single moment (Can't say more); Edge's stern, professional face (He makes me speechless); Bono's voice taking us higher, with his every word and every move...x The Korean poems while waiting, subtitles in Korean language, Larry's cute hangul T-shirt, the Luminous Icons on screen...... Beautiful reasons to be glad to be alive. To be alive and to attend this show, to be a part of the audience and be in the sound, to actually see the gigantic screen and stage, the performance...all so beautiful. Beautiful Seoul people, haha. And I also thank you for singing "Korean Peninsula right in front of you" during Beautiful Day... Bono you didn't say "South" only... oh how sweet you are. And what Bono said in the beginning of Love Is Bigger... Of course I know what you are talking about... Thank you so much for remembering them, and your warm and kind words... you gave me reasons to live on. Everyone knew that One would be a very special song here in Korea. Sending message of love to the people in the North of the border - that is, North of the Armistice Line... Sincerely hope that we can sign peace treaty very soon. 'Compromise'... if you learn to compromise... I'm sure he heard the message! And to hear this from our favorite Irish men is so special. You said you're gonna have to come back... I just hope that I don't have to wait for another nine years. Well, yes, I can wait for that, if you ask me. (Sad that we missed Bad. We were ready to sing with you. Hope we can get another chance soon) What an unforgettable night. See you down the road!
    Vitor Moutinho
    From Portugal to S(e)oul of U2 in Korea
    Long trip, long wait, hard expectations, happy start, lovely end. This is was a memorable concert of U2. First Time in South Korea, great message to freedom, respect, values of liberty and peace. I never ever see the BIG 4 Boys playing so happy... and wasn't necessary "close inspection"
    On the way from London!! First show outside Europe - SHINE LIKE STARS!!!
    This Sunday.
    Still can't believe I'm really going there. A U2 concert in Seoul? Must be a dream. No. This is real.
    Vitor Moutinho
    From Portugal trough Macau to Seoul
    Travel with Dreams Live with dreams Listen with dreams, share your dream... Let's go #Seoul #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019
    20 days to go
    can't wait! 20 days to go, i am in red zone with my German and English friends! let's rattle and hum!
    2nd night for SEUL???
    Lets sold out the 1st night, so we can have one more for 9 of December :) Hope we can have some special moments from the Rattle and Hum…
    South Korea
    Seoul is goal
    The Joshua Tree in Seoul in December
    Just scored the below tickets to the first show ever by U2 in Seoul. Everything will be Rattling and Humming in the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on December 8, 2019.
    Children allowed?
    Hello, Can I bring my 5 year old daughter to this show? Please help!
    Where to stay in Seoul
    Can anyone offer any first hand advice on areas of Seoul that are good for tourists to stay in? Thanks
    I've been waiting for 32 years!
    Thank you so much for coming to Seoul! Luv ya lots! XOXO
    i'm ready!
    Yes i'm still running. But I still HAVE found what I'm looking for :) THANKS
    one more time since three years ago
    I will see you again since 2017, thanks for u2 to come to asia, even though China is not included.
    I've been waiting for 25 years..
    I was a teenager when I first heard Rattle & Hum. Now my daughter is a teenager. I will be the dome with her. Thanks for the concert, in advance.
    So amazing!!!
    Finally....! Welcome to korea..! I can't wait to see u2.
    Hi would like to buy tickets ...can you
    HomI would like to buy either GA red zone or vip for Seoul ... is there a link to ticket agency in English thanks
    A dream come true
    U2 coming to Korea a dream come true for me! Can't wait to see you guys here in Seoul!
    I can't hardly wait to join the december concert!! Welcome to Korea!! I'm waiting this concert about 30 years!!! I hope to take good seat, however any saet would be perfect to see the U2!
    Japanese fan are also coming to Seoul!
    Congratulations to every U2 lovers in Korea! I have attended U2 concert in 1988 (Tokyo), 1992 (London), 1997 (London), 2005 (Toronto), 2006 (Saitama), 2009 (London), 2015 (Chicago x2), 2017 (Chicago & Cleveland). I have witnessed this "The Joshua Tree" 30 years anniversary tour from (RED) zone in Cleveland on July 2017 and it was one of the best moment in my life! The band plays so close, but not so far away! I and my wife have already secured a flight from Nagoya to Seoul on Dec 7th and waiting for Pre-Sale on June 11th! Let's make a great atmospher on the night and we will be the one!
    I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!! I've waited for U2 to come Seoul for a long long time. Actually, I was too tired of waiting and went to Los Angeles to see the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour. It was a really hard journey because I was able to stay only 3 days in LA due to my work. But, The show was really a LIFETIME MOMENT!!!! I'll never forget it forever. It deserves to see this show again in my hometown Seoul because Joshua Tree is my favorite album and the songs gave my life hope and inspiration. I can't wait this... Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry for coming to this far east country. Come, and see how Seoul sing and breathe together with you!! WELCOME!!!!
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