The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Dec 11 2019
Manila, PH / Philippine Arena

Gloria in Manila


Sunday Bloody Sunday, Gloria, New Year’s Day, Bad, Pride….  pretty great  to announce your debut performance in the Philippines.
And what a reception from a huge audience in the world’s largest indoor venue.
'Thank you for your patience.
Well our prayer tonight is for an epic night of rock’n'roll transcendence...
Anything can happen, anything will happen, you need it, we need it…'

We all needed it on the penultimate night of a tour that opened in Vancouver in May 2017 and closes this Sunday in Mumbai.
So many heroes in the house tonight, including 100 Red Cross volunteers, part of the response to the recent Typhoon Kammuri.
'The Red Cross volunteers… let’s keep them in our prayers, the ones who keep us safe from physical harm, also for the journalists, for truth tellers,
activists, who keep this country spiritually safe… everyday heroes all, women and men, let’s see your stars in the sky Manila..’

( - uncredited)
U2 held their historic first concert in the Philippines on Wednesday, December 11, and paid tribute to female gamechangers all over the world – Rappler CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa included. After their performance of "Beautiful Day," Bono said, "Human rights drown out human wrongs, that's a beautiful day. When sisters around the world go to school with their brothers, that's a beautiful day. When journalists don't have to worry about what they write, that's a beautiful day. When women of the world unite to rewrite history as herstory, that is a beautiful day." He then said, "For Maria Ressa," before launching into the band's 1991 song, "Ultra Violet (Light My Way)." As they performed, the big screen backdrop displayed photos of revolutionary Filipinas throughout history, including Maria, Philippine Revolution heroine Melchora Aquino, zarzuela singer Maria Carpena, former president Cory Aquino, world-renowned singer and actress Lea Salonga, Senator Pia Cayetano, the #BabaeAko movement, the One Billion Rising movement, Grrl Gang Manila, youth activist and typhoon Haiyan survivor Marinel Ubaldo, activist Lidy Nacpil Alejandro, and environmental and indigenous rights advocate Joan Carling. Women from around the world were also highlighted, including comedians Ellen Degeneres and Hannah Gadsby, primatologist Jane Goodall, protest punk band Pussy Riot, Syrian Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini, AIDS awareness advocate Connie Mudenda, and climate activist Greta Thunberg, who was named Time magazine's Person of the Year on the same day as the concert.
"Women who light up history, your own Maria Ressa, is an incredible woman. But the extraordinary thing is, even Maria will say it's not about individuals. It's about collective action. It's about social movements. And so then all of you can grow up to be the President or Maria Ressa," he said after the song. Throughout their tour, the band has played "Ultra Violet" to honor women, choosing representatives from each country they visit. In Seoul, South Korea where they played before heading to the Philippines, the band showed photos of historical Korean women, including South Korean first lady Kim Jung Sook, feminist painter Na Hye Sok, Korea's first female civilian pilot Park Kyung Won, and K-pop star and actress Sulli, who died in October. U2's choice to include Maria in their tribute is not surprising – U2 frontman Bono had stressed the importance of a free press and safety for journalists. “President Duterte is very popular, he doesn't need me on his side, and as it happens I have a very deep conviction about journalism," he said at a press conference in Manila on Tuesday, December 10. "The safety of journalists is very important, and I think a democracy requires a free press,” he said. U2 is known for speaking up on social and political issues – and not just through their music. At the same press conference, frontman Bono sent out a "soft message" to President Rodrigo Duterte, saying "you can't compromise on human rights."

'Gloria' returns to the set for it's second only outing this tour and 'Bad' is back complete with a snippet of David Bowie's 'Heroes' dedicated to  volunteers with the Red Cross that the band met yesterday and to journalists from this country, 'truth tellers who help keep this country spiritually safe'…


'It doesn't matter how long it takes to get where you wanna go as long as you get there in the end' (ISHFWILF)

'This country is a miracle of a place. Look at what you've done with your archipelago... it is an incredible thing to witness… the excitement and kinetic energy of this country, thank you for letting us be guests of the nation.. a great nation' (before God's Country)

'We are coming to the end of our tour soon. I was told today that this is our 2050th show that we have played in our lifetime. Doesn't feel like it…'

'Thank you to the men and women of our crew… Best in the world… Building this… And taking it down
Jake Berry… the most incredible man… came here many months ago to make sure we could play here… In the Philippines… and discover this 
incredible room this is a great, great venue. 
Well… thank you for sticking with us, thank you for giving us a great life… 
How we waited… no good excuse…We should have been here every year… 
From our single island to your thousand islands, thank you for making us feel so welcome 
On your islands, you're making a new history  for yourselves but the truth is, none of us are really an island and what happens in one country affects the other side of the world. From typhoons to droughts… the way we live in one
country affects life in every country. There is no them, there's only us. We are… One.'

@sarialmighty : in this sea of people the four decades are worth the wait for every fan inside the arena, U2!

@SilRigote : 'I kinda fee like saying that Manila might get the award of BEST TJT2019 concert. Band sounds flawless, crowd is loud and enthusiastic...what can be better than this? '

@the_gardentarts : I am going to keep talking about those new piano notes in RTSS. They are *everything*. How long has Edge been keeping them from us?! And... hallelujah…'

@miriamgracego  : “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" is from @U2's 1991 album Achtung Baby.  Originally a song about lovers going thru rough times, it has taken on a spiritual interpretation — an allusion to a divine light guiding a person through the dark.

Bono mentioned it might have been the band's 2050th live performance this evening* - but if you know different, do let us know in the comments below
* Source @U2gigs (link :

Here's the complete set list and if you were at the show in Manila tonight, tell us all about it. 

Add your own review and photos below. 

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    Bad in Mumbai - Give Peace A Chance...
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    Take 2 for U2
    It’s been six months since my 2 night stand with U2 and I still have a hangover! I waited so long, one night in Singapore wasn’t enough. Caught you again days after for another round, in my homeland this time, with my people. Both unforgettable nights. Thank you for the mind blowing experience!
    Longest Post Concert Depression ever
    A magical experience, still can't move on from the show!! See my full experience from U2 Live in Manila show:
    Thanks for using music to disturb and en
    Sharing this new year’s day wish inspired by the band’s “Running to Stand Still.” Thank you, Bono, the Edge, Adam and Larry for using your music to disturb and enlighten. Blessings to the Team!
    Nicolas walks on with the U2 flag. It was an amazing experience witnessing the greatness of U2, with my son. Ten years ago, I introduced him to "40". He'll be singing a new song as he is off to college next year. U2, the band of my life, in my beloved country. Truly, Gloria!
    U2 Modern Art in Concert
    I have been very fortunate to watch the Innocence and Experience tour in the US last year. This Joshua Tree Tour In Manila is just as good. Its really like watching an awesome artwork coming to life that fuses with the performance of the band. What a great Band and what a great crew. They are once in a lifetime and are all time greats. Very fortunate to have been a U2 fan. Please do more songs and do more tours, so others can witness. I really and truly hope this is not their last tour.
    Thank you for playing BAD!
    I asked for it and i got it! I was at the Red zone and i was starting to palpitate when The Edge played what i recognized to be the intro notes for BAD. You were speaking about dreams and wishes and the tears just started to flow as the high-pitch notes came on. The rest was like dream...i sang the emotional, very personal song with your emotional voice. It was indeed a dream come true! I love you Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry! May God bless your kind hearts!
    "EPIC" night of Rock and Roll!!!
    Truly it was an "Epic night of Rock and Roll"... after several decades, U2 finally made it to the Philippines!!! This is an historic concert for all U2 fans in the country!!! Thanks for coming over and thanks for sharing and playing your music! The visuals (lighting and the massive LED screen) were AMAZING!!!
    Songs of a Different Story
    U2 in Manila!!! Seems far-fetched and just a dream. And yet, it came true. For me and my wife, goosebumps all over. We can't believe that our dreams will be fulfilled. From Sunday Bloody Sunday, to an amazing visual effects of Where the Streets Have No Name that BLOW OUR MINDS, to a politically-infused Ultraviolet (shucks how did I not see this can be HERSTORY), to just plain old rock-and-roll Desire, our everlasting gratitude to Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Jr. and Adam Clayton. Thanks U2!!!
    What an awesome concert!
    Truly it was an "Epic night of Rock and Roll"... after several decades, U2 finally made it to the Philippines. This is an historic concert for all U2 fans in the country!!! Thanks for coming over and thanks for playing your sharing and playing your music! The visuals (lighting and the massive LED screen) were AMAZING!!!
    Very sad about missing more than half of
    still feeling quite sad for missing half of U2’s concert due to the terrible traffic and logistical nightmare at the phil. arena. we left makati before 3pm and was at marilao by 7pm(about less than 5 km away from the venue) but due to the traffic and parking difficulties, only got in the venue around 10:15. this after saving up for months, joining u2’s site to get access to early selling and being among the first to buy tickets online last September, then eagerly anticipating for 3 months before the concert. twas a real life nightmare. lunch delivery late for 1.5 hrs that delayed our departure, waze brought us back about a kilometer away from where we came from an hour earlier, then later flagged down by a traffic cop and released after 15 mins since there was no violation anyway, and the horrendous traffic the rest of the way plus parking really far the venue. my wife and i teared up as the clock ticked and read tweets that it started already. one by one, the songs we liked the most were sung by the band. by the time we got inside, with or without you, pride, still haven't found were performed already. :( sigh... while the rest of the concert made up for what we missed, I still can't help but feel bad about missing the first half of the show. my wife and i are just hoping and praying that we would still get another chance to watch U2 again in this lifetime.
    The long wait was worth it!
    U2 still in top form! Their performance in manila made it a Beautiful Day. Keep giving us the songs that warm up our souls. Thanks for mentioning Maria Ressa and for praying that journalists can keep on writing without fear. Keep speaking up for those who cannot. U2 is not U2 without the brave statements.
    A Dream Come True
    We've waited, wished, requested and dreamed about this for so long. And now, this becomes a reality. Thank you so much for including Manila on your Joshua Tree Tour. Although I was also in your Tokyo tour with my wife, it is something else to be with your friends and countrymen who know almost all of the songs by heart. Who would scream and shout with you. Who would stomp their feet and clap their hands and raise them high with you. This was undoubtedly one of the best experiences in my life. Again thank you and always remember that Pinoys love U2.
    Salamat U2!
    It took me 34 years of waiting to see the best band perform live and last night that dream came true. Salamat U2 for the magical evening of pure rock 'n roll. Sa uulitin...
    Thank You so much from Manila!
    Wow.. it was Incredible, Amazing show last night. the Band was unbelievable. Epic Show. Yes, We Wait for 4 decades but the wait is well compensated by the magnificent performance from Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry !
    Awing the Already Awed
    When I finally caught the Joshua Tree concert in Chicago in 2017, I thought that that was what being awed by a transcendental music experience meant. So how do you awe the already awed? You find a way to watch U2 perform in the Philippine Arena. Thanks and props to Bono, The Edge, Larry, Adam and the U2 Crew! And thank you for being consistent in articulating what badly needs to be said during these interesting times. Know that the trolls who were upset by your message extolling democracy, women rights and journalism do not represent everyone from the Philippines. Mabuhay at Salamat, U2!
    I've watched them last Nov 9. My 2nd time to watch them live and they are STILL AWESOME! If you know "at least 5 songs" from your childhood which came from The Joshua Tree album, for F's sake don't miss this and watch them LIVE! You will not be disappointed! And you may not have another opportunity to watch them here! You will suffer an audio visual overload (which is in a very good way!) The massive ultra-high-resolution LED screen measuring 61 by 14 metres will give you a "new memory" of the songs that you loved and grew up with. While Running to Stand Still is one of my top U2 songs, Mothers of the Disappeared video touched me the most as it sent chills down my spine. I will forever remember how it felt - hearing it live and watching the video. I forgot to count how many times the Edge changed his guitar. I think it was every song. Thank you very much U2 for the wonderful experience!!! More Power!
    In memory of our Edge..
    I have been a fan since I was in grade school. We named our baby boy after The Edge...He was too perfect for earth and joined our creator after giving us 7 months of his life here. It would be a delight to see Bono, Edge and the rest of the band sing their best songs live. It would be a very special moment for us too. I will listen to each of your songs by heart and think about our boy in heaven. Thank you for the wonderful music. I wish you could sign my Joshua Tree cassette tape.
    5 Weeks!
    I am so looking forward in finally realizing my lifelong dream in seeing my fave band of all time. I have been a lifelong follower.
    Hi, I’d like to share a short story of serendipity with the band. I’m Shirin, from Manila, Philippines. It means a lot to have U2 come to my hometown. About a decade ago in September 2010, I took my dad to celebrate both our birthdays at your 360 gig in the Olympic Stadium Munich and also have beers at the October Fest. It was an extraordinary experience and I have been following the band since I was a kid. However, the preselling dates for Manila on your website happened at a time when I was away on fieldwork and had no access to the internet. I work as an editorial consultant for an NGO covering stories of dire cases of children along isolated areas in the Philippines. A close friend felt sorry for me and vowed to stay online the whole day to help secure the VIP tickets, (because it is the only one I can afford at the time). So after a decade, my friend was able to purchase two tickets for my birthday. I’m really excited. The only downside is, dad is older now in his mid-70s, and doesn’t have the stamina to be standing in the pit like he used to. He is also looking after my mom, who is quite ill. Despite all this, I still look forward to the show and be uplifted by your music which has been a constant source of hope and inspiration throughout my life. xox attached photo below/ can send one with my dad too :)
    FINALLY, I have found what I'm looking f
    Got my pre-sale tickets...gonna cross off on my bucket list...see you guys...
    Beautiful day
    Best year ever for me and my wife. U2 is going here in manila and me being a daddy for first time. Im going to name my first baby bono. First ever concert .. its going to be a beautiful day in a bullet the sky..
    I'll see U2 in December
    Finally got my VIP floor ticket reservation. Yaaahhhooooo!!!!!
    Once in a Lifetime experience ticked off
    I was really disappointed when my friends declined to go with on your concert wither on Japan or Sg. A friend even joked that maybe you guys might come to Manila & I said that is impossible..Thank you U2 for proving me wrong..can't wait to have a good time on your 1st Manila concert..see u!!!
    Been waiting for this!!!!!
    This is it! See you December 11!
    Wired Pre-Sale
    Waiting for this to happen soon!!
    Dream come true!
    Truly, this is a dream come true for me and my husband. I super love this band! Got our VIP tickets today hahaha! See you on Dec. 11, Bono and the rest of U2! I can't wait to hear live, all of my fave U2 songs :) Thank you so much for including Ph in your The Joshua Tree Tour.
    In God's Country
    "Dream up the world you want to live in. Dream out loud." That dream is going to become reality in my motherland - In God's Country - the Philippines. GA floor tickets - check! Counting down to December 11... "In a little while... I'll be there."
    U2 me are everything
    From the day I bought my first vinyl albums (War and Under A Blood Red Sky) of you guys back in '84, I was hooked. Since then, I've been dreaming of watching you live. Thought it will just be a dream and be overly content to listen to your live album in my living room. Thank you for finally considering to make a lot of your fans' dream here in the Philippines to come true.
    Another dream ticked off in my bucket li
    I have a team of millenials at work. They all laughed and loved how I explained a dream is coming true in just watching watching a concert. But it's a U2 concert! The first in the Philippines. About to tick off something in my vision board. I taught my "kids" how to make vision boards posted infront of them... to make them remember why they come in to work everyday. To make dreams come true in their lives. Thank you, U2! To BONO, We are doing OKRs now with my "kids".... John Doerr style... To change a part of the world in their work. They are loving it! Hope I can get a short shout out video from you to change their lives forever.
    I always said to my wife that we would not miss you perform if you came to Manila! That is now a reality! Wooohhhh! Can't wait!
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